Update May 8 Jared Rand ~ (posted) May 13, 2018

Update May 8 Jared Rand. By JR.

Lots going on out there, the deterioration of the dark agenda is in full swing and that doesn’t mean that there aren’t baddies out there, just means that their armor is cracking and disintegrating and being exposed at an alarming rate.

The monetary structure on the planet is progressing, accelerating for the human race so basically what that means is that a lot of the things that you hear are disinformation that are meant to confuse everybody, get everybody out, get everybody upset because of one thing or another it’s always derogatory, it’s always a hurry-up-and-wait situation, it’s always fractured.

On one hand there’s one thing and then there’s another and then there’s several others that go on and happen but in the long run everything is progressing.

The monetary shift on the planet is unbeknown to most people. The clean restructuring is going at breakneck speed so I don’t think it’ll be much longer for people that are in need financially before they get relief.

There’s so much and I and I’ve said this many times before, the doom and gloom is the dark approach, it’s difficult to identify that but it’s the the doom and gloom, the doom and gloom, the doom and gloom, it puts everybody in a bad place, it doesn’t put anybody in a positive good uplifting high energy and high frequency place. It puts them in a low low doldrums in the basement, upset, worried, stressed, fearful and continually expanding on those emotions.

Global Reset

Global Reset

Is not a good thing so that’s why it’s times it’s good for people to pull themselves away from televisions, radios, written information and be with themselves.

And a lot of people won’t take the time to do that because they’re so stressed out that they’ve got so many things being thrown at them, smacked at them and that they don’t know when to duck and when to stand up straight.

This is because that surge of energy which is on purpose to disinform and to pull people down in the lower pits and to keep them there.

Higher Self

Higher Self

Once you’re aware of this just by being with yourself and connect with your Higher Self and getting to be friends with your Higher Self…

This is a key issue for humanity because when you feel good, I don’t need to tell any of you over and over again but, when you feel good it’s your whole outlooks that is different, you view things differently, you increase the vibrational frequency not only for you but for many others.

When you do that you’re making a difference and I think it’s possible for every human being to make a difference.

You don’t have to go out and shoot up, circle the wagons and get pitchforks and guns and everything out, you can do it by thought, by your emotion.

You can project your energy, your positive energy, you can send it out there. When you’re confronted with negative energy you confront them and dispel it and vaporize it.

When you smell that odor of flowers, a sense of flowers, and it’s not coming from someone who has perfume or flowers in the room, it’s just a wealth of flowers underneath your nose, it’s usually a guardian of some sort, an angel that’s visiting with you that’s real near you, close to you, and when you breathe that in it gives you a good feeling.

It’s important that we know these things and a lot of people don’t, they don’t identify, they don’t clarify, they don’t put those things together too often.

I Sense This

I Sense This

Some people do, some people are receptive but for the most part most people don’t take the time for that, they just kind of pass it off and blow it off, and it dissipates very quickly.

Other times our sense of smell, sense of feel something, you’ll get a cold feeling… It is an uneasy spirit that’s in your vicinity.

The scents are important, when you pick those scents up and identify what type of energy or spirit is around you, that’s what it identifies it. If it’s flowers then it’s a loving wonderful energy but when it smells like feces it’s not good at all, obviously it’s a dark energy, dark agenda, dark influence trying to make your day rough, feeding off your anger, your aggression and that’s what these energies do, all the time.

You basically can just come right out and say… If you aren’t of love, of pure love, of unconditional love, of unending love then I have no need for you and I want you to leave now immediately!

The majority of times they’ll leave unless they’re just really stubborn you might have to repeat that a few times but you know these are real energies that are happening around us at all times and for us to become more cognizant to the facts that… Wait a minute I sense this and I sense that… And during the course of the day people are confronted with this all the time but they blow it off because they don’t think anything of it, they don’t think it’s anything, but in reality it is, and when you’ve worked with paranormal and different people that do recordings of spirits, you know.

People who do not believe, there’s a lot of people don’t believe that there are spirits. With the new change here on the planet and a higher dimensional frequency of existence we are going to be exposed to a lot of things that we have never been exposed to such a degree before.

A lot of those things are involving spherical energies, it’s just like on the meditations when I invite all of these spirits to come in and join us onto meditation. I guarantee you, and some of you have written in and said… I can feel so and so or I can feel this… I know that they’re there, they have joined and that’s why we have the protective sphere around us to protect from any kind of dark energy influence that’s going to try to disrupt things.

It’s important to adjust to this and just start talking with them once you know what you’re talking with, you can sense it, all of us, it’s not like some people are highly qualified than you, some people are more receptive, might be, but all of humanity can, once they quiet themselves, they can sense these energies, they can sense them and if they focus they can figure out what type of energy it is to either dispel it or to welcome it.

The light beings are here to help us, they’re here to guide us through the day, protect us, direct us in certain areas so that we’re aware of different signs, different hints to guide us correctly, to put us in the right direction for something during the course of our day, the course of the week, of the month, of the year.

