10 Years in 10 Months – Ashtar ~ May 30, 2018

10 Years in 10 Months – Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family! It’s good to be here one more time. The year is very fast for you, isn’t it?

Some of you would like to scream, kick, run aimlessly and continually rampaging asking “come, come, come?“. I imagine some of you, yes, but I also believe that you are living the most incredible phase of all your lives! Oh, do not twist your nose! It’s a great time!

I have been saying this in many messages: everything that needs to be worked on is coming very hard to you, from the emotional explosions that happen so that you can learn to have more control over them, the ability to see things that you did not see before, and now it seems that everything is clearer and much easier to understand.

This is nothing abnormal, dear ones! It is only the reflection of your continuous expansion. It is the reflection of the grandeur that you are, and still can be.

Just a reflection, because what has happened in your lives is not even the tip of the iceberg. If you think there is already too much that has happened to you, or maybe too less, wait to see a little more by the end of the year, when more things will speed up, forcing you to leave the old, definitely behind.

Don’t you see how different your lives are? Yes, I know you see it, but can you incorporate these changes into yourself? Can you assimilate all the grandeur of the metamorphosis that is happening right now?

Look back, dear ones! Go back to 10 years ago… That! I will give you a brief pause for you to rewind 10 years of your time. Go back to 2008. What were you doing there? How was that year? What were you doing? What were your truths that year, did you smile more or cry more? Was it a revealing, confusing, different year? How was it? Bring it to memory…

2008 - Yes We Scan

2008 – Yes We Scan

Galactic Revolution

Galactic Revolution

My dear ones, you have changed! You have transformed, expanded. You ensured that a third war did not happen, that peace alliances were formed, unified countries that were in conflict for decades, empowered against those who diminished them, created personal movements that ensured that the best could reach you.

I know all this, that most of these movements were very painful, because it involved leaving many things, which have been long part of your life. I know it hurt, but I also know that deep down you know that everything you’ve done, and will do, is worthed, and do you know why? Because you are revolutionaries, and you expect nothing different from a revolutionary! It is expected to revolutionize!

And so it has been!

Everything seems to be happening in a stifling way and you sometimes say, “I feel breathless!” You exclaim. Oh! Keep calm! Keep holding the steering wheel, you are there, at high speed, and you do need to maintain control, as all these intense changes are occurring through you, the pioneers.

All great transformational energy is passing through you, dear ones, and as they pass, they force the old out so that it has a free pass without obstruction.

You ask yourself as well: “How can I solve a situation that torments me? You say that everything is changing, but I do not see any change, it seems that everything is getting worse…

Oh … Dear Ones! This is just an exposition emphasizing everything that needs to be taken care of and worked on. You are holding the steering wheel of a car at high speed while you feel tingling and itching in your hands, but you can not let it go to scratch it, because it’s too risky taking one hand off.

The awareness of not taking your hand off the wheel is the same awareness that says yes, you need to go fast without distractions. No matter what happens, no matter what or who gets your attention, even if it bothers, it hurts, it’s unbearable, you KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL.

Dear Ones, I will be clearer! No matter what is happening, whether it is tormenting or not, whether it is difficult or not! DO NOT GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE STEERING WHEEL! Keep going fast and focus on what you want. The nuisance sometimes causes “itching and malaise” and may remain distract you, but DO NOT GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE STEERING WHEEL! Look at the horizon. I can see you in ten years… Can you? I can see…

You will get there fast, as the speed with which you have anchored the energizing and transforming energies and assimilated them in themselves, even though “itching and nuisance” are present at all times, are opening the quantum suction fields, so that you align more quickly with the life of your dreams, with the time of your dreams, with the meeting of your dreams, employment, love and all sorts of dreamed relationships.

Keep Your Hands On The Steering Wheel!

Keep Your Hands On The Steering Wheel!

Alignment is occurring as you keep looking at the horizon, holding the high speed car’s steering wheel and you only have one focus: reach the horizon. I call this also inviolable discipline.

