0:48 / 19:11 Up next Autoplay 26:29 Q Qanon 03/08/2018 [comb your hair] @snowden John Kelly Recommended for you New 25:58 3.8 – UFO, ET, & Space Program News Destroying the Illusion 2.0 Recommended for you New 39:21 BOOM March 7 2018 #QAnon with #AntiSchool Elliott Marxx 45K views New 47:07 Tonight On RedPillRadioLive.com roypotterqa Recommended for you New 11:58 Q Anon Update – The Hillary Video prayingmedic 5.4K views New 13:38 MAJOR RED FLAGS IN FLORlDA: CALL GOV. RICK SCOTT NOW! James Munder 20K views New 32:21 PARALLEL INVESTIGATION: SESSIONS, FAB-5 & TIMELINE James Munder 3K views New 21:45 Rabbit Hole Adventures – Our Own Scavenger Hunt Seething Frog 16K views New 2:37:30 LOVEHASWON LIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS UNITY MEETING 3~8~18: The Gathering LoveHasWon Recommended for you New 17:21 They Are Doing Things That Should Truly Scare You Amplex 105K views New Latest Qanon Posts 3-9-18 Pt3 : Break the MSM! Stroppy Me No views New #Qanon – Deal Made, Clowns Out, Strings Cut! Citizens Investigative Report 3K views New Brad Pitt’s Bodyguard Tells All: Brad Loved Jennifer Aniston More Than Angelina Jolie Vik Gast Recommended for you IT BEGINS RED ALERT RED ALERT THE TIME IS NOW!! American Citizen Recommended for you New Attn Q Followers- You Are Blessed! Here’s the Evidence! TruthAndArtTV Recommended for you New Latest Qanon Posts 3-9-18 Pt2 : NO DEALS! Stroppy Me No views New SATANIC Backmasking In The MUSIC Industry! (2018) StrangerThanFiction 131K views Latest Qanon Posts / ‘Dilley’ Intel 3-9-18 : 9 of12 Military Panel Completed Their Missions Stroppy Me 7.4K views New Q Anon repeating a message from 1967? Will we listen this time? SA Patriot Recommended for you Q SAYS LISTEN CAREFULLY alphafaith Recommended for you New CIRCUS March 8 2018 #QAnon with #AntiSchool ~

Have you heard the latest from “Q”? Please take a listen to Isaac Green of Anti-School,learn the latest, and…



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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