Historic Elections, Corruption and Magic [videos] ~ November 7, 2018

What Really Happened on November 6th?

There is much to understand because the scope is cosmic.

When the election results were evident, Phillippe Reines was incensed to the point he couldn’t keep a civil tongue in his mouth, and sometimes Trump’s 5D chess moves are so above and beyond, so far-reaching and magical they require translation.

I like this one:

Trump Scores Historic Win In “Blue Trickle” Election—Now Sets His Sights On Total Globalist Destruction

Qanon clarified somewhat as well.


To put it another way…  (Thanks, L.)

Saw this in a repost from 8chan
From 8chan:
Shills, I appreciate your efforts to weaken our resolve. It is cute. But your lies don’t work here except on normies, and they just get in the way. So thanks for scaring them off. However, let’s look at your actual situation logically. I created a simple meme to help you understand your current plight. Basically you’re fucked for several reasons. Since you are not allowed to think for yourself, I will make it easy for you to understand.

When Trump was elected, normies thought we had a 51 Seat GOP Senate Majority. You and I both knew better back then. But we ALL now know that No Name, Corker & Flake were comped. Among others. So Trump really had at best a 48 Seat GOP Senate Minority for the past 2 years. And yet, in spite of a leaky Executive Branch, a weaponized FBI & DOJ, a treasonous Fake News Media and a totally comped House, Trump was still able to win Tax Cuts, 2018-2019 Military Budgets & 2 SCOTUS Confirmations. Without these things, MAGA was over. Who’s in control? Only valid answer is MIL & POTUS. Feel free to reconcile. I’ll wait. Or you may bravely read on.

When all Mid Term election results are certified, Trump will likely have about 55 GOP Senate Seats. Thats +4 from 51, but it’s actually +7 in terms of reliable votes. And you lost control of 3 Senate Armed Services Committee Members. And both comped Senators on the Canadian Border using their Senate Indian Affairs Committee to steal votes and traffic children. Plus you lost your Arizona & Texas access. Much easier for us to guard half the border. Really down to NM and CA in the South, and neither of those two states can exist long financially without Federal Funds. Who’s in control? Reconcile. Yikes, you can’t. Wipe your tears and read on.

Trump’s true gain of +7 is a remarkable achievement, and he easily outclassed Reagan, Clinton & Obama for their first Midterms. And all 3 of them got reelected. But you know that. Plus every city Trump traveled to allowed USSS and MIL to enter those cities as well and conduct some “extra credit” operations. Laying bait. Setting lures. You’ll see. Who’s in control? Reconcile. Yawn.

Trump outperformed there as well. Reagan lost 26 seats in the 1982 Midterms. Clinton lost 54 seats in the 1994 Midterms. And Obama lost 63 seats in the 2010 midterms. Worst case, Trump is about equal to Reagan. But you know the real reason we let you keep the House for a little while. It is to pacify your angry Democratic mob while we arrest your corrupt Democratic leaders. Optics. And our media hostages are about to tone down the rhetoric. Hugs and kisses. Pelosi and Trump. Actors. I doubt it will matter after the FISA declassification takes down “your” House of Reps. Trust me we want bad Dems and bad Reps gone. And it will be done. And thanks to the House, Trump has already fully funded all important aspects of government for 2019 including that $716B for our Military. But best of all, I cannot think of a single piece of legislation that Trump really needs the House to pass before all these Military Tribunals and indictments get unsealed. Your caravan gives us pretext to build a military barrier at the southern border. No need to scare the recently pacified Democratic minority by calling it something inflammatory like a WALL. But it is a fucking WALL. Who’s in control? Reconcile.

5:5 = 55 SENATORS.
Ahead of schedule.
Under budget.
God wins.
Saw this in a repost from 8chan
From 8chan:


The above video from Mike Adams contains a clip that is monumental. James Munder shared a video that was banned on Twitter from a European soccer match where the fans are chanting in unison, “Please Trump, lock her up!”

AIM4Truth has told us the “keys” for voting in several states are held outside the country and that should be illegal.

Truth News Headlines November 7, 2018

QAnon is happy and says we got what we need, but this was just one battle and we haven’t won the war yet. Has 2018 been glorious? We have to keep fighting.

Some are convinced that despite Pelosi’s lip service when she acknowledged the Democrat control of the House, that they will follow through on attempts to impeach the President.

And we already see the domino effect…

Rod Rosenstein Leaves the White House After Jeff Sessions Submits His Resignation

Imagine if the new acting AG now releases all previously ‘blocked’ doc requests by the House (including the [RR] secondary CLAS scope doc).
Stealth Bombers fly undetected.
The ‘Red Line’ months old 4am narrative should be updated.
Pain coming.


Sara Carter shared her personal experience in Central America where she spoke to the “refugees” and the authorities trying to control the mobs. This is real news… Not fake news.

Victory! Migrant Caravan Leaders Admit Defeat

We also have an encouraging video of the brilliant activities on the border to control the assault by illegal immigrants. The military means business. None shall pass!  ~ BP


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