Headlines & Updates for November 17, 2018: As We Struggle to Understand and Deal with Threats [videos] ~ November 17, 2018

President Trump is in Paradise, California today (or what was Paradise—and again, I draw your attention to the symbolism there) to see first hand the devastation from the fires and speak with authorities and residents. I hope he spends more time with residents than “authorities” as many are the enemy’s minions and will attempt to misinform him.

There is an open letter to President Trump about the crisis in California and the attacks by DEWs and other weapons, and it’s great that Californians are seeing the truth but we must understand the situation is not simple.

Here’s the link to the letter. Thanks, D.

President Trump is aware of the situation in California, but to say “no one is doing anything” to stop the perpetrators is simply not true and completely uninformed.

The reason the deep state has unleashed these fires, the “caravan”, crashed the Indonesian plane and murdered people in the Middle East is BECAUSE many are doing plenty to stop them.

Thousands—on planet and off—have been doing much to stop these psychopaths for years. We can’t expect President Trump to wave his magic wand and stop the carnage. He’s good, but he can’t do that—yet.

He cannot speak freely to the American public or the world because as most are aware, the deep state controls the media. And people have the gall to complain that he “tweets” too much. For goodness sake, people have to realize the situation on this planet.

The President is aware of much of what we in the alt media know, but to the millions of Americans sleepwalking he cannot speak freely because he would sound like a lunatic. Can you imagine the field day the media would have if he spoke of situation the way we do? They’d have him committed!

The bulk of Americans do not have the background we do to understand the situation. This is why we continue to flood the Internet with the truth on our websites, blogs and video platforms.

Many simply do not want to accept the truth, however, as readers of Starship Earth continually tell us. When presented with information, facts, video… they deny it and cut us off at the knees. They shoot the messenger. These efforts have destroyed many relationships and isolated us in our community of fellow Truthers, but so be it. We know what we know and we answered our calling. At least we are in good company.

It’s obvious now that the enemy has weapons they are not above using to kill civilians to get what they want. They want money, because their assets have been frozen, they have been locked out of their “slush fund” by the Manna World Holding Trust, they have been unsuccessful at hacking the Quantum computer that controls the trust funds, banks and the financial system, and they know they are about to be exposed to the world.

They have promised the Earth to their minions and are unable to deliver their RV or anything else so there is dissension in their ranks and some have even flipped and are now helping us. The controllers are beyond desperate as they see mutiny unfolding.

They are sending a message to Trump that if world leaders continue in their efforts to remove them from power, expose their crimes, take them to court and prosecute or—as happened with John McCain—perform military tribunals and executions for treason—they will continue to kill civilians. That’s the bottom line. That’s all they have left. Violence. Spiteful hatred and violence.

They will continue to roll out their agendas (21 or 2030) because they will never surrender and believe that by dragging out this war (of attrition, as I discussed yesterday) that somehow, some way, they can win the war because President Trump and the rest will capitulate.

Ain’t gonna happen. We cannot turn back. We have come too far and we have to continue this battle to the end.

The President warned Americans on August 31st via his proclamation at WhiteHouse.gov that September was National Preparedness Month and that we must be prepared for anything and everything to go down this fall. That’s the best he could do for a nation comprised of people who have no clue what’s going on.

He and his small military (which cannot lawfully operate on American soil) cannot protect us from the cabal’s Nazi military. We are responsible for protecting ourselves and our loved ones. The military are hard pressed to protect the southern border, I suspect. I listened to a video report from the ‘Veterans on Patrol’ last night and they walked thirty miles from the AZ/NM border to a spot west of Douglas, AZ, saw only 20 military personnel and the “fence” is virtually non-existent in many areas.

I am wondering if the “red star tanks” reported in Mexico (unvalidated, as far as I know at this moment) might be there in preparedness to protect America and take down the cabal. Maybe I’m reaching here, but in the same way that the “Five Eyes” group made agreements with other nations to spy on their citizens FOR them, perhaps President Trump and his generals have arranged for Russia or another nation or nations to protect America when the American military cannot be here to protect its own people. Just a thought. Trump is on good terms with Mexican authorities and perhaps they have a “plan” to store the equipment there until they are ready to use them. There are always detours and loopholes in the law, aren’t there?

Trump Moves Massive Arm Supplies To US From Europe At Same Time God Enacts Revenge On Satanic Hollywood Elites

(I “just happened” to click the open tab with that article on it. I was going to do something else. No accidents! Apologies if someone gave me that link. I can’t recall why it’s sitting there on a tab. Some sit there for days until I have a chance to look at them. It’s a perfect fit for this spot. Amazing synchronicity.)

I am confident President Putin would send his military to help defeat the cabal in America. What is the alternative? It has to be done. And soon. Trump’s meeting with Putin was cancelled and the media have a hissy fit when the two plan to get together. Whatever business they had to do was still done, I feel.

We saw another fireball over Texas recently so it appears enemy ships or satellites continue to be destroyed by the Allies. Perhaps it was another cabal craft trying to escape. They were told they would be shot down if they attempted it and many have been. It doesn’t stop them from trying. As Q says, “These people are stupid.”

As I went to look for something else, this new video with news from our friends in California came up. It’s heartbreaking, but America is now the battleground. Hang in there folks.


Thanks, James. Good stuff. And yes, they have hammered us here in Arizona with chemtrails for days now. Before dawn and all day long. I’m not complaining, because we have not suffered here at all, from my perspective. Just confirming the intel.

James Munder
Published on Nov 17, 2018
Credit: Mike Morales

IF YOU HAVE VIDEO/ PICTURES PLEASE SEND TO Munder01.jm@gmail.com or @1munder on Twitter. It seems Something Very Sinister Happened On November 8th To Ignite Those Fires.

President Trump has survived multiple assassination attempts, so he has to be careful what he says and what he does—despite how it looks. He won’t do us any good dead. I consider it a miracle he is still with us, but I believe he has extraordinary (perhaps Divine) protection. Dustin Nemos discusses.

The Many Attempts to Kill President Trump (Threats Included)

Dave at the X22 Report, ever positive, brings us his updates for Nov. 16.

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