Health While Waiting For The Med Bed – Jared Rand ~ September 3, 2018

Health While Waiting For The Med Bed. By Jared Rand.

Everyone understands that we’re in a transition period here on this planet, we have a world that we’ve all grown up in and the world is a structured matrix to trick, manipulate and then slave the population.

That’s the world that’s been created, that’s the world that most of us grew up in.

There are a lot of deceit, misrepresentation that gets people believing certain things, off-target, are off-track.

Then you have a new world and the new world vibrates at a much different frequency than the old world and all of the things in the old world do not exist in the new world.

That’s why I’ve been kind of slowly giving out certain information to try to have you guided and understand what we have in the new world.

We will have a financial system that’s basically there there won’t be any criminals, there will be some that will try but they’ll be basically immediately dealt with and then eventually it will phase out so we will be in the new world.

It’s hard for people to differentiate between the old and the new because the new is not in full view yet so it’s constantly being covered up and constantly being darkened and blackened out so that you don’t see it and you don’t recognize it.

You still think that the world we have is the world we will always have, this is a good trick because when this trick is employed it causes the population to think and feel that energy and to keep giving it energy, giving it strength so it hangs on.

Now remember that we, as a human race, can circumvent just about anything, we can literally change anything we desire but yet the key is not to allow yourself to drop down vibrationally.

New Earth - Merkaba

New Earth – Merkab

In other words in the new world of vibration is at a point and that’s why we’re working on adjusting everyone so that the transition is really quite smooth… So instead of rough and really tough, because it’s if you’re mired in the lower vibrational frequencies and you’re stuck there and you don’t know that you’re stuck there

It’s very difficult to bring yourself up all at once, it’s not something that most people can do, it’s difficult.

So in the transition from the old world to the new world that’s where we talk about all these technologies we talk about all the technologies that we’ve discussed and that have come out in the last several months and people are talking about.

Now those technologies will saturate the population and we will have, and you’ve heard me say this before, but the ultimate goal is to make sure that every single dwelling on the planet, for the most part, to have a med bed in their dwelling so that they have access to it whenever they need, like you have a refrigerator, well this room is for the med bed that’s the Med Bed room.

Energy Grid

Energy Grid

There’s a lot of people on the planet, millions upon millions, that obviously need great assistance and healing, curing themselves, now understand, I’ve mentioned that, we eventually will get to a point where you will not need devices that we will maintain health because we’re so connected to our god spark that we can zero in on any any abnormalities in the body and correct them and fix them without any application.

Med Bed - Source -> Fiction

Med Bed – Image Source -> Fiction

But right now we need those technologies and to become educated about them and what I mean with technology is nature technologies, which nature provides on the planet and prime source creator god has created and surfaced.

For instance, there are things there are available that can literally change your energetic field or your aura and without penetrating the body.

Understand that is this isn’t something that goes into the bloodstream, this changes frequency and harmonics of the body depending on its application and can eliminate pain, can and cure problems in the body, period.

And it’s available, well, it will be available soon but these are some of the things that people have forgotten, that that are out there.

They’re concentrating on the mechanical electrical technologies which is great but in the meantime we have things that can be applied to the body and on a non chemical base, remember that all of these things are non chemical, they’re from extracts and herbs and from the planet, derived from the planet, sent to us by our creator.

There’s things that can be done that people just aren’t aware of it, for instance you can reverse your aging, you can slow the process or actually reverse it.

I personally know some people that are in their late 60s and have been on a process for five six seven eight years and they had their blood tested all the time, if you imagine being 68 with the blood of a 20 year old human now, be in 68 with the blood of a 20 year old human…

That is from a root of a plant that does that, it’s not something whipped up in a lab.

There are other things that are being done and of course they try to stop them, they try to not allow them to get out to the public…

Frequency and Harmonics

Frequency and Harmonics

But we’re talking about while we’re transitioning to the new world and remember, a world is not a planet, it’s a system put in place for the population.

The new world is awareness, clarity, so anyway, when you understand things like I’ve talked about… Cancer, this is such an atrocity because it’s all of its curable that’s it, bottom line, it is just people aren’t educated, they aren’t knowledgeable so they die, they become eaten alive and I’ve watched it firsthand, and it just eats the body alive and they die.

The only thing that they have is mostly radiation, chemotherapy that is derived from mustard gas, it comes from the gas that they just used during world war one and basically what it does is it destroys the immune system in the body permanently.

That should be outlawed because it’s absolute murder. Well, yeah, people say well, you know, there’s some people that survive it… There are but they aren’t the same and never will be.

Imagine if the population was educated enough and open-minded enough to understand that natural things literally could cure their cancer, they weren’t afraid anymore and they took the power into their hands, they took it back, they’re responsible for their bodies, they are aware and knowledgeable and get educated on the different applications for their human body, to heal, to become healed.

