Mystic Geosian Cosmology ~ June 26, 2018

Interdimensional Factual Geosema

Mystic Geosian Cosmology. By Interstellar Alphaomeghic Druid.

Understanding the Infinitive Alphaomeghic Time.

From the mystical-pragmatical and oneiric perceptions of an Interstellar Alphaomeghic Guardian.

The interdimensional centers of planetary energy force from the 25th dimension up to the 144th dimension will open the Alphaomeghic Time, the spherical infinite time.

In parallel, the continuum time, the astronomical cycles, the astrological cycles, the gravity, the old financial, scientific, religious and cultural models will be destructured.

These factors will contribute to the awakening of the Pineal Gland (rewiring of the Psisis of the Soul) and alchemization of the brain alpha, beta, theta, delta and epsilon waves.

Several interdimensional centers of planetary energy force, reawakening, will activate the Gonostic Lines (gonostic energy lines) that oversee the so-called “Ley Lines” in the coming decades.

The supporting structure of the Gonostic Lines consists of two groups of Geosian Interdimensional Force portals.

Each of the two groups has 144,000 access points for a total of 288,000 scattered across the globe.

They are connected to every point of the air and therefore also perform the function of opening cosmic portals anywhere in our atmosphere.

Brain Waves

Brain Waves

Mystic Geosian Cosmology

Ley Lines

Ley Lines

Mystic Geosian Cosmology

One of the focal points is the floor of what was, and again it will be,

the Church of Collemaggio in the city of L’Aquila Italy and its “matrices of love” (Amatrice)

connected to Yellowstone Park in the USA,

and to the Astral Arc on Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia between Argentina and Chile,

and to the Park of Villa Pamphili and its pond in Rome Italy.

Cosmic Portals

Cosmic Portals

Mystic Geosian Cosmology

Specifically, with regard to Villa Pamphili in Rome, the lake and its Fontana del Giglio (Fountain of the Lily), seen from above, is one of the keys.

The Key of Purity.

This is the third key that also contributes to the opening of the Alphaomeghic Time and which will replace the Papal Tiara (papal hat) in the famous Vatican symbol.

Tiara - Papal Hat
Villa Pamphili Fountain and Lake

Villa Pamphili Fountain and Lake

Mystic Geosian Cosmology

The papal Tiara will disappear from the symbol, which is like a cap that blocks the essence of the pineal gland and its genetic counterparts at various levels of consciousness awareness in the mind/body/soul/spirit.

Therefore, part of the Catholic Church will join the Orthodox Church and a Marian Church will be created. This will open to a new value of the feminine and of the original adamitic knowledge where malice in nudity did not exist, and therefore the body was perceived as body/soul and sexual attraction occurred through harmonic sentient hormonal proceedings.

In addition, the spring waters of the Matterhorn (Monte Cervino) will open the cervix of Mother Earth.

Your Mind Body Soul System

10 Signs Of The Recalibration



Mystic Geosian Cosmology

The deer of the Sant’Eustachio district in Rome, Italy, will receive the soul symbol of the Soul of Cosmic Psisis and transmit it to all the planetary waters.

The trees will complete the circle in the new chlorophyll photosynthesis that the living beings will then breathe.

This Mysticism of Matter will produce, in the coming decades, several extraordinary facts, including the creation and generation of thought-forms suitable for a political, social, financial, scientific, genetic, sensory, cultural, artistic, literary, cinematographic, perceptive, oneiric system. gravitational and more, a new framework of evolution in the four forms of vital thought: idea, word, force and form.

This Mysticism of Matter will also awaken facts that will challenge the concept of cause/effect of the so-called chronological time.

In this article, a mention is made of some events that readers will be able to verify in the coming years.

Imagine that your friend has a broken bone and this is shown on a X-ray plate. That is the main proof that the fact that led to the fracture of the bone has happened.

Imagine that after a while in the same X-ray plate the bone is no longer broken.

Sant'Eustachio District - Roma

The Deer – Sant’Eustachio District – Roma

Mystic Geosian Cosmology

Moreover, the person interested in this unfortunate event starts to remember that on that day he was in another place, completely different from the one where the accident happened, instead, he just remembers having dreamed of it…

This phenomenon is part of the Scronosisma (the earthquake of the chronological time) and of the Photonic Astralation, where the astral atom manifests in the magnetic atom the material nature of the Alphaomeghic Infinite Time.

This is just one example of a whole series of incredible facts that will challenge the fact that perceived reality is only a part of a perceptible Whole Infinity.

This is what will be known as the Revolution of Time and the manifestation of the Geosians, the Interstellar, the Astral Federation, etc.

In subsequent reports I will bring to the attention of the readers future events on phenomenology of Infinite Time (such as spherical time and platerial time) within chronological time, and therefore the vanishing of the paradigm of reality as it is narrated and perceived now.

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Happy Life

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

Marco Aurelio


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