THE Most Important Thing To Know About The Classified FISA Memo [VIDEO] ~ Jan. 21, 2018

Well now…the is probably the MOST important video I have published on the FISA memo that most are in a dither about for release. The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Security Act) is a secret memo detailing alleged government surveillance abuses largely, it seems, taken to prevent the election of Trump as President of the United States.

If Hillary had been elected, the illegal ways and means to accomplish her election would have been interpreted as “democracy in action”. But, Trump was elected, again interpreted by masses of Americans as “democracy in action”. But waaait just a second, does everyone know where Trump’s true allegiances lie? Take a look at the photo’s below:


I AM no political expert, but I AM into spirituality and the Truth of whatever matter exists. The shakeup of the American political scene introduced by Trump is a very good thing because more and more folks are beginning to understand that we as people CAN stand up and end the existing collusion within the American political system. People CAN stand up for themselves and Know Who They Are!

But…are the Republicans really any better than the Democrats? Aren’t both parties really after the same thing…control? My study of spirituality indicates that the “top tier” of control of the Catholic religion are the Jesuits. Isn’t the current Pope a Jesuit? And why do both Hillary and Trump flank a Jesuit monseigneur beaming smiles at a Washington party during the last election? Why is Trump parading around flashing the “devil horn” sign…just like the Clintons, Bushes, etc.etc.?

My main message is this…will the release of FISA mean anything other than the Truth finally coming out about those political players already is suspect? The fact that Trump already has the ability to release this memo is being overlooked by the mob looking for their next feeding frenzy.

Let’s all step back and take a look at the larger picture from a spiritual point-of-view. It doesn’t make sense to step into this latest “divide and conquer strategy” ultimately devised by the Jesuits . What happens to me will also happen to you. Why continue to fight for Truth, when this will only lead to the same outcome as the Fight against Cancer, the War against Drugs, and the Fight against Terrorism? Fighting never solves anything, but Loving from the Heart does…

I rather like the comments made by Dan in this video. Please read these comments below, understand the true stakes of this game of life on Earth, and…


Everyone wants to know, what’s in the classified FISA memo??! A four page intel memo compiled by house intelligence is said to contain evidence of an extensive abuse of power and highly illegal collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton Campaign against Donald Trump and his team during and after the 2016 presidential election. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth reveals the ultimate deception going on here which is in fact the promotion of the concept of democracy itself in general which perpetuates the illusion of choice on the grand political stage.


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