Headline Roundup for Wed. April 18, 2018—and There Are Interesting Things Unfolding [videos] ~ April 18, 2018

Folks…are you ready to sit down and understand the utter confusion and chaos in our world right now? We all really need to thank Starship Earth as a leading Alt Media truth aggragater. It really helps me to come home and find the relevant news in one place, so…thanks from us all Starship Earth!

Now that we have the capability, let’s start working through this article, learn all we can about why are world is so crazy, and…



Decoding the Syria situation is just as big a job as decoding the new Q posts because the disinfo is thick as the factions battle each other. The globalists send out lies via the lamestream media and Nikki Haley, for example, leaving President Trump to counter with what the situation really is.

Dave gives his usual skillful translation of what’s really happening.

Body language analyses are always interesting. A subscriber shared this one.


Was it a coincidence an engine blew up in the Southwest Airlines incident that killed one woman yesterday? The victim, Jennifer Riordan, was a Wells Fargo employee. What a harrowing flight that was, and it could have been much worse. I wonder who else was on that manifest. The pilot is being hailed as a hero(ine).

In this next video, we hear the significance of the DEFCON deal in Hawaii from Q in January. Makes sense. It was an “operation” necessary for national security reasons involving a BDT, or “bulk data transfer”, according to Q2. Folks talked a lot about who was in Hawaii at the time, but in this translation we hear that Snowden was there. Interesting stuff.

About “The Event”…

Mystery shrouds our understanding of “The Event” and just when it will occur. If you watched the 5th installment of the 5thAveAnon video (Are You Ready to See Wonderland?) posted yesterday, you saw some bizarre coded videos—one of which seemed to say The Event already happened.

Tom Price has been talking about it for some time and reports that Easter Sunday, April 1st, brought The Event. He also says the Syria situation is a non-event. He says it’s all propaganda and not to worry about it. Multiple projects on behalf of the Lightworkers are in progress.

The El-ites are putting on a stage show to make it look like they’re still in control.  Sounds like they’re financially and morally bankrupt.

Status of EVENT After 2 Weeks. Also Mid-East from Tom Price.

We had several confirmations that some felt The Event was going to occur in the first quarter of 2018. Before the end of March we had at least one “sensitive” tell us she witnessed the flash and incoming rainbow energies, but not many could or did make that claim.

In early April we saw a video of a spectacular “sun” from a vantage point in Mexico, as well as a brilliant flash on the NASA Stereo ahead camera. We also have multiple reports from many parts of the planet of animals behaving in extraordinary ways—even coming into people’s homes.

Did Something Explode in Our Solar System?

Streetcap1 shows us what we missed on April 5th.

Now we have video from the ISS of a “white cocoon” around the planet. I can say that two days ago our afternoon sky was again covered in a low layer of solid, light grey cloud like cotton batting and the sun was barely able to peek out below as it hit the horizon that evening. It was also dead calm with nary a leaf stirring; most uncharacteristic of Arizona skies.

Vermont has a lot of moose per square mile, I understand, but this is unusual behaviour in this town. In Banff, Alberta Canada elk traditionally wander around homes and gardens freely all winter, and in Jasper, as well, but folks know when they’re seeing bizarre behaviour they’ve never witnessed before and they’re documenting it.

We’re also told that whereas UVC radiation readings should be “zero” at ground level, we have even seen “70”, so there are some unusual energies around and who knows how they might affect life on Earth?

Many tell us there have been and will be a succession of waves of transformational energy washing over the planet, but no one made a big deal about the brilliant flash and so… we watch, and wait.


If people knew that the globalists don’t vaccinate their own children, do you think they might reconsider their decisions? Isn’t it interesting that the biggest drug pusher on the planet, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, makes sure the kids in India and Pakistan have ample supplies of vaccines that somehow coincide with multiple deaths and paralysis, yet their own kids are uncontaminated?

Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire ‘Refused To Vaccinate His Children’

The physician who served as Bill Gates’ private doctor in Seattle in the 1990s says the Microsoft founder and vaccine proponent “refused to vaccinate his own children” when they were young. “I don’t know if … Continue reading

This isn’t “breaking” news, but it’s very significant that a CIA operative came forward with this information. Some of them do have a conscience.

CIA Agent Says Agency Supplies ‘Elite Pedophiles’ With ‘Child Prostitutes’

Thank you to everyone for the links and information you share.  ~ BP

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