My thoughts…August 12, 2018

The “Storm” is here, my  friends! Many, many are undergoing massive change in their lives in one respect or another. Personally, my life is topsy-turvey with a marriage that is ending, unemployment (resigned from a dark job) with the inability to find a job in my field, hospital lab management, and possible relocation as the lease ends. (My saving are at their end and I will be most grateful for any kind of donation you send my way…:)

I AM not merely beating my donation drum and want to urge all who read my blog to truly consider and understand the impact of the energy change we are all experiencing. Our mind-focused culture interprets heart-based energy changes as a type of “religious” or “Woo-woo” experience because we have no other way of interpreting energy changes involving the heart. This is a huge roadblock  for many  which prevents understanding what is truly taking place.

Energy changes are vibrational changes and each organ in the body vibrates (resonates) at it’s own frequency. The organ most “attuned” to the vibrational energies we are now experiencing is the heart organ, which literally “beats” to it’s own drummer and is wired from the nervous system just a tad differently than other organs. This is why listening and understanding your heart is truly the “heart” of the matter!

As you can see from alternative media (and just a bit on MSM), truth in ALL areas of life (both public and personal) is in the process of being revealed. Why? Because cosmic energies are affecting humanity as a whole as we can see from the unexpected positive changes taking place in out world! Humanity is evolving into another species which has learned to “follow it’s heart” with the use of thoughts/actions that are of higher vibration. I think we can all agree that Love/Joy/Truth are vibrationally higher than Hate (War)/Anger/Deceit.

This is my own explanation for what is happening in my life and I can honestly say I have no fear for my personal “outcome” as I have (gulp) complete faith in my Source/Universe/God to place me with my vibrations where I truly belong (like attracts like) and carry out the action I can best make as humanity makes this transition. (I hope my mother understands!) 🙂

Below are some thoughts on energy changes from Aluna Ash, a 9D clairvoyant whose work I trust and value. (Thanks P!) This is a very confusing time for humanity and Aluna’s work does shed some understanding of the process we are all involved with as we shift from a 3D head-life to living a 4/5 D heart-life. Please read this, take what resonates with you, leave the rest  behind, and…



Mass waves of Twinsoul unions WILL begin October 2018. Oversoul groups will be coming together each day. Even if you are feeling intense energy right now, just know that YOU MADE IT! 

Your paradigm will begin to shift in an amazing way after August. It brought me to tears when my guidance showed me what is on the way, what is already here and manifest. We are completely merging to our souls destined reality.

Watch how things unfold through synchronicity and be amazed in the magic of it all. Stay in that energy of seeing the magic and gratitude. 

SOOO many of you are about rise up to your highest potential very fast…ive been telling you in the past to think of this time as a vacation to work on you because when these new programs are locked in, the old is removed and timelines merge instantly- this causing your life to shift so quickly in the physical.

There has been a recent Galactic intervention- new programs are locked into this system & the old information is removed- now this will take on physical form. Its almost like a collective program memory swipe. Draco reptilian control is no longer in the new system- it has been removed.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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    Many thanks, as indeed I AM blessed!


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