What Happened to Building 7 at the World Trade Centre on 9/11? [video] ~ September 10, 2018

How does a ‘forest fire’ pulverize just the boats in a marina? Good question.

Editor’s note: This is another great article from Starship Earth bringing home the question that asks to be begged…how were those dreadful fires in California started? An while we are on the unsolved mystery hunt…what really happened on 9/11 and who was responsible?

Tomorrow in the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 horror, and let’s hope Trump uses that day as a day to reveal truths that WILL rattle the deep state beyond recovery. We shall see, and…



Jamie Lee is the tireless researcher and vlogger behind “The Plane Truth” channel, which he started when “The Plain Truth” was censored by ThemTube. Fires, floods, vaccinations, chemtrails, geo-engineering, smart meters, dams, disaster capitalism… he’s an expert.

I refer to Jamie’s videos often because he covers so many topics. They are all linked, it seems. They’re all part of the New World Order’s agenda to control and eliminate us.

It may sound harsh or conspiratorial—and it is. Jamie is a wealth of information and never fails to teach me something because he pokes into so many corners and finds the most fascinating evidence.

I highly recommend this interview with Jamie, a former Wall Street guy who couldn’t stand to see what was happening and decided he had to do something about it.

Jamie lives in Santa Rosa, California, as does activist Deborah Tavares of “Stop the Crime.net”. They are painfully aware of what the criminals are doing to the residents of northern California. Jaime had to evacuate his home due to fires and he has shown us remarkable footage from the aftermath of those terrorist events that are still ongoing today.

One thing he related that I hadn’t heard before was that the authorities were searching for victims of the fires—not by looking for bones or teeth, because they were all “dustified”—but for RFiD chips to identify the deceased. He says we’ve all unwittingly ingested them in our food.

Jamie also went to Texas after Hurricane Harvey, snuck into a FEMA camp and interviewed refugees. He is one of our best resources for understanding the world we live in and I will continue to share his work.

Jamie mentions that a few people who used to be valiant whistleblowers appear to have cooled in their efforts to support the researchers; people like Dr. Judy Wood and Dane Wigington are no longer stating the truth according to the evidence. Whether due to threats or perhaps they’ve switched sides… we don’t know.

Jamie says they have taken measures in Santa Rosa to stop the controllers from forcing people out of their homes, and he urges people in other areas to follow their lead and protect themselves and their towns from the terrorists who want to displace them and stuff them into specific areas with very little space between them.

Host Doug McKenty interviews Jaime on ‘The Shift’.  ~ BP


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