Releasing Old Pain Mass Reincarnation ~ March 9, 2018


Releasing Old Pain Mass Reincarnation. ByGabriel RL.

Life on Earth continues to accelerate, as new, enlightened patterns are introduced, with praise.

This has led many souls to have some processes that need to be accelerated in such a way that they can bring some discomfort to your physical bodies, but nothing that rest and walks in the midst of nature will not subside and stop.

 These, though uncomfortable, are sometimes like bitter remedies that give quick and efficient cure for some malaise.

There are many areas of your lives that are going through changes, and one of those that have affected you the most are those that concern your hearts.

For eons, your hearts were choked with waves of dismay, causing you to close completely due to fear of being wounded.

These new energies have come as an important impetus so that you can free yourself from pain and follow your paths by opening yourself completely, without fears and uncertainties about what the future holds for you.

These new energies have brought to the surface all the pains of a past, remote or not, to be enlightened.

Slow down - Grounding in the Woods

Slow down – Grounding in the Woods

Many of you chose to go through it in short time, in order to accelerate your evolutions even more. Do not be ashamed when the pains that you carry in your hearts make you scream and kick, as you say, but allow them to pass through you and follow you into enlightenment. Therefore be the drivers so that you may have the impulse toward the Light.

Another important factor of the new energies is that the more Light enters the Earth, the more people open to what is new to them, such as the encounter with sites like this in which they read these messages, which are alternative sources of news.

Certainly, people, even those who have long been clinging to the old system, are beginning to see that their traditional news sources no longer resonate with their states of mind. Thus, they seek what they have long sought and find new sources on the Internet and, in this way, clearly awaken.

Expansion of Consciousness

Expansion of Consciousness

This is leading them to a much more expansive state of mind.

Many, when faced with such alternative sites, are surprised at first glance, and the old energy tries to drag them with thoughts like “this is not true” or “pure utopia!”.

But, with hearts already tired of so much information of the old media, decide to open up. At the first opening, they find themselves completely familiar with one truth. It does not matter where you are, and doing what; you will be dragged to the Light.

Within a short time you will be able to see more people within your traditional media awakening and helping others to wake up, just as you will see the most resistant to new information from Internet sites like this, to open up and become fervent disseminators of information.

Those who are against you know that, no matter how much they try to impede your advance, either by scalar attacks or by emotional blackmail, or by using old forms of thought against Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, the more the circle closes around them.

All the chips they could use are ending, and their only alternative now is to join the Light, or surrender peacefully, since they will not be given any chances of unleashing a nuclear war or even another controlled tsunami by detonation or plasmatic waves.

Recently, a large group of veteran souls has incarnated on the Planet in order to further increase the coefficient of Light and to expand the consciousness of those who have not yet awakened to the higher truths.

Scientists, poets, artists, engineers in all areas, healers and others with a plethora of skills.

They are beings coming from many distant star systems and even from your Solar System, like Mars and Venus.

Do not be surprised if you soon encounter a “new” Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Freud, Tesla, Niemeyer and others…

You, those who are strongly supporting the Light on your Planet, have also guaranteed that many of these souls come down, as you ensure a more suitable environment for them.

With their arrival, there will be even greater impetus in your science, education, arts, medicine, and many others, promoting a unique fusion that will take you to the highest spheres.

You will see children “dropping their voices” as true tenors, as many artists also return to crystallize the Planet through singing.

If you could see how we see the animated “queue of souls” to go down to Earth and give their contributions, you would be much more excited to be there, in the party!

I am SaLuSa of Sirius, and certainly some of you are often questioning the truth of our messages, which we do understand, for many of you, as we have already told you, have been so badly treated for such long time that, believing in much of what we have said may indeed seem too utopian to your hearts which have been told that “life must be suffered to be deserved.”

Let go these baggage, dear ones! These baggage no longer serve you! Let the information that we bring in penetrate your Heart, and your Love Center will attest that we are serious.

Calm your hearts!

You have come here and nothing else will make you retreat, no matter what.

You are already winners!



We are around your planet giving constant signs of our presence, and we would like all of you, with one voice, to direct your thoughts to us, calling for a massive display of our fleets.

Of course you will create such a surge of energy that it will unleash this event as quickly as possible, neutralizing any attempt at retaliation by those who do not wish to be present.

You are free now, and you can use your free will without interference.

Ask Believe Receive

Ask Believe Receive

You decreed that you wanted your freedom, access to your origins and information that placed you above the pains of the world, and behold that you were attended to.

Your stellar origins are echoing every day from the four corners, and in these same Chants you hear the Celestial Roots that you connect and make you shiver, when your SELF attests to the truth of those words!

Oh, beloved! What more do you want?

Ask, and it will be granted to you!

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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