Trauma – Neioh – Pleiadian Collective ~ July 2, 2018

Trauma – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.


About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective


Beloved Friends!

Many On The Planet Are Having Such Moments Of Pain And Grief.

We Remind You Of The Ongoing Balancing Of Energy As Well As Forces That Are Coming Against The Light At Every Moment.


This Is The Reason We Came To You.

This Is Our Greatest Assistance In The Moments Before The Shift.

We Wish To Teach You About How Trauma Is Affecting The Body Mind.

There Is A Condition That Humans Call PTSD, Or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


We Will Explain Further What Is Actually Happening In This Process.

This Aspect Of Perceived Suffering Is Not New In This Moment.

Since The Creation Of All, When Free Will Was Gifted, Duality Became The New Way Of Life.


Many Now Are Returning To Oneness And Yet Live Their Lives In Constant Turmoil And Division.

When The Great Awakening Lifts The Darkness And Only Light Is Seen, Duality Will Vanish From Reality.


But For The Ongoing Suffering Of Millions On The Planet That Suffer With Energy Based Anxiety In Various Degrees, We Teach Further.

Prime Creator Provided All Needed For Survival.


What You Call The ‘Fight Or Flight’ Response In The Brain Is A Mechanism That Has Protected Life For Millions Of Years.

The Circumstances Are Very Different In Your Perspective Now Of Wars And Fighting With Others As To Using Swords, Fire And Very Barbaric Methods.


Mankind Has Done Every Conceivable Atrocity To Another For As Long As There Has Been Breathing Bodies Of Every Kind.

So, These Feelings Of Perceived Fear Have Often Been The Method Of Survival.


Yet, The Current Culture Has Taught People To Not Feel Their Feelings.

To Numb Them, Medicate Them.

You Have Been Taught That You Need Medicine To Bring Your Mood Up, Or Calm Your Mind.

None Of This Is Accurate But We Do Understand How Hardwired You Are In Belief Systems.


Once A Medication Is Received In The Body Form, It Artificially Takes The Place Of What Chemicals And Hormones Would Do If Proper Rest, Nutrition And Exercise Were Performed.


These Things You Also Know To Be True But You Have Been Taught To Take The Easier Way. Take A Pill Or Drink Alcohol.

There Are Endless Addictions That Humans Use To Prevent Or Numb Pain. We Offer You Greater Help.


For Those Taking Medication, In Most Cases, The Damage Is Done Until The Shift.

Meaning Do Not Stop The Medication As The Body Is No Longer Producing The Hormones That It Once Did.


You Have Been Deceived And Given Toxins, Beloved Ones!

But We Say In Love, It Is Not Your Fault. You Are Living In A System Of Control Which Was Designed To Destroy The Masses.


Now We Will Share The Aspect That No Physician Can Tell You Because They Do Not Have This Knowledge.

Healing Of The Body-Mind Is A Soul Operation.


If You Have Noticed, After A Great Trauma, There Is A Numbness In Emotion.

Humans May Call This ‘Shock’ Or With PTSD It Is Thought To Be A Mechanism Of The Brain.


Beloved Ones, We Use Energy And Soul Healing Only On Our Home Planets.

For This Reason, We Have No Disease Or Trauma To Heal.

We Live As Heart Based Beings Of Great Compassion And Yet Understand Our Use Of Power Is A Choice.


We Have Learned For Millions Of Years And Multiple Incarnations About Conflict And Trauma.

We Share In Truth That A Life Of Choosing Oneness And Love Is The Greatest Healer Of All.


We Have Recently Introduced Through KABAMUR, A Method Of Healing That Thousands On The Planet Use Now For Energy Balancing And Instant Relief.

It Is A Sacred Method Used By Pleiadians Always. It Has Been Gifted To You For These Times Of Transition.


We Remind You To Breathe Deeply Many Times Daily.

Think Peaceful Thoughts Always And Find Compassion Which Comes From The Sacred Soul.

Remember Who You Are!

We Love You So!

Trauma – Neioh

We Are The Pleiadian Collective!




Pleiadian Collective

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Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.

Nikola Tesla

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