Sin Karma and Loosh ~ April 23, 2018

Sin Karma and Loosh. By Tom Price.

We are a team and our first major mission is to take out the 4th dimensional beings on this planet, the bad guys, they are 4th dimensional beings.

These 4th dimensional beings are right in front of you and that includes most of the congressmen, Hollywood, the TV news broadcasters, you name it… Religions and everything else… Think about it.

Just about everyone you see on the public side, who has any power at all, is a 4th dimensional being… and this goes for good people too.

People, whom you think are be just normal good people on TV… they are 4th dimensional beings and they’re able to cloak themselves to put on their three-dimensional outfit called a “cloak”.

This goes for good actors as well.  Like I said: nearly all of them, the good people, have been hijacked.

In the old days, like Elvis and JFK, they just killed them.  But now, with modern day technology, they realized that they Don’t have to kill them… they can use that body for their own purpose.  If they did it today’s way Elvis, would continue his work, but it would not be Elvis.

These 4th dimensional beings would be using Elvis’s money to feed themselves.  Then Elvis would start singing many more sad songs…. in order to generate Loosh.

Hillary, for example, was taken out in 2012 or 2013.  She’s gone, so is Bill, and what you saw during the election was not Hillary… in fact there were several of them.





Sin Karma and Loosh

And such is the case in DC.  That vote in favor of these missiles to go into Syria, they gave it away.  I think the vote was by design for the bad guys, i.e., the good guys showing you point-blank who are the bad guys in Congress.

All those votes were 4th dimensional beings at work and they were making and harvesting 4th dimensional food, loosh.

To put it in perspective, you’re gonna become a 4th dimensional being pretty soon.  As part of this transition, we’re going to the 4th before we go to the 5th.

We’re going to the 4th for training.  We gonna hang out there until you get used to the idea, too.

The whole idea of 4th dimensional beings… I’m just trying to get you comfortable with it, so that you can start learning how massive this invasion has been.

I’ve learned a lot recently about how massive this invasion has been… and however bad you you think of is…it’s worse, far worse than what you ever imagined, unbelievably worse.  We’ll cover all of this in later posts including how we’re taking them all out.

Sin And Karma

What the hell is sin, what the hell is bad karma? The event is here folks, it’s here!

Do you have to worry about your sins? Is there really gonna be a policeman standing at the Pearly Gates ready to arrest you because you sinned or you have bad karma… or what goes around comes around, etc?

To answer that, once again, in my opinion it comes down to the key question and the key question or a key question is what happens in the fifth.


Cause and Effect in the Matrix

We’re going to unity consciousness.  We’ve been in unity consciousness before and we’re going into unity consciousness now.  We have temporarily been in this really bad spot, largely because of the bad guys.

Normally, we’re in unity consciousness and everybody is operating by the Galactic Codex… So where is the sin? Where is the Karma? The answer is there is none. It doesn’t exist. It’s not even in the vocabulary.

All of that only occurred whenever we got into this 3d world with duality consciousness and the ego…  So again, what is sin?  What is karma?

The bad guys have made absolutely sure that you are just pounded with things that caused problems, thus making you operate at the wrong frequency.  That’s what it is!  That’s what sin and karma are.

It’s you operating at the bad guy frequency.  It’s a frequency issue, period.

Release the Old Karma

Toward Superior Experiences – Pleiadians Message

Now let’s get to the linguistics of all of this.  I think it’s the right word… Linguistics. Unfortunately we have languages, and we have to use words instead of just speaking telepathically.

We use a language.  That creates problems.   We use words like Sin and Karma, but these are just nouns. They don’t describe it.  It is a frequency issue.

Your job is to get ready for this event.  And you have to get rid of all that….  just get rid of it. To get into the right frequency now we have counselors, books, and all kinds of things that help you counsel yourself so you can get closure.

The closure happens in three seconds, two seconds, one seconds, instantly almost. It’s like oh wow, it’s gone…!

You just got in sync with Divine Harmony.  You just get into the heart.  You just got in sync with that heart frequency. That is when you get closure.

Now we have “what goes around comes around”  That’s a very true statement. What that really means is that it’s not gonna go away by itself.

If you die, it’s not gonna go away.  People do horrible things to themselves…they have all these problems and they can’t get rid of them.

When you die you take all the stuff with you.  It’s stuck with your soul.  It’s glued to your soul, It’s part of your soul.

When your soul has a problem, your soul has a medical problem.  It’s vibrating at the wrong frequency and that’s it.  You’re not resonating with Divine Harmony.  So again, how do you get rid of it?

Listen to this person, who many of you already know because she’s very qualified to talk about this subject, how to get rid of that bad frequency. She calls it Karma. We need to get rid of it now, and what better person then Dolores Cannon?

Sin Karma and Loosh

Fear is the strongest emotion that a human has. We have to let go of that so that we can move into a new direction.

Fear holds us back, it cripples us, and too many people are bound up in it.

That’s one of the things I’ve been told to tell people… Is to let go of fear, also to let go of karma, those are the two main things.

Because we have dragged karma around, it’s like a lot of baggage and garbage and it holds us back and makes us sick until we can dump these things.

We’re not going to be able to move forward into the new world, a new dimension and the new frequencies, that was my main message.

