Muslim Brotherhood and Valerie Jarret Exposed – May 30, 2018

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This IS the best article I have found on the Rosanne Barr /Valerie Jarrett episode written by Ya Sharma on Facebook. This addresses the spiritual matter which IS timely! So…stay tuned, enjoy the various fireworks, enjoy the show, and…


Muslim Brotherhood and Valerie Jarret Exposed
​Roseanne Show Cancellation – Calculate Move By Alliance

Not for a second did I think that Roseanne tweeted about Valerie Jarret out of the blue. Rose is a very intelligent, experienced and aware woman. She would not throw herself under the bus out of impulse. ​This is a very calculated move. But why, and by whom? Read on to know my perspective.

Lets retrace the events in brief. Roseanne has been vocal about MK Ultra, Monarch and other black programs. She has been red-pilling public on #pizzagate for a while. She openly supports President Donald J. Trump Clearly, she knows, understands and follows more than what people give her credit for. On May 29 2018, in early morning hours, she tweeted “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby = vj”. Only a few hours later she deleted the tweet. But by that time many people had re-tweeted and seen it. Outrage began. ABC fired her show. Roseanne posted an apology on Twitter.

On surface it appears that cancellation of her show was a very tragic story. But the reality is that it was a BRILLIANT strategy to immediately bring attention to key people and their connections.

A spectacle was created to bring Roseanne’s tweet into mainstream attention. Liberals celebrated that her show was axed, Conservatives became outraged. But those who are smart, like you the reader and me, understood that everything has a purpose.

Alliance would never leave an effective soldier like Roseanne by herself. More about this later.

So, what were the positive outcomes of this event?

(1) Public outrage of this tweet led to public awareness about the name Valarie Jarrett. Not many people knew about VJ and her dangerous connections, until this event. The terrorist organisation named Muslim Brotherhood had remained out of news cycles for a long long time. Yet, the report from Michele Bachmann to Keith Ellison , dated July 13 2012, shows that the ,members of this terrorist organization have deeply infiltrated USA. MSM would have never presented this. But as a result of this tweet a seed has been planted in the subconcious of unaware people. This seed will be sprouted later, when the time is right. a.k.a. ARRESTS.

Michele Bachmann’s letter –…/100431569/Letter-to-Rep-Ellison

(2) ABC cancelled the show. Immediately public started asking why there is double standard? All talk show hosts like Maher, Kimmel, O’Brien, Colbert spew hatred and disgust towards POTUS, FLOTUS and their family members but are hailed as heros by these same networks. But a truth speaking comedian’s show is cancelled because she posted a tweet about the looks of a corrupt, dangerous, alleged criminal. The hypocrisy of MSM and Entertainment Media got exposed again.

Colbert calls Trump Horny Old Racist –…/
Bill Maher calls Trump Senile –…
Bill Maher calls Trump Orangutan –…/roseanne-fans-call-for-bill-maher-…
Kimmel calls Trump Gay and makes dirty jokes –…/

(3) Roseanne got out of the contract with ABC and can negotiate a better one with Fox to continue RED PILLING in a much better way.

Fox May Take Roseanne –…

Rewind the clock a few weeks. Do you recall Diamond and Silk being in hot water? Do you remember that their accounts were censored by Facebook? What happened after that? Did Diamond and Silk get more publicity as a result of this? Were their accounts re-instated? Was that event used as an example in congressional hearings? Did that event expose Social Media Censorship and brought it into mainstream? Did that event force MSM to cover that story?

Again, on surface it may appear that Diamond and Silk went through hell and they shouldn’t have to. But my friend, a soldier is never afraid of injuries when it goes into a battle. EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE IN OUR LIFE. Had D&S not gone through the censorship, there would have been no story, no public outrage, no awareness and no action from anyone.

Even the most difficult situations, like the ones D&S and Roseanne have been through are for the greater good of the public.

Remember that Alliance is fighting cabal. Alliance has many soldiers. Some fight with tanks, submarines and fighter jets, others fight with words.

STRATEGY is the operating word here. Alliance has many stupendous Military Generals, whose job is to build strategies to win.

So, now you see that Roseanne’s tweet may not have been an ACCIDENT. It may have been a calculated move to steer public’s attention to something. Or maybe it was just a dumb tweet in the middle of the night.

What do you think?


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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Ah, I get it now. Roseanne is an intelligent woman working to MAGA. The Alliance supports its troops whatever their talents and Roseanne has a talent for words, a deadly weapon in the hands of an expert.

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