Imagine how frustrating it is for a spirit guide, because we all have them constantly trying to communicate with you, imagine that, imagine that they’re constantly trying to communicate with you and you never acknowledge them because you never know that they’re there, because you’re so disconnected.

They try to give you signs to wake you up, maybe a voice in the ear out of the clear blue that maybe will wake you up make you realize that they’re there.

A lot of times before we enter the physical body literally, we pick or choose our spirit guides and they’re basically there to help us. I can see this very firmly that we all, each and every one of us, have a lot of help down here on this planet.

We could not navigate totally on our own, there’s no way, there’s just no way, it is mandatory that we at least have one guardian spirit, and at least one guardian angels because it is so torrential down here to navigate this kind of existence in the physical 3-dimensional form.

It’s tough, it’s difficult and a lot of the times people… I’m sure you’ve been in conversations where someone says I can’t believe, you’ve been through all the things, you’ve been through how do you do it… And my answer always is that I’ve had a lot of help and I continue to get the help and I welcome the help and I’m thinking that, I’m thanking the help every single day, morning, noon and night.



I am constantly thanking the help because without it who knows what would be going on, where we would be.

The relationship that we’re building is with higher power, it’s with our Higher Self.

As we open up that world connection with our Higher Self we open it up to all the etherics, they start coming and communicating more with us because they become more aware that we are making an effort to become more aware and none of that happens unless you start making yourself aware of that.

You start becoming more attentive and more receptive to what is happening and that these, the higher frequencies, means more benevolence, more happiness, more joy, more peace.

The higher we go in dimensionally the less conflict, the less anger, fear, disruption is there… It disappears, because anything that is negative, anything that has dark intentions cannot exist in higher vibrational frequency, it implodes on itself, it vaporizes.

Why do you think there are so many entities that don’t want you to progress to a higher dimensional, higher vibrational frequency? Because if you do they won’t have you to feed off of you, to keep you down and out, to keep you angry, to keep you frustrated, fearful, depressed, distraught, all of those things on a 24/7 basis.

How many people have to be anesthetized to certain extent, one way shape form, in this country, to survive, to navigate, to exist in their life.

Out there the majority rely on man-made things to keep them somewhat in their mind balanced and equalized in order to navigate their lives, instead of just be all natural where they navigate their lives perfectly fine.

Some people will take it out on their bodies by overconsumption of food so they become heavy and overweight and their health starts to fail.

There’s so many different things that take place, that we we attach ourselves to, because we need some form of comfort, think about that for a minute.

The human race needs comfort, need some form of security and each and every individual, each and every human being seeks out some form of emotional support whether it be an antidepressant, whether it be alcohol, whether it be entertainment drugs, whatever, it may be sex, food it’s a comfort to certain individuals.

If you look at here in America you’ve got overworked, overstressed people, human beings way overworked, way overstressed, not much peace in their lives, not much quiet and serenity, it’s constant aggressive action, constantly on the move, constantly trying to survive on a 24/7 basis.



The majority of people in this country do not get enough sleep by far because of the fact that they’re so drugged, that their bodies are fighting.

It’s interesting because this is all connecting to why we we should be at this vibrational frequency as human beings, it’s taking us a lot longer to get there because of all of these encumbrances that are basically upon us and weighing us down, you think about this and you realize all, you see poor brothers and sisters that are not only obese but morbidly obese because of their discomfort, they’re not happy, think about that.

And all that I see… I don’t see the form, I see the energy of being disenchanted, not being happy.

When people attach themselves to substances, act, actions, activities, workaholism, many different things where they become obsessive, compulsive, they need to counteract their depression and their unhappiness and their sadness by increasing the vibrational frequency, like we do with the meditations.

It helps them, and that’s our intent, to help them all, to help each and every human being, every brother and sister on planet earth to pull themselves out of that lower spectrum of energy and that’s why the controllers of this planet have kept this a prison planet for so long, to literally be able to feed off of the sorrow and anguish of the human race.

That’s just nasty but more people become aware of that and become clear to know that they can’t allow themselves into those doldrums, those lower pit levels of existence and being sucked in the third dimensional loop, being literally bathed in it on a 24/7 basis.

A lot of times people strike out to other people verbally, it’s because they’re not happy with themselves, these are reflection, they’re just showing a reflection of how they are, what they’re dealing with.

Look what happens when people are happy genuinely, and I’m not talking about having a lot of money and cars and houses and all that stuff, they’re just content, they’re just happy, period.

I’ve met so many people that aren’t motivated by money, they don’t care as long as they have enough to eat and put a roof over their head and put clothes on their back, they’re fine because you could have nothing and still say thank you, thank you, thank you.

People get irritated because they don’t have things that they want to have, they want to have these things, their lives are miserable, they’re disrupted, they’re bad, they’re poor, but here is the key… I have talked to thousands of people through the earth and this it’s the key issue: it’s the energy that you emit, it’s what you’re thinking and talking about to yourself and others…

If you live in a negative environment that you’ve created for yourself you will continually live a negative life, that’s it.

In a later part of his report Jared informed, when asked about the timing of the release of the Med Beds, that these will start to be released before the end of the year.

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