Sophia Love ~ Feb. 1, 2018

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I’d intended to get some questions answered today, yet with the updates in the court case of Heather Anne, and Randall, I felt that the following conversation would be more of a help.  For those of you who don’t know, the jury returned a verdict of guilty on all counts and both Heather and Randall were remanded into custody.  Upcoming trial dates are scheduled for June right now.  All news regarding the cases can be found here (click here).

Many of us were shocked. For a moment, I was angry. Yet then something changed and I saw this instead as a calling for us to demonstrate what is necessary in every situation; love without condition. I posted the following picture…

This was as much for me as for the all of us. Today’s result is a call to action. I am not sure what this will look like, but I am clear that we will be brilliant in our response.

In every case we are love and it is that attribute that brought us to this planet in the first place.

Both Heather and Randall have maintained a dignity and compassion throughout this case, the least that we can do is the same.

Today’s conversation took place a week or so ago, and it offers us some insight into what is going on.

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January 22, 2018

I reach now to all levels of the multi-verse with love, from a point of love and in pure love. Is there someone who wants to reach out and connect?

Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One. You have questions.

I do. Thank you for coming forward. I’d like to know if you have anything to say regarding the “event”, what is happening right now in the United States government and also upcoming earth changes. These are the things I wonder about.


There can be no discussion of current events right now in your present moment and country, that does not include the deep and until now, hidden corruption at its core. What is brought to light now is the tip of a massive iceberg. It will touch off a torrent of disclosure for not only the United States but for the planet.

The warriors and bringers of light to the darkness are doing what they came for – illuminating the black force that has been operating in the shadows these many thousands of years.

You may not ever see the entire plan exposed, not in your history books. But what will be written and told in off-stream places will, once put together, explain the intent for a take-over of a planet.

What this is being seen as is a revolt against ownership – a theft.

What is not seen is that in life there can be no ownership. There can be a borrowing, an experimentation with control. This is what has occurred here.

Yet again, and as always with these particular beings, there is a mistaken belief about sovereignty and its truth and function.

Ownership gives carte blanche to the owner ultimately. Each piece of creation is responsible for and operates for itself. With a consciousness of oneness, this idea, an idea of complete ownership, may work out from a point of reasonability. Once needs are met and life seemingly promoted, it may be disguised as care.

Yet eventually and ultimately, without a knowing of oneness, which is the godhood, there can be no ownership that extends enough past selfishness to benefit equally the life of the “owner” and the life of the “owned”.

The beings within what you are calling the “deep state” hold no notion of oneness. What they hold is ownership; a “might makes right” knowing that holds only their own consciousness and promotion as valid considerations. They do not extend beyond their selfishness to incorporate the needs, rights, and abilities of the beings they believe they own.

The exposure and outing of their plots and activities will appear shocking and hideous to any sovereign being who holds life and freedom as motivational attributes. These beings do not.

As the many light workers and warriors have come now to humanity to assist, so too are there others with equally forceful intentions. What happens now determines the course of not only earth, but many places in creation.

There is an opportunity for unprecedented healing of more than one race. This will be directed by the human.

This will be guided with light from the One Source – from Unity, with oneness dictating its direction.

This is where your world stands today and what plays out in the government corruption.

Other concerns around the event and earth changes will be answered this way. This event which has been heralded by many as forthcoming soon is at your doorstep. The massive force necessary will not be clearly defined beforehand, yet will noticed by some lightworkers amongst you who watch the sun.

This force will instigate earth changes as well.

The violent shifts in your atmosphere have been softened. The spheres have done their part. It now rests on humanity for indeed you are the conductors and the orchestra of this part. It will happen with the harmony or dis-harmony of your daily song. This melody comes as no surprise to your readers – yet its key has not been chosen.

The method in which humanity deals with itself will guide both the event and the inevitable earth changes.

You have help (protection) from intentional destructive acts and they will not take place. Count on this.

Know that all that happens in your heart is now mirrored above and around you. The events that took place here on earth were orchestrated by a race without love in their methods. The level of love available in the solution for these events will direct not only what happens in your governments, institutions and media, but everywhere in your world.

You are at a moment of transparent creation. Those with eyes to see are witnessing the results of their thoughts in real “time”. The wisdom and truth of these words will be and is demonstrated in your private life and seen played out on a world stage.

There are “natural” consequences for every thought, word and action. These play out now. The earth, your world, your systems of living are all at the cusp of massive alteration.

For specifics you only need look to your own heart. If there, violence is held, then you will see violence unabated. If there, compassion rests, then what you will witness carries with it a sort of justice – a correctional flavor.

Massive changes require both endings and beginnings. All endings are seen as painful when there is a limited perspective held.

What happens now adjusts the field and sets the stage for balance. There will be destruction so that new growth can occur. Whether or not that destruction is damaging is up to the collective. You are at the threshold now. Each of the players choose now with their heart.
With oneness as a lubricant, these coming shifts are clarified for you. They are seen as unavoidable, as necessary.

Preparation for them begins in your heart. Trust its wisdom, and in the face of every logical and screaming opposition – love anyway. This will see each of you through with the most beneficial outcome for all concerned. It is your definition of “all” that defines your perspective now. With love it is clear.

There can be a massive healing right now. Your light is strong enough. You are supported in every way possible now.

That is all.

Thank you.

(Note – Here are some notes I wrote once this was complete, “This was different. Not so much a separate voice but ONE voice, giving words to truth. It’s a subtle change, yet definite. It coincides with the other changes in contact lately.” Sophia)
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