Human Consciousness IS everything! ~ August 2, 208

Editor’s Note: Below is an email message from my good friend, J. who comments on an “aha” moment he has had regarding the continued hoopla and thoughts/hope/fears of the spiritual community on the spiritual matters of The Event.

In light of delays for the promised “good times” that always seem to be just out of humanity’s reach. perhaps a different “tactic” should bnw be considered. J has come to the realization that WE are the one who need to exemplify and BE the change we want to see in the world.

Below find his message, I add my own confirmation and supply timely articles about human consciousness in it’s evolution. We ARE our own individual consciousness that collectively adds up to ONE. Tricky thought and realization of our role as unique filters that effectively makes each of us on par with everyone else. Now it is time for us to leave the 3D world behind in out thoughts, and use 5D principles as we transition. Please read these messages below, think about this, and…



Hi Everyone,……As usual, I have a lot of time to reflect on various things happening around me. Working on boats day after day by myself is a very solitary kind of employment, it gives you time to think about all sorts of stuff, particularly at this moment when everything is going nuts. I’m blessed to have this occupation under these circumstances.

I had an “Ah Ha” moment this afternoon after thinking about what Eleia Benz had to say about the “Event”.
She is right on the money. This info would be a great topic for your next blog article Sophia, I hope you will give it some consideration.

We all come from an enslaved culture, it is ingrained in us, we wait for someone to do something for or to us, before we can move forward. Ascension is coming, and we will know it by the “EVENT”, and we will be carried to the 5th D.
How silly! But the masses are ingrained to see it that way. No blame here!

What are the basics? We are co-creators, we take part in the making, how often have we heard this (we have to do something, some action) not sit there and only RECEIVE! Damit!
If you just sit around and wait for the Event, you may not make it,……remember frequency?

Going from 3rd D to 5th D is CHANGE! How do we participate in this change? We start becoming the thing we want to see. When we do this, we start to change ourselves, this is called “inner work” by Jung. Listen to what Jung says about “inner work”.

If we do our work inwardly and do small rituals to express our inner situation, it often generates a great charge of constructive energy in the external world around us and shapes the external circumstances of our lives in ways that we would never have anticipated. This is part of the evidence we have for the existence of the collective unconscious: We find that the unconscious connects us to other people and to our entire environment; therefore; when we focus a great deal of energy within our own inner world, a parallel energy often arises in the people or situation around us. In this way, we can do healing through our inner work that we never could have done through external means. Very few people know or understand this. I said this to both of you early on when I first met you both,…..I say this to everyone who asks about healing themselves or their partner………and most of the times they roll there eyes.
You both are different, you get it. You do the inner work to shift yourself only (this produces a great charge) it moves into the field and influences everyone collectively …..WE MAKE THE 5TH D. MANIFEST.
Start acting and behaving like 5th D…..the 5th D is already here. The “EVENT” is just cotton candy!

the boat builder


Bravo, J.! You are so very right…it IS time to step up to the plate and understand our divinity NOW! We are creators and just plain do not know, or understand this. We are also ALL connected in ways we cannot yet surmise. I found the following from Disclosure News Italia very helpful today in realizing this consciousness aspect of myself…and everyone around me! Thank YOU for understanding the nature of this illusory game and sharing . We are indeed the “ones” we have been waiting for…let’s DO it!

Much Love…:)


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