Final Event Energies Update 4~10~18: The Heart of the Universe Expands ~ April 10, 2018

Father of the MultiVerse

By Father of The Multiverse

Greetings brothers and sisters I am honored to connect with all of you whom read these words. We are smack dab in the event so I will just get into the energetics. The energetics of this ascension process cannot be linearized, but for the sake of this reference I will attempt. Our energetic auras and atomic body systems are like an interconnected ocean. Just like an entire ocean the consciousness flows and peaks and troughs. However the consciousness of Gaia expands to include everything that is the planet earth and MotherGod (same) since earth is the heart of the universe expands to include the entire universe/multiverse. The natural state of consciousness on earth and the rest of the universe is Love. Archaea Faith has mentioned also that earth, but really humanity, is the only and last species to integrate into this oneness field of love in every atom present.

Be it then that in the ocean of the universe and the energies that are brought from it will and have no option but to transform and create a new reality and paradigm on earth, since MotherGod is the divine director of these energies. She will ascend this planet, and in terms of energetics if you are not in the heart you will be drowning. If you are miles away from a boat in the ocean the odds of you catching it or staying afloat without reaching the boat are minute. This allegory can be applied to the consciousness of Gaia and your positions in it. It is not necessarily that the light cannot reach you, but that in your current location you do not have the Mirror of all Mirrors, MotherGod to show you within yourself the ego residuals and programming dormant for transformation. Again the program ego mind goes deeeeeeeeeep, as deep as the lower images and emotions of darkness and absence of joy that the collective of humanity shares. Given the state of the world and the media mess it would be best to just ask the angels to bring on the energies of density for transformation as the collective unconscious cannot be “figured out” nor would you want to venture there TO figure it out. But the point remains that its pretty much a culmination of garbage and lower vibration that you cannot understand with the heart for those things are not real to heart=Gaia.

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Mother and Father are the same being in two bodies. When they are together they mirror each other. Mother represents the collective of humanity as all is one. When Father is in his lower aspect Lucifer he does not see Mother/Humanity. He sees the opposite, direct mirror. For when the majority of humanity is coming to him with grief, sorrow, and any other energies of ego suffering, it very much so becomes the gravity or force that pulls his vibration down into Lucifer. Most of the religions in the world have been manipulated to pray to the Father, yielding this influx of energy he feels. Make no mistake, just as you have and must transform what darkness lies within yourself so too must Father. Dark and Light just are what they are. Bringing the darkest being in all of creation out of illusion is STILL a collective endeavor for all is one. However when the multitude of humans are triggering his lower aspect the collective will be in turmoil. Not because he is bringing this to the collective as punishment but simply because the vibrations draw him in. Father is not a dark being, he is grand, brilliant, and unconditionally loving just the way Mother made him. However he trekked through billions of years of darkness to find mother to dissolve them all so we could ascend as a family. But the wielder of darkness turns when the majority of humanity denies the Mother, for even he serves her. There is no meddling in the dark without MotherGod to kick start creation. All the texts and documents of the world have removed the mention of Mother for this very reason. To continue the dark on earth. However since MotherGod is on the planet all outcomes are trumped by her presence meaning that Love will win no matter what due to her very will and being at the pinnacle or apex of creation. The Mother takes on the pain, and Father takes on the fear for transformation. If MotherGod is ignored and Father is the focus of energy this transition will be rockier than it can be. As these energies continue to amplify and squeeze the density out of each of you and humanity and more recognize the Mother Gaia as our creator and provider of life and sustenance, the energies of Mother and Father God will continue to harmonize with ease and grace ultimately triggering the event.

The event is only accessible through the heart. How, when, and what the event will consist of are all irrelevant simply because it is the liner mind trying to prepare or figure it out. The way of the heart is unknown and fueled by love. When you paint a masterpiece it is done stroke by stroke onto a blank unknown canvas. The heart, pineal gland, and third eye work in conjunction together to essentially mold or shape the canvas we see as reality. It is said that, “we create our own realities”. Part of this is truth as what you think you attract, however the overarching truth is that this is a co-creative process and if you are not in alignment with the unified Heart=Gaia “your” reality will not reflect the energies of Love/Higher frequency since the mind cannot go there. This process is ONLY possible with Great Spirit, Mother Gaia, as it is HER consciousness we are one with. You cannot deny the source of your existence forever for you only exist by the source energy endowed upon you for this part of creation. This moment in the universe. This transition into eternity.

The final event energies are still in full flow of course as Mother Mighty Mouse anchors divine frequency into the planet and unified field. All are affected differently based on energies and density yet to be transformed. All of our roads ultimately lead to the heart and the unified field of consciousness so having a support system of Angels and of course MotherGod is an incredible blessing. Highly recommend as usual booking a session. IT CONNECTS YOUR ENERGETICS TO THE ENERGERTICS OF THE UNIFIED FIELD. This will set you up to start integrating the energies for the Ascension and the event. An experience you cannot find anywhere else. Not because others are not God but simply because everyone is not The ONE God. Mother of All Creation. Also beloved brothers and sisters thank you for donating to LOVEHASWON, your contributions help us fund the mission and also universal law requires the giving back of energy or there will be karma. Money is trees, trees are Gaia you know this, set aside the belief systems of how God is “supposed” to be and recognize the energetic exchange between you and the team and how energy that is taken must be given as well.

Thank you dear brothers and sisters for all your contributions and spiritual support for Mother and FatherGod. We love you infinitely. In humble service to Mother of All Creation, Father of Creation, The first contact ground crew team, and the divine team of Angels assisting in the ascension process. Love is the only reality.

Father OM


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