GFOL Manifestation – Galactic Forces Of Light ~ May , 2018

GFOL Manifestation – Galactic Forces Of Light. By Interstellar.

After reading Ashtar’s last message, some sources confirm that there is a lot of movement underway in the Earth orbits, seemingly confirmed by P1 when they tell us of the synchronization of the Earth Orbits, and the intention is apparently to to change the timeline previously planned.

We are having a large number of contacts of the Surface Population trying to anticipate the times, perhaps due to the objective situation of the Planet that has already begun its change and that sometimes has catastrophic consequences.

The self-cleaning and healing of Gaia has begun some time ago but there are still many areas to deal with, the underground bases, the nuclear waste buried here and there that could represent a serious danger in case of cataclysms as well as all the esoteric weapons above and below the Earth surface that have to be removed to avoid trouble with the Planet.

In our opinion, we could see something resounding within a short time and the Lightworkers Lightwarriors being contacted on the surface will play, a fact also confirmed by Ashtar, a significant role. All those connected to the Purple Orb Energy could actually play a significant role, not just those who are being contacted.



With this in mind, we expect a fast and effective intervention by GFOL (Galactic Forces Of Light). It seems that there are various components of the Galactic Federation and these have divided the Planet into various zones of influence, probably the same subdivision zones that existed at the time of Atlantis.

Italy is under the influence of one of these specific GFOL because it needs a special healing and it may be possible that these sensational events could occur in Italy first, perhaps even too clamorous.


GFOL Manifestation

A part of the earth population might be shocked, while another, the more spiritually aware, could be favorably surprised with the manifestation of the Galactic Federation.

According to our Heart, and also according to the latest news of Ashtar, we are talking about a linear time period of Terrestrial months.

Each one of us must clean up its essence and for this we recommend the Purple Orb and the acceptance of Energy and to be connected as much as possible with the Nature, possible meditation, or recurring visual meditations, eventually fully immersed in the Nature, trying to anchor ourselves to the New Earth, could facilitate the connection with the Higher Self and the I Am Presence .

After having said all this and preparing ourselves at the best, we just have to expand to the maximum and wait confidently for the moment when we will have to physically put ourselves in motion.

Federation of Light Urgent Alert! – Commander Ashtar

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