Now there’s all kinds of things on this planet maybe some of you have heard about the john of god who’s in south america who basically you go to where he is located and it’s kind of like a a little village type area and there’s buildings and you can spend the night there and you come in and he’s got helpers that come in and he literally passes his hand over you and he does actually surgery, operation without you seeing or noticing anything and literally you’re cured.

A lot of people think that’s crazy but see, I know people who have personally gone to him and had this stuff done, people have known for years… So there’s there are a lot of things that we are not aware of and the reason we’re not aware of is because we’re kept in the dark.

It’s like diabetes, you’ve got juvenile diabetes, that’s when you’re born basically with it, you’ve got type 1 diabetes and you’ve got type 2 diabetes… Especially where the body is out of balance and the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to balance it out and your glucose levels are really shot.

You basically are in trouble if you don’t get it corrected, if you don’t assist it. But what they do? They give you all kinds of different drugs and medications.

I hear people, sending me emails all the time, I’m reading, I’m listening… Their their loved ones are dying there’s all kinds of illnesses and weaknesses, knees that are shut blown out, heart issues, kidney issues, I mean it goes on and on.

No one would say that heart disease can be reversed but it can be.

Kidney disease, well that can’t be reversed, once you have kidney disease you end up dying, going on dialysis and then dying, that’s wrong, it’s a proven fact that’s wrong. I’ve literally met and talked with people who have kidney disease that have reversed, reverse the damage, rejuvenated and regenerated their kidneys.



There’s so many things that people just don’t comprehend and or they do they trust because it’s it’s not prevalent, it’s not out there in broad daylight, because it’s not coming from the a allopathic industry, the business.

It’s like with cancer, if you research okay cancer back in the 70s they had a cure for it and then what happened was is they wash the cure out because it was inexpensive… And cost a lot of money and it put a big dent in their wallets, so that’s the reason.

There’s there are so many different applications that can be applied now, believe it or not.

Every human body is different, their chemistry is different, tom and all have a different chemistry so what you apply to one may not work with the other, that’s why people say… This stuff’s been great, it’s wonderful it’s done miracles and the other person says what doesn’t do anything for me so it’s crap, and that’s what happens.

So it takes a person to educate themselves and to know their body but how many people do you know that actually know their body?

Most people will will begin to know their body as they get older but then usually the damage they’ve done through the years when they were young… They didn’t think about those things on what they were doing to their bodies so then as they get older these things start showing up as the system starts deteriorating and can’t handle and can’t fight certain things, and degradation of tissue, degradation of your stem cell production… You know when you get when your body turns a certain age and this is the way it works.

We have a couple of things that determine without genetic manipulation our aging process, obviously one the stem cells, another one is telomeres.

Telomeres have a body and they have a leg coming off of each end so they have two legs off of each end, that’s what they look like, there’s a little square body and they have little squares roundish body and they have two legs coming off of each end so four legs.

The telomere regenerates the body and as the telomeres legs get shorter and shorter and shorter that means you are aging there’s no way if the age is progressing if you ever notice people they get a certain age they rapidly age at a certain point because the telomeres have dropped greatly and their ability to renew.



Now, stem cells on which they’ve done a lot more work than they’re letting the public know about is that for instance, and unfortunately, right now it’s so expensive that a lot of people can’t touch it but imagine a person has got bone-on-bone on their knee which means all the cartilage is gone.

There’s no synovial fluid now the synovial fluid is like it’s a it’s a jealous type of fluid that lines the cartilage and it lubricates and it causes it to stay lubricated now when the cartilage is destroyed and deteriorates and bleeds away and then all you have is bone on bone you don’t have any of the fluid there so and the bone just grinds and grinds and grinds and obviously there’s a lot of pain and the person is not real mobile and they have to wear some kind of a brace or crutches or whatever now there is stem cell therapy with with really top-notch stem cell specialists that’s not the ones that are quacks that can apply stem cell therapy to that joint and within three to six weeks you’ve got new cartilage growing in you end up with a new knee.

Same within a person with eye problems a stem cell therapy it literally regenerates the eye okay that’s like macular degeneration which more and more people have that they don’t know they have like I said because of the blue light off of the computers and the laptops and the smartphones and all of that the television with these smart televisions you’ve got a lot of blue light.

The blue light damages the macula in the eye and over a long period of time it deteriorates and then you get a certain age and start showing up.

People just don’t know that, in fact now they have special glasses that if you’re going to look at those screens you should wear that filters out the blue light so your eyes aren’t harmed, but see, a lot of people don’t know those things.

At 60 65 years old ninety percent of your stem cell production is gone, what that means is is that you’ve got accelerated aging and deterioration of the body, to slow it, to stop it or reverse it, currently, right now without these new technologies coming in, is obtainable, it can be done, period.

