Lisa Harrison ~ Deconstructing the Construct Ep #56 ~ December 23, 2018

Editor’s Note: This was sent to my by my good friend, P. We are both waiting to “go home” and glad to see this episode of “Deconstructing the Construct” by Lisa Harrison. Although no one knows exactly how this whole process of Earth transformation will occur, it’s so refreshing to whatever the options, it IS being done. Please read, view, and be…



editor victoria’s comment ~ the migration (Home) is in effect.  Home is ready. people are going Home. we can now go when we want.  some very interesting intel regarding home and being in contact with Trump and team.  i will tell you how that aligns with me and what i have seen and that is my vision from months ago – in the shower – being Home – at a celebration – and communicating with this timeline of Trump cleaning up All – the ability to be Home and communicate with the timeline/experience of the arrests and exposure/disclosure.  Trump came up on a screen – gave us an update of what was happening (because we will have an interest to some degree of seeing his work completed).  he said he would see us soon ~ he was staying for the clean-up.  release of the tech.  all that is being spoken of in the new.  he knows what’s going on.  i have felt that for some time….which is why i often tell people you cannot take what he says at face value.  he often means more than what he is sharing.  he has to ‘lest he look like a conspiracy nut much like people like myself.  

interesting speak on merging – our, what, various bodies?  the body here – the body at home (which i am feeling more and more are “separate” but will also somehow? merge)….i know at night i have been feeling an energetic pull off to my left and at times i feel energy within “go”….not having any levitation dreams.  are any of you?  it’s odd though because last week or recently i was taking these naps at 7pm and i suddenly had the desire to levitate.  

i also appreciate her speaking of being in the heart as compared to the more new age thought on “raise your vibration”…..i am gently nudged throughout the day each day now to just be in my heart and speak words of love.  that’s it.  but it is daily and i know the importance of taking that to heed….

interesting on december 25th – 4 planets being in the Fibonacci spiral….

speaking of the migration home already underway ~ there is a woman i have followed on a private facebook group on the event.  i’ve shared some of her material here.  a few weeks ago i noticed she hadn’t posted in awhile.  today someone mentioned this – and we cannot find her (her page).  she was so intent on going home for months and months and put so much of her focus on that. would not surprise me if she is.  so christie if you are home – give us a sign if you want.


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