Q-Tube Update: The “Q” Cult is Becoming a Problem—Lt. Col. Roy Potter [video] ~ Jan. 11, 2018

Are you into “Q”? Do you follow his tweets and try to figure them out? Well, if you do, you know about the “Q” storm going on primarily from his post last week from his comment about “Defcon 1” which is a rather severe military message about readiness.

Phew! Lot’s of false info our there right now.  I can’t, and don’t, believe much of the news out there right now, so I recommend you follow your heart! Your heart knows the truth, your heart knows how you feel. So… listen all you want to whoever provides information, but listen to your best thoughts.

That being said, please read/listen to this article by Starship Earth who comments on much of the same topic, think about your heart, and…


Why do Humans do this? Why do they have to have someone to worship outside themselves? Why are they so fiercely loyal to an unknown, unseen, un-vetted entity to they point they will attack others who don’t share their passion?

Some patriots are so enamoured with the QAnon Phenomenon that they are now causing the division I warned about.

Col. Potter had a problem with the “DEFCON 1” breadcrumbs, as did I, and once he stated his position he was attacked.

I have to say that when I shared the Dark Journalist/Joseph Farrell view of Q, I expected more back-lash so perhaps folks are waking up and sitting on the fence and becoming more critical thinkers. Congrats, my friends.

NO ONE knows how this will all pan out, and we WON’T know until everything is over, so we’d best put our emotions on hold and just WATCH. Question, wonder, ponder, surmise, guess, but watch out for those cabal land mines.

I wholeheartedly agree with Col. Potter on this. QAnon is becoming a cult; and many who question are being ostracized, ridiculed and attacked. Sound familiar? Is it the old saviour complex again? It’s childish to attack people who question and exactly the formula the cabal uses.

Isn’t it time we learned the lessons presented in the past and ceased to fall into the same traps?

Whether we follow Q or not, take it seriously or not, or defend them or not—we needn’t let it divide us, or distract us. We are all free to take the information for what it means to us individually.

“Question” is what we do in the Truth Media. And we have every right to do that. I want nothing to do with cults or attacks.

Thank you to Col. Potter for putting the caution signs out before folks start bitter wars over Q and Questions about Q.  Both videos are excellent, in my opinion, but today’s for sure (the second one) if you’re strapped for time.  ~ BP

One thought on “Q-Tube Update: The “Q” Cult is Becoming a Problem—Lt. Col. Roy Potter [video] ~ Jan. 11, 2018

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    The normally calm demeanor of Retired Lt. Colonel Potter was disturbed by the continued fascination and emphasis on “Q” posts. It is proving a distraction for many people searching for the “truth”.


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