Quick Update for November 2: Q is Back with New Drops & an Intel Roundup from THI [videos] ~ November 2, 2018

On a key anniversary, Q left some drops so he made a lot of people happy and they can go back to making their videos.

“We have to bypass the media in order to get straight to the people.”
“We’ve gone around them like no one in history has gone around them.”
-POTUS @ tonight’s rally
Think MSM attacks re: Q (We, the People).

We, here in the Independent Media have been bypassing the MSM for years. I guess we have to toot our own horns.

We appreciate that President Trump and Q have utilized their own communication lines to educate us and keep us apprised.

See the latest crumbs here.

I’m sure Q’s presence will pick up the spirits of the patriots, so thankQ.

Thomas Williams left his own tasty crumbs last night. You can listen to the show here.

He cautioned us that the alt media shills and programmed people have been activated and are going to be all about fear porn and attacks now. There is nothing to fear. Yellowstone isn’t going to blow, and we’ll be fine. Our friends upstairs are helping to keep the planet from serious seismic issues but there will be the usual, continued shake, rattle and roll we’ve come to expect.

There will doubtless be mayhem on Tuesday, voting day in America; just be aware and don’t fall for fear porn. The chaos will continue through to the end of the year and probably beyond.

We (particularly in the THI group) are advised to shield up as there are ongoing attacks. See the instructions here, top of the page PDF.

Netanyahu is in trouble and has lost much of his support at home and abroad.

There were a number of arrests this past week of rogue elements—possibly SSp related.

A crackdown began a few days ago on “fake Indians” who have infiltrated many tribes, particularly the Cherokee. Top tier chiefs are not Indians and represent banks while residing in Scotland and London. Funny places for Cherokee Indians.

Matt and Meghan (M & Ms. M) who have been circulating the financial scene and working on securing funds are part of that tribe and that issue and actions are now underway to deal with the situation as most tribes were taken over by rogue elements.

Anna von Reitz, the “fake judge” from Alaska has been busy ranting against the Brits while her partner James Clinton Belcher originates there.

To clear up a major misunderstanding… The war bonds that some folks (including Benjamin Fulford) are recommending folks cash in are non-redeemable funds. They were war bonds, debt instruments only, so cannot be used, only sit on the bank ledgers to signify an asset.

Most of the world seems to lack knowledge about these bonds and Kim and the Manna WH Trust team have been educating people globally about them. So many have been misinformed.

The Rothschilds financial woes are so severe now they continue to sell their homes and artwork. They have long trampled not only Humanity but also their own minions so Thomas says HARD BALL THE SALES and make them pay big time for their crimes!

While renegotiating agreements between the US Treasury and the Manna World Holding Trust, the team did some tweaking to the back doors in the system when suddenly the screen went LIVE due to the mirrors it was operating under. When the real numbers were visible, there was significantly less in many accounts than before the mirror screens went down and the team is now investigating all the shell companies on the take from the Treasury.

THIS IS A BIGGIE: FEMA and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (the “ankle-bracelet man”] have been blocking and delaying the funds the Trust prepared to use to build new homes, roads, infrastructure, etc. in the Carolinas that were destroyed due to Hurricane Florence in October. They were also prepared to replace Tyndall Airforce Base in Florida levelled by Hurricane Michael.

As always, the clowns intervened and blocked the multi-billion dollar Humanitarian projects. Now 3 – 4 weeks have passed and the people in those areas are getting NO HELP—which I reported on from ‘Bikers for Trump’ accounts via Tracy Beanz.

Thomas warned that unless the funds start flowing and the financial situation in America is rectified immediately, the entire country will fall apart, and others with it. We need DIRECT ACTION NOW.

Thomas is of the opinion the “caravan” situation could have been dealt with weeks ago and suggested we pay the migrants $2500 each to turn around and go home which would be cheaper than deploying so many military. (Personally, I considered that and others have suggested it as well, but I see that as a dangerous precedent. Again, it would be “rewarding” behaviour we don’t want. When you have a dog you understand psychology and positive reinforcement.) It looks to me like a show of force on the part of America’s military will have to be the deterrent to these violent gang members, as well as detainment in tent cities.

This is a good place to insert a dynamite interview with Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch who, along with a Spanish-speaking counterpart from Florida and Fox News’ journalist Sarah Carter, went to Guatemala and did the investigative work the mainstream media should have done. Sarah Carter also speaks fluent Spanish (Cuban) and they got all the information they needed from the “river of Humanity” flowing up from Central America—and more.

It is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve heard. They also spoke extensively with the Guatemalan officials and you will learn everything you needed to know about this “fake migrant mob”—as that is what it is. They said 80% were young men, some with MS13 tattoos, and gang members the interviewer’s (Carter Clews) Guatemalan wife easily identified by their garments because they were from the same village she recently left.

When the media or officials came around they would push the women and children to the front, effectively creating a Human shield, and that deterred the Guatemalan police from confrontation as they didn’t want any Human rights issues on their hands from injured people. Quite the story—and an official said the planning, execution and resources involved in this “caravan” were astounding and military in their effectiveness. This wave of people on the move was engineered to the letter and this is not the time of year these people would choose to venture north.

Between Judicial Watch and the Independent Media, we have rendered the lamestream, lying media obsolete. I hope people get that.

Inside Judicial Watch: What the Mainstream Media WON’T Tell You About The Migrant Caravan Crisis

Continuing on with the intel/updates from Thomas Williams…

On October 31st, the positive members of the agencies, the military, and the Pentagon got their poop in a group and issued an ultimatum to the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders. They told them to “stand down”—or else. Now we wait for the decision and anticipate the removal of those guilty of treasonous activities.

Skipping to some rather radioactive news… Thomas revealed that all the launch codes for all nukes belonging to every country on the planet have always been held by one nation. Yup. USA. So, all the war games, fear porn, 3D chess, fake missile threats from Korea and Russia—all orchestrated by the cabal.

And you probably see where this is going… if the button was pushed… the murderers would be the US cabal/deep state/New World Order. Thomas announced that they no longer have access to those codes and never will again. The cabal are the global bullies and used the governments of other countries as pawns—like North Korea—to manipulate the global situation.

I have told Starship readers for years that major nuclear threats are all theatre, fear porn and manipulation. There will be no nuclear war on this planet.

It was another fascinating show and I recommend everyone listen in its entirety if you can find the time. The part about the crystals was new.

You likely won’t hear from me tomorrow but I’ll check in when I can. Time for furlough. Number One is on call.  ~ BP


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