Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2018 ~ Truth to Transform Us ~ April 28, 2018

By themoonwoman

Greetings Divine Beings!

We’re now approaching the full moon in Scorpio…da da da duuuuum! A lot of people fear Scorpio (whether that’s Scorpio transits or Scorpio people crossing their path.) So if you suspect you’re one of them, read my tips below for how to ride the dragon that is Scorpio.

We’re now approaching full moon. This is the time of the monthly cycle when we feel high – emotionally, energetically & psychologically as the lunar energy increases. Full moon is the zenith of all that has been before. It’s a time of union & communion, an opportunity to heal the polarisation of opposites if we apply the strengths of the sun & moon signs.

This full moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio opposite the sun in Taurus. This is the fertile polarity of water & earth, giving us the opportunity to soften & create if we can navigate a balanced path between our emotions & our values. 

Some of you may witness how conflict over resources & money can tear families apart. (My grandmother’s will is up for probate this week after a year of witnessing my paternal line’s money & power issues!) The lesson is ultimately to resolve our emotional wounds or we risk destroying all we seek to create.

Unresolved issues may intensify as we approach full moon, bringing them to a head to be resolved. The key to ensuring inner calm is to be receptive to the illumination of the feminine within & without.

To add extra intensity to this full moon it occurs in the seasonal chakra of Beltane (Nth hemisphere) & Samhain (Halloween in the Sth hemisphere). These are powerful vortices of transformation. More info about that in the full subscriber version

Here’s the time & date of exact full moon:

Melbourne (Aust) Mon, 30 Apr 2018, 10:59am AEST UTC+10 hours
Denpasar (Bali) Mon, 30 Apr 2018, 8:59am WITA UTC+8 hours
London (UK) Mon, 30 Apr 2018, 1:59am GMT DST
Los Angeles (USA) Sun, 29 Apr 2018, 5:59pm PST UTC-8 hours
New York (USA) Sun, 29 Apr 2018, 8:59pm EST

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Full Moon in Scorpio
Archetypal Energy: Lilith, the Wild Woman
Lesson: The Power of Truth to Transform Us

Scorpio stings us with the bitter truth like the kiss of the spider woman who names that which we don’t see in ourselves which has the power to destroy us. This catalyst sends our ego to the Underworld, the original ‘man cave’ that is the subterranean cosmic womb of the Great Mother deep within our psyche.

The more integrated our shadow side (that being our disowned traits) the more mature we become & the less drama we unwittingly create. 

Mars (sub-ruler of Scorpio) conjunct Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) on April 26 is likely to intensify our fight with our darkest fears so harness this energy by invoking the courage of the sacred warrior to confront the fight within so you don’t simply act out if triggered & react with aggression. Pluto being retrograde will assist with this. (More info about that in the full subscriber version.)

Scorpio asks us to be willing to die – on every level except physically. To surrender our plans to a higher power, to release all that dishonours our values & to relinquish security that compromises our integrity & inner power. 

The key to our transformation is within the inner realm, known by the indigenous as ‘The Dreaming’ or ‘Dreamtime’. Why? This full moon forms a trine aspect to Neptune, planet of dreams & the inner world in it’s home sign Pisces. So the challenge posed is ‘Do you have the courage to pursue your dreams…the urgings of your Soul so your outer life & your inner life are in complete alignment?’

A Time of Initiation 
coming ready or not…

The archetypal energy evoked by full moon in Scorpio is that of the Goddess of death & rebirth. She who initiates through sex magic & blood mysteries. You may know her as Kali Ma in the Hindu pantheon or Lilith in the Hebraic tradition…or Oya (African), Sekhmet (Egyptian) or Medusa (Greek). With serpents for hair & a penetrating gaze that will see through you this feminine aspect is the stuff of patriarchal nightmares…not a beauty pageant winner that’s for sure!

Her priestesses were known as red dakinis (Tantric priestesses who initiated men) or Magdalenes (also known as Dragon Women who were the keepers of the Graal – those who taught the lunar blood wisdom to midwife their communities through their life transitions) so they could live in right relationship with the wheel of death & rebirth, the circle of life.

Synchronistically I felt called to re-watch the film, Avatar this week. There’s a scene where the male protagonist must face his fear in order to fly with a dragon. He must choose her & she must choose him. He asks, ‘How will I know if she’s chosen me?’ The answer: ‘She will try to kill you.’ 

This sums up the energy of the dark feminine which Scorpio personifies beautifully. To match the power of the dragon woman one must find their own power source by reconnecting with the Earth Mother & feeling her complete acceptance & unconditional love. Only when our roots are deep in union with the Mother can we choose love & growth over fear & contraction. Only then can one risk external rejection (the death of one’s ego) & be seen in their naked vulnerability (soul). Anything less & she’ll eat you for breakfast. For her role is to be the gatekeeper of Eden, stripping bare those who aren’t true of heart. 

So let it be known brothers & sisters as we approach this full moon women & feminine dominant men will be embodying this energy & seeking to destroy the ego of the men & masculine dominant women around them.

Remember, there is no higher power than truth. The light of truth will pierce the dark & heal it like a Cancer that threatens to destroy the sacredness of creation. Alternatively, the dark forces will prevail & the messenger will be shot & outcast for trying to wake others up from their sleep state. 

The latter has been the status quo for the past 5000 years for without our original human rites (of passage) the dark feminine has been misunderstood & scapegoated. Without her bitter medicine of truth the immature masculine sabotages what the feminine seeks to create & nurture to grow.

So our challenge in these transition times is to embody the totemic medicine of peacock / phoenix & transmute the venom of the bite we receive into greater self-awareness… rather than running to the hills screaming, ‘that bloody woman!’ or preparing for a bloody battle. Instead, take it as a compliment that this female compadre believes in your ability to shed your false self, your armour & stand naked in truth with her.

To gain more insight into navigating these dynamics to transform yourself & heal your interpersonal dynamics check out my books, Creating Sacred Union Within & Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships 

FYI Scorpio rules the bowels so you may find having your shadow pointed out this month gives you the shits or that your bowels sound the alarm that you’re shit scared of being seen warts & all.

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