Must See to Believe: Cali Wildfire Precision Burns Half a House, Rest Untouched? [video]

No thinking person will believe a wildfire did this, so let’s move on to more productive dialogue.

Yes, the devastation in the video looks like the work of precision lasers… but do you think drones or helicopters wielded these weapons? Do you think this is a “manual operation”?

I think this and other illustrations we’ve seen are a case of technology that, once again, we are as yet unaware exists. The fact that they’re perfectly willing to acknowledge lasers suggests it’s not what it seems. Lasers, particle beams and DEWs (directed energy weapons) are old technology, but HOW are they implemented? THAT is the question.

We see the photos and video on the Internet of drones and helicopters shooting green or blue lasers, but are lasers even visible to the naked eye? I believe Deborah Tavares told us they are not, and she’s done exhaustive research on the assault on Humanity pertaining to Agenda 2030.

I want to know what that “sun simulator” with all the reflectors or lenses does. The fact that someone was able to pull up the patent for that is highly suspicious, because we’re aware of “dummy patents”.

The enemy purposely plants information—red herrings—to throw us off the trail. I therefore suspect the “sun simulator” is not what we understand it to be, but that’s just my theory. Those weapons that burned stark lines across sports fields and homes appear to be “programmable” and able to repeat the pattern, as this vlogger says.

It’s not logistically feasible for drones or helicopters to do this on such a large scale, is it? And if they did, would they leave a portion of one home as a tell-tale clue that not all is what it seems?

For a few years awake and aware people have wondered why our street signs and curbs were marked. For Google Earth, we’re told. At first some wondered if it wasn’t to denote dissidents for Operation: Jade Helm 2015 extractions. Thankfully, that was another terrorist psyop.

Where I live we have no curbs, but the street signs have UPC code stickers. So they’ve mapped the entire United States and it would be easy to program specific sectors to be “zapped”, would it not?

They can start decoy fires in other areas of the world to obfuscate the strategy to hit targeted areas like California, blaming it on “climate change” and the exceptionally hot, dry conditions—no doubt a result of the incessant geoengineering.

And who do you get to execute that demonic plan? It sounds as though “chemtrail planes” are remotely controlled, and I suspect they have automated most of the onslaughts on Humanity so little responsibility falls on “human” shoulders. There’s no room for guilt, sabotage or whistleblowers.

The destruction here has to be space weapons, doesn’t it? They may use the “sun simulator” to bounce the lasers off and redirect the beams. Or, it could be satellites. Someone will eventually uncover the truth about the weapons used to pulverize Humanity’s possessions and create a massive exodus.

We’ve seen similar scenarios in Waldo Canyon, Colorado, the World Trade Center on 9/11, Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, California last year, and most recently, in Greece in July where white powder is the only thing remaining instead of blackened structures and cinders; vegetation still green.

This is clearly warfare that the majority of people are completely unaware exists. Like 9/11, they believe what the media and their local authorities tell them because it doesn’t enter their minds that anyone would purposely do this; that their government would do this. They don’t understand their government isn’t who they think it is. It’s the “shadow government”; the deep state’s rogue military running these programs, and there’s nothing President Trump can do about it at the moment. He’s lucky to be alive.

Bottom line: the psychopaths don’t attack us with weapons we know about. They use their secret weapons developed with the money they’ve stolen from us, the taxpayers, for decades.

For those unaware, Max Igan eloquently informs us who the terrorists really are. ~ BP



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