Co-Creation of Timelines – Collective Consciousness Part Two ~ August 1, 2018

Co-Creation of Timelines – Collective Consciousness Part Two. Source Ascension Dictionary. Increasing Sentience is directly related to the quality of the energetic content that is recorded as the collective memory in the planetary body.
The level of sentience we generally have is interconnected with the quality of memory that is available for us to recall that is recorded in the Collective Consciousness of the planet.
However, humanities DNA has been unplugged and unable to read the information and content that is recorded in the collective consciousness of the planet.

This is one reason Starseeds have come to earth, because many of us can read and sense the contents in the collective consciousness, and we know that which has been programmed with AI machinery to Mind Control the population, is not organic to creation.
The human species Blueprint has been undergoing erasure to gradually be replaced with new identities and archetypes created from AI software, that resemble the minds of criminals.
The people of earth have been given historical records and religious books that are deceptions based upon the invaders alien approved architecture for takeover.
Essentially, as the result, the whole of the human species cannot remember who they are and where they come from and have adopted the false identity given to them by the invaders.

This has generated an extreme amount of accumulated energetic confusion in the human species memories, recorded in the collective consciousness fields.
Those memories became the general content for earth human consciousness expression and are organized into Spectrum of Frequency that form dimensions of time, or Timelines.

his overall content in timelines exists through the connection it has to those people, who co-created with these forces, in the fields that make up the Collective Consciousness.
Every person that has lived on the earth is a co-creator with the world of forces that expresses itself in the collective consciousness. We all are responsible for what we co-create with the collective forces, what we express through our consciousness body.
The NAA invaders and their human representatives have been working hard to erase their crimes against humanity in the collective consciousness records.

New Energies Coming

However, the consciousness records cannot be erased because there are those from the founder lineages who are able to read them, even when the content has had many attempts to be destroyed. As we awaken to the reality of Group Consciousness, the question becomes, what force are we expressing? What are we co-creating with, and what is growing as the collective consciousness on the planet? The unawakened person expresses the forces the collective consciousness programming tells him to, until he awakens the choice, to be in consent with his own spirit. Thus, the timelines are formed by the blueprints that are created by the collective consciousness matrices and all the variances of co-creators that exist in the entire planetary body.

During this cycle, the majority of humanity has been spiritually oppressed and enslaved to express the software machinery programming placed in the collective consciousness fields, thus, the role of right co-creatorship has been essentially stolen.
These collective consciousness matrices include the sum total of unconsciousness, artificial intelligence machinery and software, and that energetic content that has been co-created from human, nonhuman and AI sources.

Thus, the collective consciousness matrices have included those influences of genetic modification through Mind Control that have been shaped and formed by non-humans.
Those entities are not from the gene pool of the human species, and via Interdimensional means, their agenda is hidden from the general human population.
In order to understand bio-neurological mind control generated through psychotronic warfare and Electronic harassment, it is imperative to comprehend the collective consciousness fields and how they operate in the earth as consciousness bodies.

New Energies Coming
Co-Creation of Timelines
The planetary consciousness bodies, or collective consciousness matrices, directly impact the functioning of the individual human being’s consciousness bodies.
Essentially, the planet has been subjected to non-human co-creators that have decided to modify DNA in the Morphogenetic Fields, in order to use the true co-creators of this planet to shape the collective consciousness, to conform to their anti-human and anti-soul agendas.
By controlling the collective consciousness fields on the earth with AI mind control, they manage to gain control over the direction of timelines by controlling what kind of consciousness is being fed into the collective.
The bifurcation is splitting apart the areas they have gained AI control over on the earth.

Their territory gets smaller as it moves away from the higher ascending regions.
What we can observe in the collective consciousness matrices currently, is the accumulative result of alien hybridization, Refugee race migration, cloning, genetic modification and AI experimentation that has been made into the collective consciousness fields and the morphogenetic imprints of the planet.
That which impacts the planet impacts the species of inhabitants, and so that interference has directly impacted the functioning of human consciousness and the original human DNA.
Humanity has been genetically modified and socially engineered to be slaves, war-mongers, predatorial and violent, in order to remove the Empathy and collective spirit that connects us with our own species and interconnects us directly with the Godhead.

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Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

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