A Glimpse of the Future: The Escape Pod ~ July 4, 2018

Personal float tank

Occasionally publishers send free magazines in hopes that someone will like and subscribe, and while flipping through the current edition of Shape, my attention focused on a short paragraph about what might be considered “escapism” in the futuristic now.

The text is below, and I think this just may be something many of us want to make a part of our new-found “re-creation” time, when the nonsense of having to work three jobs and 80 hours a week is obliterated and we have ample time to explore and nurture our spirituality; mind, body and soul. The pace of life will slow and we will learn what it is like to truly relax.

The closest thing to “float therapy” I’ve experienced is tubing through the mountains on the Salt River in Arizona—which WAS therapeutic—but the personal float tanks are situated at many spas in America, and no doubt other places. You can find information online about the benefits of floatation therapy.

The Somadome is available in select public spots or you can buy your own. It sounds like it makes meditation a lot easier for those who have difficulty tuning out the world’s distractions. I find I do need a “dome of silence” to meditate, and it just may become a standard home appliance. I wonder if a Golden Retriever could squeeze in with me.

These are definitely some tools I look forward to in the near future. Instead of buying someone a gift card for a massage, perhaps a float would be in order—or both!  Ohhhmmm…

Take away all the EMFs, pharmaceuticals, and disruptive aspects of life, add meditation and floatation pods… Man, we would all be so chill. You can never be too zenned out, can you?  ~ BP


Pick an Escape Pod

Wellness seekers are turning to body pods for an immersive fix. At trendy day spas like Pause Float Studio in Los Angeles, personal float tanks like the one shown let you shut out all distractions.

At just-opened ReCover studio in New York City, the CVAC pod aims to increase lymphatic and other circulation to improve your body’s oxygen up-take.

And Somadome pods (find spas at somadome.com) deliver colour therapy, binaural beats, and guided meditations to de-stresss you.  All you need to do is lower the hatch and let the cleanse begin.

Ultimate Detox Pack


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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