THE ORACLE REPORT ~ October 17, 2018


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What catches your attention today?

The Sun is discharging “the sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death.”

I have studied the Sabian symbols for 16 years, and I often overlook the word “pilgrim” in this symbol.  We are much like pilgrims as we forge our way though the fall of the archontic control system and into Second Renaissance.

And it appears that the archontic control system is trying to pull a fast one on us with YouTube going down last night (who has the keys now?).  Trying to pull a fast one is in line with their history of the Sabian symbol for the location of the Earth today, “a double promise reveals its inner and outer meaning.”

The YouTube outage, along with widespread cellular disruptions and the power company in California just “pre-emptively” shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of people in Northern California due to “fire threats” from non-existent high winds, looks to me to be BETA TESTS.

The globalists are running tests on us.  Most definitely, they are planning big moves.

They are going to do what they are going to do, but it is not going to matter in the long run because their time is ending.  Their actions are proof of this because they are MUCH more radical and illogical than they used to be under the new energetics. And they wouldn’t be showing the cards of massive disorder and chaos unless they had to.  It’s over for them, in essence, so they have to double down.

Part of the meaning of the symbol “a double promise reveals its inner and outer meaning” is that we see what we no longer value and what is no longer relevant.  Venus retrograde is working double time to ensure that we see what we truly value.

At this point, what do you truly value? (I hope you made your list when Venus went retrograde a couple of weeks ago.  Perhaps today is a day to take a look at it again – “the sight of…brings to a pilgrim…sudden revelation…”)

What kind of changes are happening or trying to happen for you?

Rapid and sweeping change is upon us today, as the Moon has moved into Aquarius, joining the Black Moon and Mars, making for a Black Moon day (particularly for those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Aquarius or Leo).

This means we tend to be quicker to anger, deflated of energy, desirous of personal and global revolution, impulsive, and sharp-tongued.  We temper the energy by slowing down.  Just be advised of the energy and don’t let it carry you away.  People will get carried away with this energy, but this is merely part of the way the old world is crumbling.  We rise above it.

The timing and details:

TODAY – MOON CONJUNCT BLACK MOON at 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT at 09 Aquarius, “a flag is seen turning into an eagle” (rebirth and a change from the external to the internal).  Let freedom ring.

TOMORROW – MOON CONJUNCT MARS at 7:52 am ET/11:52 am UT at 14 Aquarius, “a train entering a tunnel.”  Are there any ways in which you feel like a train entering a tunnel?  There is only one option: stay on the rails and keep going forward.

We have double and quadruple energetics for rebirth (re-doing) things today with the astrology and with the tzolkin energetic of 11 Death.  11 is rebirth and Death is rebirth.  This sign is also known as “Transformer.”

Shall we transform, pilgrims?  Yes!  Let’s see what “catches our attention” today.


I am so happy to announce that we are now set up for Andrew to run charts and data packs for you.  Check out the new Charts page on Oracle Report with the menu of items.  We also recorded a short 11-minute audio about it in case you would like more information.

And I hope you can join me as I am Phoenix’s guest tomorrow night, Thursday, October 18 from 7-8 pm ET, on his new show The Patriot Intel REPORT (I mistakenly said Intel Hour the other day).  I believe this will also be archived on Real.Video and I will link to it in case you miss it live.  🙂


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