Things We’re Watching on Independence Day: Space, ‘The Final Frontier’ Hoax & Our Over-Active Skies [videos] ~ July 4, 208

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There is yet another SpaceX cargo launch today. This is a live stream if you’re interested, with the Falcon 9 Dragon rocket. Why do they need so many rockets taking “cargo” to the ISS? There was one earlier this week in the middle of the night, we heard, leaving all kinds of bizarre coloured smoke in the sky over Cape Canaveral.

And since we’re talking about “space”, Brasscheck TV reveals the manipulation.

Cutting through the “space as the final frontier” baloney: A justification for continuing to destroy the earth

Understanding the popularity of Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and other media created bullshit artists

There’s a sure way to getting media attention these days.

Make some wild-eyed claim about how space exploration is necessary for human survival.

If space exploration is necessary for human survival, we’re in deep trouble.



THIS is not normal, or natural. Not in our old reality.


This next video involves the sky. That freaky sky that doesn’t look or act “normal”. The clouds are fake, we’ve seen bizarre contraptions up there, the clouds are now squared off and rectangular with hard edges, and far, far too much rain, snow and hail is coming out of them. This isn’t a one off. These bizarre clouds are photographed worldwide.

In this video, we examine what’s happening across the planet with respect to the sky; what’s in it, and coming out of it. Some very interesting points come up. Is it DEWs causing the catastrophic rains, winds, storms, etc.? HAARP? CERN? I don’t believe CERN is in the equation any longer, but we don’t know.

Is this the petulant cabal taking as many of us out as they can while they’re on their way out? Is this their largely invisible way to attack us that most people would never suspect?

We’ve discussed the approaching planetary alignment, ascension Earth changes, and the possibility that geoengineering may have destroyed our weather to the point it simply cannot normalize or find balance any more. And then there’s the prophecy aspect. Are they trying to bring prophecy to fruition? What is the root cause—or is it multiple causes?

We know for a fact that the psychopaths can and have weaponized everything. So what’s really going on? Nothing is normal any more.

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