ALLIANCE INSIDER: Rigged Bridges and Infrastructure to Trap Illuminati ~ March 9, 2019

This is a fairly important video from my point of view. many thanks to KP for sharing this with us! For those that know humanity is facing a stiff challenge from the cabal at this time as their reign is ending, it is wise to stay prepared with extra food, water, and warmth.

So many are unaware of the situation on Earth at this time, it’s downright scary! While those of us who ARE aware are thrilled at the Earth being freed and KNOW that Love and Light will triumph…the unknown times are always downright scary!

So…time to get ready, know yourself is the key mantra, and…


I am listening to this now, and am going to post notes from this video as I listen, then will publish. My sense is this is one of the many very important and helpful insiders we are hearing from at this time, along with Q Anon. Adam said there is no transcript since he forgot to turn the recorder on! Thankfully he is willing to admit he is human!

Q = Question; A = Arthur (the insider)

  1. Adam doing this video from notes that he took.
  2. 0100 Gun control in NY.
  3. 0230 NY state one of prime points for entry of refugees who are then put on NY state taxpayer dollar.
  4. 0350 Q: What is Trump doing about this? A: Trump is aware of everything. Arresting p-philes is just step 1.
  5. 0425 When shtf for Deep State, a lot of bridges will be in the water to prevent Deep State people attempt to flee. Alliance has checks and balances in place.
  6. 0540 We will do anything and everything we have to.
  7. 0630 We have psych profiles on all the dark ones. We know what we have to do to win.
  8. 0700 Re: HC and Huma’s sex tape has appeared (Liz Crokin in Nov. 2018). Alliance acquired “hunting list” from Weiner’s laptop (“life insurance” folder).
  9. 0924 A Confirms that “life insurance” folder exists. In time, this info will come out.
  10. 1120 Re: 90 days of preparation. A: Be prepared regardless of where one lives (in last update he said, have food, water, way to stay warm).
  11. 1300 Re: chemtrails. A: When you look up in the sky and see no chemtrails, you will know the Deep State has been defeated.

Published on Mar 9, 2018
Our source within the Alliance, who we have been calling Arthur, recently briefed us on Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin’s sex tape, NY state as an entry point for refugees, the rigging of bridges and other infrastructure to secure the arrests of certain Illuminati members if necessary, and he answered some questions regarding preparation for a 90 day transition window.

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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Things are getting tense out there, folks. Be awake, aware, prepped and out of the way.


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