Yaldabaoth Dissolved and Now? ~ September 24, 2018

Yaldabaoth Dissolved and Now? By Interstellar.

What does the fact that Yalda is transmuted means? It’s hard to say exactly what could happen but we can make speculations based on what we know.

With the removal of the plasma entity Yaldabaoth and its microcomponents, the Plasmatic Worms, the Veil is now definitively overthrown, we are at the finalization of this process, as when something is removed and the emptiness of what was there is still there.

It seems as if a period of time is needed, probably not much, before things take on their new course.

Yalda has influenced the planet for eons so it is absolutely possible that the transition between with and without Yalda requires adjustments at a Planetary level.

The definitive collapse of the Veil has many implications, the end of the Quarantine and the massive influx of Galactic Energies are the main ones.

The great energy reinforcement will probably cause a certain amount of turmoil in the general society, many will not be able to manage it and it is possible, in our opinion, that the striking facts can increase in number.

Yalda Progression

Yalda Progression

Yaldabaoth Dissolved

The most important fact is probably the renewed power of the Light on the Planet, this could eventually become the beginning of mass arrests and therefore what QAnon says in the light of the collapse of Yalda assumes a much greater value.

The arrests, the power to the people and no longer to the elite, the beginning of the river of truth could make The Great Awakening to become of enormous dimensions.

It is necessary that a sufficient number of people, some say about 50% of the population of the Planet, is able to “handle” at least at a minimum level these transformation energies reverberating on us from the Universe and in a certain way manage the Event, or the part of this that represents the total detachment from this manipulated reality, in practice move the timeline.

The process of mass arrests together with the revelations of QAnon and the outpouring of the truth about the Cabal, the Freemasons and the Vatican are the means to awake this percentage of the population and trigger the Event.

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