Jupiter Fake News Sensation of Ascension – SaLuSa ~ October 10, 2018

Jupiter Fake News Sensation of Ascension – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

With the considerable increase of souls on Earth that awaken amid the wave of genuine information distributed by various reliable means, it is visible how the old system collapses, with no chance of returning to the old ways.

Although situations in some countries seem more chaotic involving mainly the area of ​​politics and religion, the uninterrupted murmur of change is evident

Energies of Ascension

Energies of Ascension

Jupiter Fake News Sensation of Ascension


There is no reason for you to be afraid of what the future holds, considering the immense critical mass of elevation of standards that is punctuated with.

The main governments of Earth are informed every day of our presence, and that there is no way to prevent the necessary advances of your civilization.

So you, the people, are on every side assured that the tools for change are continually delivered, it is up to you to be open to handle them with wisdom and without resistance, bringing to the most resistant souls the touch of the Love of home that flows through you.

You give them the soft breath of HOME, calming them down and making sure everything is okay. And that there is no threat against you, either on the Earth or outside, as your Ascension is assured.

Commonly, you see in your main media disembodied information, in the vain attempt to completely annul and lowering your frequency, fragmenting your union as a single people.

You can still see remnants, in fact, of the old order, but it can not hold when you are quite sure that something really new is happening.

Recently, thousands of our ships have been allowed to come a little closer to your Earth and begin the necessary synchronizations for events that are unfolding quickly.

Great Awakening

Great Awakening


Plasma Being

Plasma Being

We send alerts to your main observatories that our presence needs to be announced in full and without “cuts”.

Several governments complied with our recommendations and, on September 27, they met in one place in Europe, more precisely in Switzerland, to discuss the best way to deliver our messages and to alert the Earth’s population of our constant presence.

Etheric Body

Etheric Body

A harmonious timeline is being developed for this with the supervision of the Pleiadians, and we expect closed agreements to be honored, inviolably.

Either way, the disclosure will occur and there is no way to prevent it. The Supreme Creator has decreed and we are here to ensure that his final word is fulfilled.

With increasing critical mass on Earth, naturally those who still resist to the changes supported by non-harmonic extraphysical forces fall easily into the so-called “Fake News” in an attempt to amplify fear and hopelessness.

Recently, you were bombarded with information about the planet of your Solar System, Jupiter, when news of its destruction swept the net, bringing outrage on us, with phrases such as “Jupiter was destroyed, and where was the Galactic Federation!?”

Beloved, do not be easy targets of those who above all wish to minimize and/or neutralize your capacity for discernment and intelligence.

There is nothing in the Universe that does not happen without a higher reason, and if it were the case of the elimination of Jupiter from your Solar System you would have been warned in advance for an event that can cause gravitational unbalance in th whole Solar System.

Maldek was the last and tragic experience, and will no longer be repeated in that system. So, beloved, take care that you are not used as thread of disharmony and hopelessness.

The call is constant for you to keep in harmony, so that you can receive all the Luminous Waves that are sent to you in various ways.

As we said, the approach of our ships tends to cause some changes in the energy field of the Earth, and these changes are, of course, also passed on to all inhabitants of the Planet.

Many of you in recent weeks have been targeted with intense direct discharges from our ships stationed around the Planet in order to become the most direct relays of the Solar Waves sent to you.

With all this increase in Earth’s energy field, her central physical core is hyperactive, discharging much more energy to the surface than normal.

Tremors can be light or heavily felt, accompanied by eruptions or other natural phenomena, which we hasten to say are all under our supervision.

Your physical bodies, like Gaia’s, also go through the same process; the core of your being is hyperactive and pushing out the plates of the old feelings and distorted ideas accumulated over the ages.

These movements can cause chills and sudden drops in pressure associated with dizziness and small chest pressures. In some cases, they may be small bouts of despair, and can be calmed with a loving embrace of a loved one or your pet. (If symptoms are severe, be sure to seek a doctor for physicality). Stay more in nature listening to soft music and with the people you love.

Meetings are being held worldwide for GODDESS anchorages on the surface unlocking all the Earth’s Chakras and allowing them to flow with yours, in the same tune.

Brotherhoods of the Rose and many key masters are being assisted and supported by the huge Starfleets which are ensuring that all the energies generated in these encounters are potentialized and brought to the points of greatest need.

Gather together, dear ones, if you feel comfortable. Or, in your own inner sanctuary, always leave your loving intentions, in the end, will always prevail, as a natural law.

In general, everything moves towards a fuller harmony, where the balance will dictate the rules, where you will no longer have any doubt about the support you have.

The night is always darker before dawn” and you are literally on the verge of a new galactic day. Let there be no doubt about it.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and, as always, supported by an endless brotherhood of beings who love you unconditionally.

Your cousins ​​of the Inner Earth greet you and are happy with the ever more evident imminence of direct contact with you, a fact which for many of you does not occur in physicality since ancient Lemuria.

There is still much to be shared, but we are very excited for the moment, always delivering messages like these for all of you who expect a word from us that will confirm your true feelings, because, as you know already internally, you are aware of these truths and our words tend to confirm what you already feel.



I leave my Love and Blessings, of myself and of all who make the Galactic Federation.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel RL: Very grateful, beloved SaLuSa!


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It’s better to be alone, rather than unhappy.

Whitney Houston


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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2 Responses to Jupiter Fake News Sensation of Ascension – SaLuSa ~ October 10, 2018

  1. What is exciting to me is, This morning as I was walking from my truck to my job I noticed I was very dizzy. Not enough to feel like I could pass out, but enough to where I was consistently conscious of the dizziness. However, I felt well otherwise so I put up with it until about noon then went home. While I was at work, I sometimes daydream, but I specifically imagined meditating (“Just breathe, Jamye.”) and pictured the earth at its core, radiating. However the “radiating” existed because the earth’s core was pure light and cleansing the earth by pushing light out and it consistently pulsing. A large, smooth, cleansing energy being pushed from the inside out by and with light. That is all I imagined and I breathed and continued on about my work. As I said, I left at noon and have been in bed ever since, still dizzy. Thought it was because I was fasting and so I ate protein and some carbohydrates. Same thing about an hour later. If not a little more intense.
    I sat down and decided to google “dizziness” and this was one of the first stories that popped up.

    A message you posted today, describing my dizziness that I did not understand the source to. And you included the sentence, “With all this increase in Earth’s energy field, her central physical core is hyperactive, discharging much more energy to the surface than normal.”

    I’ll be meditating and breathing through these labor pains, then. 🙂 And I will pray for us. 🙂
    What a wonderful time to live in.


    • cindyloucbp says:

      I, too, have been off-center and dizzy today! I intuitively feel that something definite will occur on the Earth releasing us form 3D the week of 10/22. Cannot say exactly when…later on in the week, I think. Quite a ride for us all, eh? Much Love…:)


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