QAnon Update May 22 – Full Disclosure ~ May 22, 2018

Please read this article closely. It seems the long awaited “Green Light” has been given. Safety, peace and blessings to all involved as Earth moves to end slavery! Please read, understand what is happening, and…



QAnon Update May 22 – Full Disclosure. By Interstellar. Source 8ChanUpdated 07:27 UTC

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 622a94 No.1497716 May 21 2018 18:04:49 (EST)

Military OP.
General K [JFK]
Full Disclosure.
General Statement:
Once the ‘extremely guarded & highly classified’ information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc., RR must recuse or forcefully terminated.
[RR] problems.
What was RR’s Senate Conf Vote?
WRAY reports to RR [important fact].
Who do you TRUST?
[RR] recuse/fired who has direct oversight of Mueller?
Sessions un-recuse or #3 [until refill]?
Who is Rachel Brand?
Why was Rachel Brand dismissed?
Think timing.
“The succession question is actually a bit complicated. By default, under an obscure statute known as the the Vacancies Reform Act of 1998, Brand’s temporary successor as the “acting” associate attorney general is her principal deputy, Jesse Panuccio. That same statute would also allow the president to choose someone else to serve as the “acting” AAG on a temporary basis for up to 210 days; the pool of individuals from which the president could draw in this case includes individuals already holding Senate-confirmed positions elsewhere in the executive branch (like EPA administrator Scott Pruitt) or senior civil service lawyers in the Justice Department, specifically.”
When does the clock run out?
Why is Schneiderman’s removal ‘extremely’ relevant?
TRUST (name).
These people are stupid.

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Mil op [Green] related to Roths 187 Capt Green? Gen Kelly has full disclosure of JFK files? RR out after clsfd info revealed to Congress/DNI/public. RR vote 94/6 (DS-approved). Wray oversees Mueller after RR out? Brand resigned Feb 2018. Schneiderman removal enables Rudy to act?

May 4

Lisa Mey Crowley

This latest drop (above) has me just as stumped as most of you. This is why I used question marks. Q has used “JFK” 14 times before today & all were believed to mean John F. Kennedy. Capt Mike Green was White Hat killed in plane crash during military op vs Rothschilds.

Nov 12

Nov 21

Lisa Mey Crowley

Based on comments I’m seeing, [JFK] in this instance is likely re: Chief of Staff Gen John F. Kelly & “Military OP [Green]” most likely indicates green light to work w/FBI, DOJ, DNI & Congress to review highly classified & other info they have requested.

Lisa Mey Crowley

QAnon Achive

Pills Disclosure News Italia


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