Guess who has a new Twitter account…November 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to J for sending this!) Wow…look at this! “Vincent Fusca”, who is accompanied by a dead-ringer for the wife of John Kennedy, Jr., Carolyn Kennedy now has a twitter account. Think about this folks…and,



is totally credible [take my word] on the subject of ….Prefer to not share YT videos but you need to understand. Might be painful, ultimately it’s uplifting. They have no power, none. Stop the and



South Carolina? Is this normal >





Where is John? Tony? I thought you were investigators



Heads up….Everything stated has a purpose.



The continues to be exposed….Real patriots wait for the right time. ? The truth lies in the Watch to the end >



Update: Block option used for all “thread hijackers” regardless of your motives or subject matter.



Impeachment will reign this week….But not appointees come first….The play they didn’t catch. These people are stupid.



More, more, more….



The “plan” is still more important than “feelings” Focus energy on task for you….11-27-2018 53-47



Impossible to respond to thousands….Want to fight/argue? Block option at the ready….To much positive work to do.



Nothing is happening? Not on , Not on , Not on ….Thank you , Thank you



He was maybe first white hat to know, something was wrong….R.I.P. Don The rest?



You have not been paying close enough attention to this week. Is he boring you? He is in the process of making everybody’s Thanksgiving special….around the world. You hinge on ‘s every word, what about ?



Do we…Do you….Really understand the ? Think Think ….Think ….Nothing new here, important part of action. God Bless



Interpol rejects Russian candidate as president. Instead votes to elect South Korean candidate. The dark world prevails….Proof not to be considered trusted member.



“Could prompt accusations of abuse of power”….Will no longer be acceptable language in 2019. Give something to write about



Nothing can stop what is coming. Q

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