The Q-détat: Emergence Isn’t Coming, It’s Here + SerialBrain2/War Drummer Military Parade Update [video] ~ August 22, 2018

The QAnon Phenomenon is evolving patriots into a popular pastime and according to some, “emergent behaviour” and a new vocabulary or “Q-phemisms”.

As soon as the Q spokesman on the “boards” drops a new pile of crumbs burgeoning with Q-tips, the avid analysts, translators and autists are in Q-topia.

Brilliant and well-honed minds are eager to tell us what President Trump’s tweets mean, and how the information relates to current events and the Q-détat underway to unseat the dark cabal.

Some consider the fans and patriots Q-tards, but when one really looks at the phenomenon, it’s easy to see why it has caught on.

President Trump tweets apparently nonsensical or benign messages and when the intuitive translators are finished with them, they mean something we would never have suspected—something that actually makes sense, when you understand the secret societies battling to maintain their demonic control over the planet are attempting to carry on a war without the masses realizing it.

And therein lies the rub: the controllers are no longer “in control” AND they have been outed. Trump has upset the apple cart, Q is telling the public what the controllers don’t want them to know, the status of the war effort is being rubbed in their faces (they’re losing) and they’re dying to bring about Q-thanasia.

Back in 2017, another secretive group calling themselves Cicada 3301 told us, “Emergence is coming”. We weren’t sure what that meant. It could have meant a number of things, as do Trump’s tweets and Q’s crumbs.

One observant fellow tells us the QAnon Phenomenon has resulted in “emergent behaviour”, which is defined as…

An emergent behavior or emergent property can appear when a number of simple entities (agents) operate in an environment, forming more complex behaviors as a collective.  Source

From Reddit

Q-reka! I think he’s onto something. QAnon may be a distillation of the research conducted surreptitiously by Cicada 3301, possibly under various other names, but that’s just a possibility I’m personally entertaining. I won’t Q-lucidate on my actual theory just now.

Q-ology has become a subject for deep study, and s/he/they have turned thousands of people who considered us paranoid “conspiracy theorists” into believers—with pitchforks—and many guns.

When it’s all over, perhaps one or two generous and gracious patriots will take pity on the psychopaths and write a Q-logy—in code, of course.

Here is the War Drummer’s video presentation of the decode from interpreter “SerialBrain2” on a recent range of tweets from President Trump. It takes a certain kind of a mind to think this way and they’re training more patriots to use this way of thinking and gematria to decode the President’s and QAnon’s messages to us—and the enemy.

There was much speculation as to whether President Trump was really cancelling the military parade. This may shed Light on that.  ~ BP

SerialBrain2 – The real reason Trump canceled the parade – Read by The War Drummer



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