If everybody had iv chelation therapy, it’s a prerequisite, we will have a universal insurance coverage for the people of the planet, for everybody, what would happen is is that it would pay for it… You sit there, because normally it’s about three thousand every time you sit in a chair, and you get an iv chelation and iv chelation means it cleans the arteries using vitamin c and a couple other naturals that literally clean out all of your arteries and veins in the body, carotid, arteries, everything.

It keeps them flexible, it keeps the blood flowing well with no obstructions that can cause all kinds of damage to the body but yet that is not mainstream, it’s just not out there for people to see.

There’s so many preventative things that will send you through all the garbage and all the pain, on all worrying about how to pay for it, worrying about going the doctors, worrying about the hospital.

That fear is instilled in humanity that you know people is like… Holy cow, this is crazy and a long time ago see the american people were homeopathic, which means that you practice home application, you learn about a lot of the extracts herbs and different fruits vegetables, all natural organic type of life living, organisms that can be combined and put together, amino acids that can literally regenerate and rejuvenate your body.

Imagine having that knowledge, imagine they’re coming down with something, they take a couple tablespoons of colloidal silver, proven the best antibiotic on the planet, you read all about it without all the the discrediting they try to give it, because they banned it, because they didn’t want it to replace their money-making end of pharmaceuticals.

Antibiotics are one of the most toxic things you can put in your body and people put it in their body… Guess why, well because they tell you you take them for ten days, usually that’s the duration of your sickness… If you have a healthy body usually takes ten days for the body to rid itself of it, in most cases.

So when you start to realize that you have a medicine cabinet you’ve got all these different extracts and stuff that you compiled and each applies to different ailments and so on and so forth, and you’ve got a de-aging area where you’ve got certain things that you take and you’ve got a wellness so that you don’t get sick type thing, and you have something for your joints…

Now imagine people say well the med beds are coming out and then we can lay in the med bed and be 35 and not worry about it… Yeah you have to get the habit of treating that body still healthy, you got to be in the habit of eating correctly and in the healthful foods so that that the 35 year old body stays healthy, period.

The med bed is not going to repeatedly renew that body every hour on the hour because it won’t do that… Say so if you understand your body and you start understanding a lot of things, you start understanding your brain and what it’s for, you start understanding the pineal gland, you start going into the non-biological and the spiritual avenues of the body, that it’s housing a divine energy, it’s housing a god spark… So it’s got to be pretty important.

Health While Waiting For The Med Bed – Jared Rand Q&A


This particular Med Bed technology is not going to come from the ground, it’s going to come from other planetary beings, they’re going to bring it in, they’re going to bring them in and then they’re gone. There are groups on the planet that will be entrusted with those beds and and with the different groups we will most likely be able to cover in 25 million people to start off with.

At that point then we can start getting them everywhere… But that’s how they plan for those plasma energy beds to come in, how they determine the cost?


What we’re trying to do is have no cost, no cost all right? Get away from this, you know profit loss and gain and money and all that… We are working towards having no cost for the Med Beds, they will be just offered for people… Obviously we’ll have an infrastructure set up but no money, not selling it and offering it.

I’ve heard rumor that people has come to me and said, I heard somebody say that they were, you know, 80 60 to 80 thousand dollars… what we’re working on is, not charging for these, these are going to be offered to Humanity to heal the physical body, to heal the body for humanity.

These rumors that are flying around where people have used it and I know know they had and blah blah blah… Be careful and use discernment because there’s all kinds of rumors and talk out there, you’ve got people that would like that to happen so they look mean and they get that out… There’s another rumor going around that I’m going to be in LA at a conference and introduce the beds, that’s not true either.

Health While Waiting For The Med Bed – Jared Rand Q&A


Do you have any idea what the timing is on this [Med Beds]?


Before the year’s out… Before.

Pills Disclosure News Italia


The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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4 Responses to Health While Waiting For The Med Bed – Jared Rand ~ September 3, 2018

  1. Graciela says:

    Exelente informe


  2. Richard Dean Jacob says:

    I would very much like as soon as possible to be gotten a hold of on using this to age-reverse to 30 .. like a lot of us I’m sure .. I can explain .. -Richard Dean Jacob – Santa Fe, New Mexico


  3. Richard Rice says:

    Is there any type od age reversal vitamin capsule that can be bought to reverse /cleanse the arteries, blurred vision, skin restoration and swelling in the groin area, etc .


  4. cindyloucbp says:

    Hello Richard…I Am not aware of any pill or capsule specifically designed for the symptoms you mention. However, Please investigate Doterra oils which offer some extremely good supplements which can offer relief from your entomology. I use a blend called “DDR Prime” daily which can reduce inflammation which is found in every disease state!

    Also, an even better release/relief from symptoms you mention can be found with a device I have used as well…the “Theraphi” unit. This a bit more difficult to find, but far more effective! Simply look up “Therphi” and look for locations where this is available.

    Best wishes…



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