The Extraterrestrial Question: Us or Them? [videos] ~ August 28, 2018

Editor’s Note: Does anyone today NOT believe in alien, extraterrestrial life? If not, please read this report below by Starship Earth and know our world will not be the same in a short time. Please read, watch, and…



The following discussion with UFO Researchers Richard Dolan and Tim Alberino on the Hagmann Report is well worth a listen unless you just don’t need to hear the evidence and history around this topic any longer because you KNOW there is a UFO/UAP/USO coverup.

I said the same years ago as they do in this video. The question is no longer,  “Do UFOs exist?”, it’s whose are they; ours or theirs? Are they part of the military “secret space programs” or are they off-world craft?

Following that is a recent video from Mexico of a ship emerging from a thunder/lightning storm. Mexico doesn’t try to cover up the many sightings there, and Russia is very open about space travel with their citizens, as well. America is the most highly censored country and have directed the Canadian government to deny all crashes and sightings as well, it seems.

A couple of people have asked me to retell my UFO experience. It wasn’t a big deal, and I didn’t even realize the significance or full meaning until decades later.

My “experience” was in 1975-76 in Toronto. I shared a high rise apartment at the confluence of the 401 and Don Valley Parkway, on the 17th floor.

One evening I (just happened) to look out the window of my room and saw a brilliant flash of light down near the ground. I’d never seen anything that bright before and thought a transformer must have exploded.

I couldn’t see anything for the big trees so waited, expecting to see people running around, to hear loud voices, or firetrucks or something related to what I’d just witnessed but there was only silence and not a soul in sight. It was like no one saw it but me. I now know “there are no accidents”.

For whatever reason, my gaze moved skyward and despite the light pollution of a massive city I saw a small light moving very quickly across the night sky, parallel to the 401, and after a few seconds it disappeared.

I knew it was travelling too fast to be a plane or helicopter, and believed that light to be an extraterrestrial craft.

I must have been excited because my mother tells me I told her about it at the time. I know I told my father and he, being an engineer who at 17 was repairing allied planes in England in WWII, said it couldn’t have been a spaceship because there was no way aliens could travel fast enough to get from their planet to ours in a lifetime. Still, I knew what I saw and my belief never waivered. I’m stubborn that way.

It wasn’t until the last 7 years or so that I understood the context of that event. When I saw videos of craft on the ground “powering up” as they call it, in that almost blinding flash of light and going straight up in the air and disappearing in a split second I realized that the flash on the ground was related to the ship I saw in the sky moments later. It confirmed what I “knew” without having the knowledge to justify it at the time. Sometimes we just know stuff.

I knew extraterrestrials exist, and while I’ve never had another experience, I was infatuated with television shows like, “Lost in Space” and “Star Trek” even as a kid. I couldn’t get enough. I didn’t need convincing. We have to trust our higher self and our intuition.

Saucer buried in the ice in Antarctica

With all the footage on the Internet now there shouldn’t be any doubt in the minds of Earthlings that we are not the only intelligent life in the cosmos—the “intelligent” part being optional.

Some of it is faked, but much is real craft. Some of it is “ours” and some “theirs”. We’re told most of it is of Earth origin, and that most of the hard craft, the ones that come out of “manufacturing”, as Richard Dolan refers to it, is “ours”.

The following is a disturbing video of a saucer crash, said to be at White Sands in New Mexico. Been there. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, I’ll never see it the same way again.

The more ethereal, plasmatic, morphing, geometric “Light ships”are probably interdimensional extraterrestrial craft. They are sentient and can do all sorts of things on their own without intervention from a pilot, they say.

We even have footage of saucers plunging into the ocean and have confirmation of undersea bases.

The fact that President Trump has announced America is building a Space Force should tell rational, thinking people that space craft exist and space travel is not something they’re experimenting with for the future; it’s already happening and they need to get us up to speed, so to speak.

Under threat from the cabal, I believe that’s the best he could do at the present time. The proper, “official disclosure announcement” that everyone is waiting for will come later.

We may have been lied to, and we may have been dumbed down, but we don’t have to remain that way. It’s time to wake up to reality. We are going to the stars, baby!  ~ BP

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