I’ve been told to tell people to release karma because that’s going to hold you back.

We don’t need karma.  It’s the garbage and the baggage we carry around with us through the different lifetimes.

Sometimes it goes through a relationship, and sometimes we’ve had the relationship with the same people through many lifetimes.

We set up a pattern, the same life situation, repeating yourself again and again, because if you don’t work it out you have to come back and do it over again.

Before you come into a life, you’re on the other side.  You are reviewing the life you just left, and karma is the law of balance.

If you’ve done something in the other life, you don’t get out of it, not even this life either, everything you do… What goes around comes around.

When you’re on the other side you discuss the life you’ve just left with those people you were involved with and you’ll say… “Well we didn’t do such a good job, did we? Let’s go back and try it again!

This time you be the husband, I’ll be the wife, you be the mother, I’ll be the daughter”

You could switch roles around any way you want, but you’re brought back into the same situation again and again.  That’s what a lot of people can’t understand… “Why do I keep drawing the same thing to me over and over again, the same kind of people, the same kind of situation?”

It’s because they have not worked it out yet, they’ve not figured it out.  The same situation again and again.  And this is what happens and if you don’t work it out, you’re gonna have to come back and do it again with the same people.

So the idea is to do it now, to get rid of it now, get rid of the garbage and the baggage…. and you can identify it by those feelings… Is there something about the situation that doesn’t feel right?

One of the best ways to get rid of it is to just forgive the person and release it, let it go.

I’ve had clients that tell me… “I can’t forgive them and let them go, you don’t know what they did to me.”

As long as they’re holding on to it that’s karma.  If you release it, you’ve let it go and you don’t have that karma anymore.

But they have a terrible time doing it because they’re so stuck with that.  But until you can release it and let the person go with love, you say… “You go your way I’ll go mine, it’s not working, it’s terrible, the contract just not gonna work anymore, you go your, way I’ll go mine.”

When you do that it’s like a miracle happens, you don’t have to do it face to face, you can do it mentally to the person saying enough is enough.

When it happens, all of a sudden they can’t push the buttons anymore, it’s only a game. You notice that people know what buttons to push to get you upset, to get you angry, to get a reaction out of you. Once you forgive them, let it go and release it, they can’t push the buttons anymore, it doesn’t bother you anymore, then it’s no fun and they stop.

But then you release out of it, and you go on to your next lesson… which may or may not be better ,  but at least it’s a different lesson.  And then you start realizing when you are creating Karma, and you know how to stop it before it goes any further… That’s what this time is all about, getting rid of the Karma.  Don;t carry it any further and try not to create any more.

That’s what this time is about right now, and I said earlier it’s getting rid of the fear, the fear and the Karma, the two things you’ve got to let go.

We’re coming to a time, especially with the New Earth, where the Karma won’t exist anymore.  Those that still have it, and hang on to it, are not going to move forward.

The main cause of cancer, especially in the intestinal area, is holding on to anger, holding on to it, not being able to talk about it, not being able to release it.  And after a while it just begins to turn around, and eats away at the organs.  It creates cancer because we hold everything within. That’s the main thing I’ve found with cancer.

The person can’t talk about it, they can’t release it.

I had one man to come to me who had cancer in every part of his body.  Every time the doctors would operate on one part, it would come back at another part.

I asked him, “Are you angry at anything?” He said “yes, my ex-wife, I hate her, she has the children and she won’t let me see them.” And I said “the only way you’re gonna get rid of this is to forgive her and release her and let her go.” He said “I can’t do that, I can’t forgive her.  If I forgive her she has won.” I said “She will win if she kills you.”

It’s that simple, we don’t hurt anybody else, we’re only hurting ourself by holding all of these things inside.  That’s what I do in my work, is to get people to realize this

Dolores Cannon

Well okay that’s Dolores Cannon and for those of you who know Allison Coe, Dolores is her “mother”, Dolores is her teacher,  and a lot of people like Allison have followed in the footsteps of Dolores Cannon.

What she’s really telling you to do is to be in the heart vibration.  You have to be in the heart to get through this transition… and if you’re vibrating at other lower frequencies you have to get rid of them.

She says one way to get rid of them is just forgive and forget, you just wipe it away, wink, and a second after that’s gone.

Allison Coe

Allison Coe

And a lot of self-help folks, people giving self-help and self-help seminars and books etc. They all have their ways and means of saying the same thing, you can just wipe it away in a second now.

If you’re able to actually talk to the person and communicate with them, you want to communicate with feelings, that’s what maturity is.

All you really have to do is you sit down with them and let them speak first, they’ll tell you what’s wrong, what are they doing or whatever the situation may be and you just repeat it back at them.

I mean you really listen you forget that you’re talking you’re your goal is fou simply listen, if you repeat back what they said… You might go back and forth a couple of times but you repeat back what they said and you find out they will say… “Is that right? Am I saying this?”… When they finally feel they’ve understood you see that closure moment. You see that “ah thank you! Now I understand where I’m at…” And most of time you’ll be surprised.

Then after that you simply reverse roles, you talk about your problems to them, that’s harder to do but 40 to 90 percent of the time it’s solved by that simple thing.

It’s all about frequency, it’s all about harmony, it’s all about being in divine harmony.

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe


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