GCR Event End Time Message to All ~ July 30, 2018

By Maitreya Messiah Mahdi

This message is for all of you: the good, the bad, the top, the bottom, the ugly, the beauty, all kind of royal families, groups, organizations around the world & the government officials.

The Full Red Blood Moon with over 100 minutes length just passed, then coming next Full Moon is on August 26th 2018, where the peak full moon will occur on the same day 26th August from the New Zealand to Hawaii, USA.
What is the odds? One in Thousands.

What is that symbol & message?
It is very clear: the old era is closing, the new era is opening. Anyone who prevent the event must die.

This is not just normal threaten letter, this is the 7th sealed from the Revelation in the bible.

Now, I am telling you the secret of all secret.

The “Gods Training Earth” project is a massive one is happening on Earth. It has 3 phrases represent 777 (7 sealed, 7 trumpet, 7 bowl).

1st phrase: Setup, Preparation. 7 sealed
2nd phrase: Survival, Live or Death: Pick One. 7 trumpet.
3rd phrase: Completion, Congratulations. 7 bowl.

The entire project is monitored by many super-beings/gods.
Many of you may wondered why the evils, the bad, the corrupt people happen on Earth but no any super beings/Gods appear to help. The answer is if you dead all of that actions mean nothing, you gain absolutely nothing! But your next life cycle on Earth you will become animals!

The 1st phrase will end on this moon month August 10th 2018. The next phrase will start immediately after.

This is the “Gods warning level” to all the bad beings who are trying to prevent the event: you must pick now, live or death by the end of 08/08/2018.

After that timeline, you will be “served” by above 3D-human beings direct and/or indirect. The choice is your for everything is fake news unless you see it with your own eyes.

Now is rule of the game: everybody is free to live & choice.

But now many governments/groups are trying to manipulate, cheating, mind-influence-control, they only talk/present one side of the coil but never tell both 2 side: positive & negative, many government even force people to buy insurance, vaccine, helmet, pray to only “1 political party”, etc.

All of that stupid things must stop, if you cannot do that, resign immediately or you will failed to the test even if you pass phrase 2!

The Global Currency Reset must occur publicly from the next new moon on 10, 11th – August 2018.

It has 2 major purposes: 1 is bring the wages from all nations close together, second one is cleaning the “toxic” environment.

I am asking all the royal families especially in the Asia must press the button & allow citizens able to exchange new currency from August 12th 2018, so it can allow the system run “real demo test” & allow companies change some technical numbers then allow the global launch from September 1th 2018.

Warning: if you failed to do that, you will dead & fail to the test, no more incarnation. The ultimate backup plan is the Korea & Vietnam will deliver the GCR themselves first.

The new currency note cannot have any “national hero” like the Venezuela just demo, for there are thousands of heroes why only present 1 or few? You knew the answer, so as I, but that 3D magic is crap!

The new currency must look like the Zimbabwe money note ZWR series.

The rate between any currency cannot above 100%, it must fixed & can only changed once per year.

Who are the author of Zimbabwe ZWR money note? I recommend give only 1 chance to all, it is best to let Kim Jong Un to buy it publicly.

Earth problems, New Nation Government System, Capital vs Socialism
Earth has 3 major problems: Out of touch with nature, artificial chemical, do not know the ultimate purpose of technology. All the stupid things on Earth because of these root problems, you must remove it.

The major conflict inside most country is capitalism vs socialism.
To be more precise: both want to cheat!!!
Capitalism want to control, deceive others by promoting but only tell the good side of the product, always hide the bad one. One clear example is the bookie only welcome loser but if you are the winner & smart gambler, you’re banned!
Socialism want free stuffs & do not want to work, they basically do not know law of energy or some see the “cheater capitalism” then protest.

That is pretty much sump up what the hell is going on Earth.

The only solution now is the mixed option
– The capitalism continue but must have clear rule show much full the details of product, the good & bad side affect so the customer can choose from.
You cannot sell drug/vaccine by just say use this or that, you must tell how long it last/have effect, what happen inside the body after eating chemical foods, etc.

– Socialism & free thing people cannot eat: which is television, movies, internet infomation.
Example: live stream raw footage NBA, NFL, English League, no commercial no commentators so it do not clashed with the “capitalism product”, just look at the Wimbledon BBC. Free movies/musics over 1 year old with net profit.

New Government System must occur, it is completely up to each leader.
But I recommended start new domain online like .usa, .china, .japan, .korea, .canada, etc.
New email/communication online service 100% free, no ads controlled & managed by military.

But still must allow citizens using the current existing online service.

The most important thing is that you must use the weather chaos/catastrophe as the reason to ban artificial chemical, gmos.

If you want the help from the best people in your country, you must setup “bounty system” to recruit them, the most talented person is the one knew how to corrupt system work, give up move to rural area, back with nature. Only the stupid one value educational degree.

That is what I feel the “allowed” information at this moment at this time.

You can treat this message as a real deal or fake one, it is up to you, you may die or get in big trouble if you ignore.

Maitreya Messiah Mahdi

I hope the readers can forward above letter to all your “master”, government, groups. Thank you.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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