Headlines and Updates for December 23, 2018; Slick Moves on the 5D Chessboard [videos] ~ December 23, 2018

Steve Motley, Retired Marine is in high Christmas spirits and sings us another seasonal selection he wrote, sharing his perspective on recent developments. (2 minutes in) It’s really Qute. He then expands on his previous video about the activities behind the movements of the Generals and urges listeners not to buy into the lamestream media lies.

It’s tough to get a handle on who is who and what is happening because while it may seem chaotic, it’s all intentional and we don’t know the details of The Plan. If we did, it would fail, obviously. I believe Trump and the team are moving those chess pieces around the board with masterful intent and precision.

Knowing that the Q team don’t telegraph their moves to the enemy, we might be able to accept that arrests have already been made—or at least some of them.  The message from the Generals that there will be martial law after Christmas might be disinfo, or might be about something else entirely. We have been urged to prepare numerous times, however, so regardless of the reason, we would be wise to do so.

Utsava feels at least some of the arrests are already a done deal. She also says the reptilians and other negative entities have been gone for two days. Let’s hope that is a permanent reality. Some readers who tuned in to this latest message felt it worth passing on and Utsava is excited.

Clinton, Obama et al arrested; worldwide revolution,QAnons genius, Aliens.

Stefan Molyneux has a good grip on the socio/political situation in America currently and around the 8 min. mark he gets into what could possibly happen as this funding standoff in Congress moves forward.

He suggests that perhaps Trump and the patriots are aware that the final move will cause massive blowback from the leftist sociopaths and we might have civil unrest in America.

That is possibly the reason for the warnings to prepare, and that martial law might occur. Suppose they invoke martial law to protect Americans from the violent outbursts that will probably come? I would say it’s worth your time to hear Stefan’s viewpoints on the wall, etc.

The warnings about martial law have clearly drawn out the nasty, lying trolls all of a sudden. What does that tell you? Everyone in the US military was called for active duty for a good reason, and now the troops are coming back from Syria. Just facts to consider, as they seem to be preparing for something, and we need to be ready for anything.

The Truth About Trump’s Government Shutdown!

This bit of news is very encouraging. The People must get more involved in running the world and assuming responsibility for oversight. The reason the psychopaths were able to take over is because few paid attention to what they were doing. Even when citizens didn’t like what was happening, they did little or nothing about it. As a whole, they ignored the many warnings from those who DID know what was going on. The People need to insist on retaining power over their lives and their destiny.

Cambridge, MA Joins Growing Ranks of Cities Requiring Civilian Control of Police Surveillance Tech

The hypocrisy of the lamestream media has never been more evident, thanks to QAnon resources. They are like a wind sock, changing their tune to suit the latest breeze. Eventually, everything they say is irrelevant and meaningless; just typeface on a page to suit an agenda.

Q also shared this revealing video last night. Can it get any plainer? The current players are against national security, against the wall, against the American people, and against the President. So why are they there? They are globalist/cabal actors (the enemy) showing their true colours and they need to go. Do they know how close they are to their farewell to politics?

Despite their looming demise, the obstructions continue from the FBI traitors. The referenced article is here.

FBI Resists Republican Demands for Hillary Clinton Documents by Christmas Eve Deadline

The SerialBrain2 decodes are very helpful in understanding the 5D chess game unfolding. You can read them here, but the video version is excellent.

SerialBrain2 – The Pin Controversy, the 2 Missing Letters, Melania Trump and D5

Here’s another little gift—this one from TruthEarth, a reader at Starship Earth. I think you’ll like it. Watch on Themtube and remember to give it a thumbs up if you do.

The Final Battle VI 432Hz

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