Dear ones, your next ten years will be the most fantastic of your lives! You will have already assimilated the first waves of transformational energies, you will have dominated most, if not all, your most difficult emotions, you will already be looser than ever, and more: you will be being heard by many.

Many will be around you waiting for your words, advice or just to feel your energy. That is why you are going through so much today, my dear ones!

Oh, but ten years from now?” Some of you might say. Well, we spoken about the intense thirty-six months just passed and you called it “too long” and twitched your nose.

La Nuova Terra 5D

The New 5D Earth

And here you are well involved, and some even understand everything that is happening! Ten years, my dears, is only a small period of time, extended later.

What if it was only a few months? If instead of 10 years, 10 months? We have given 36 months for a great work of momentum, which will take you drastically forward to new challenges more consciously, more expanded, masters of yourselves, more open to deeper connections!

36 months for the 10-year push that you, most of you, want in 10 months… Do you support it? So, hold the steering wheel tight. Here we go to a super boost until March 2019.

Dear Ones, we have counted 10 years for new great transformations! And you told us “Oh, 10 years? Decrease this, we can!” Oh, really? – we asked!

You sometimes seem to despair of so few movements! And you say again, “That’s true, we know that, but you do not see, at least most of us, releasing the wheel easily, don’t we?” And we smile and confirm: YES, IT IS TRUE.

So, my dears, let’s make a merge … In 36 months + 10 years, makes 10 months = GREAT MOVEMENTS, EVEN MORE INTENSE, EVEN MORE TRANSFORMERS! (In other words: accomplish in 36 months what it would be done in 10 years, or less, as some want, in 10 months – from June 2018 to March 2019.) Oh, I’ll love to see it! That’s why I always say when someone asks me why I believe you will. Simple! BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU! It’s the best of redundancies!

Hey! You there who is downcast wondering if he will get it done… Look!… See!… See the revolution! You’ve been working hard for this for a long time!…

There have been many ages, by the way, for this transformational empowerment, and you’re not going to let go of the wheel now that you’re almost touching the horizon, right?

Look at the backseat… There’s someone very special sitting behind and trusting you will get it. This person in the back seat is sure that you will keep your hands on the wheel, and that there will be no accidents!

Although he may have a few scares, they are just scares. You’re still holding the wheel, ain’t you? 🙂

Oh, Ashtar, but what if the person in the back seat wants to get out of the car because he is tired of the long journey and wants to go on foot?” Oh, my dear! Nobody wants to walk while in your company.

Show him that he can trust you. Show him that you have your hands on the steering wheel! The only big problem would be if you discredited your own ability to hold the steering wheel, and I know none of you will let it go. Do you know why? Your discipline is inviolable!

Ashtar Command

Ashtar Command

New Gaia Merkaba

New Gaia Merkaba

We will give you a big boost by the end of this year 2018, and you will enter 2019 with SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Oh, what Ashtar, what would be most different?” 🙂 Well, you’ll see! Just keep holding the steering wheel, go as fast as you can, shaking and scratching, hold the steering wheel.

Let me take care of the road, keeping it free from unwanted obstacles. Just keep your focus on the horizon and leave the rest to me.

Just remember one thing: not just the steering wheel is your responsibility, but the whole car, and especially who’s in the back seat or to your right, the whole outside area is mine. Leave it to me. Do not worry about the storms outside. I give you my word that the track will it will continue to be viable without a hitch. I guarantee. I just need you to keep your hands on the wheel.

When you assure yourself that you are steadfast, others are inspired, teamed up with you, and become equally confident. And then, my dear ones, who can stop them? What might draw your attention from the main focus, what?

Only one thing can (for a moment): someone asking for a lift to learn how to hold the steering wheel. Again, do not worry about stopping the car, do not do it, as I said everything external is mine.

Let me put these in the my car. Just take care of the steering wheel, and watch the horizon.

My dear ones, I love you infinitely and I am eternally grateful to be able to count on all of you in these times, grateful for, in all the councils, to be able to take what you are doing on Earth and present it as something epic! I’m so proud! I could not be more confident!

And so it is.


Your brother,


Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.



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