Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ Final Days of 2017, The True Armageddon, Universal Law, and Celebrations ~ Dec. 27, 2017

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an information on the current energies on the Planet. These energies have a significant impact on Mother Earth and the collective as a whole. The 3d eyes sees much chaos and calamity coming to the forefront, as nothing that Truth can be hidden… nothing that does not go in harmony with Universal Law. Anything held in unconsciousness is being brought out into the open. People, societies, governments, and more are being exposed for what they truly represent. The same goes for those whom are still hanging on the old thought patterns, behaviors and conditionings that are being revealed for transformation if one so chooses. Many have construed the chaos around the planet to be Armageddon. Yet, this is not the case. Let us delve deeper into the True Armageddon taking place, to gain clarity on what is happening to all those on Planet Earth=Heart. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.


The Great UnMasking & Universal Law

As One traverse back home into the Heart, many transformations occur within the Being. It is more prevalent in these Now Moments, than ever before. All that is Truth will Be Revealed, as it is in Heaven, so will Be on Earth, as per Prime Creator, Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Source, Gaia Sophia, Mother Earth, Mother of All Creation. You notice what truly is not of your nature… what is not of your Divine Essence, which is Love. The great unmasking, is the dissolution of the mind… the ego. A mask that has kept Humanity in the veil of illusion. You can easily see the unconsciousness within the 3rd dimension if you so wish to allow the Truth to be made into your awareness. What is being shown is the level of unconsciousness within people, cultures, societies, governments and much more. As these energies continue to permeate throughout the planet and the collective, more will be revealed, which is not in alignment with Universal Law. The energies of Universal Law are in full effect, which is the Full Support & Service to Mother Earth, Support of Humanity, Being in Unity Consciousness, Being Love. There is no energy to support the old paradigm. You are witnessing the collapse of the third dimension. What is easily shown within many, would be the conditionings… the behaviors, all derived from the programmed ego mind. The conditionings can vary for everyone, as these were acquired energetically throughout One’s environments and experiences. While many have similar upbringings and experiences, the journey is still unique for All. These imbalances include;

LACK OF WISDOM (Have you always followed the Heart, the ancient wisdom of the Heart)

LACK OF EXPERIENCE (Has the ego prevented or deprived you from gaining experience)



LACK OF PERCEPTION (Do you see and feel Love Everywhere Present)

LACK OF INTEGRITY (Being and Speaking Love in All Moments)

LACK OF HONOR (Honoring the Mission of Ascension, Service to Mother Earth, and Your Being)


LACK OF FEELINGS (difficulty feeling from the Heart)






IGNORANCE: Ignoring the Heart, ignoring LOVE


ATTACHMENT: To people, places and things

TAKING from Humanity & The Planet (are you a Taker or Giver)

CONTROL DRAMAS (4) ~ POOR ME (Victim Consciousness, stealing of energy by making others feel guilty or responsible.)

INTIMIDATOR: Stealing of energy by threat.

INTERROGATOR: Stealing of energies by questioning or judgment.

ALOOFNESS: (thoughts go elsewhere during conversation, not focused, stealing of energies by attracting attention to themselves by playing coy)

There are many more we have identified as blockages in Humanity preventing or blocking you from the natural ascension, evolutionary process we are currently in, what the old controllers or cabal planned to steal humanity from love and true reality (TIMES UP), its THE NOW MOMENT we take our power back, and we can help you. You are not alone, and never without assistance. We are here to assist you with anything and everything.

We will give you all the tools and techniques so you can fulfill your mission and be the greatest grandest being you can be every moment, PLUS we have a surprise waiting for you in the session! Here is the link to book this incredible session and experience  https://lovehaswon.org/awaken-to-5d/ testimonials: https://lovehaswon.org/testimonials/  


And so much more. These are the many dense energies one may come to transform, as all these are energetic signatures, which is not in resonance with Universal Law. Do you see how imbalanced the mind is? Do you recognize none of these are your Soul… your Heart. Many of the lightworkers recognize these patterns that have been transformed, or in the process of transformation. You acknowledge what once was, and no longer is part of your being. This is the mask, which is the mind… the ego… A deep complexity of unconsciousness, meant to prevent the access of the Heart… your Divinity. It is through the Heart, one becomes Authentic, and in alignment with Universal Law. Anyone hanging to these lower, dense energies, karmic lessons will be handed down, as per Universal Law.


The True Armageddon

Armageddon is an ancient word passed throughout human HIStory. The more popular understanding, is the ultimate battle between good and evil. This is far from the Truth. The mask posed upon Armageddon was intentionally done by the Old Controllers, to continue the cycle of dysfunction amongst Humanity, and to instill Fear.

In Truth, Armageddon has always been on Planet Earth = Heart, since the creation of the mind… the ego. It is more prevalent in these Now Moment. True Armageddon is the battle between the mind, and the Heart. Fear… and Love. Thinking… and Feeling. The disconnection of God = Heart = Truth = LOVE. As quoted by our Brother, Wayne Dyer: “Edging God Out”, EGO. Why most of Humanity is stuck in a constant state struggle, turmoil and fear, is due to the mind having a strong grasp within them. You can see this with your 3rd dimensional eyes, with what has happened with Mother Earth. Societies, Governments, Environments are a reflection of Humanity’s thought system, which is festering within the mind. Thoughts are powerful energies of manifestation, which Humanity created environments of Fear and Dysfunction, which is the prime directive of the mind. The 3rd dimensional has become the realm of the mind, as per Humanity’s thoughts of manifestation. All these thoughts, behaviors and conditionings were forced upon Humanity, to stay in a perpetual state of lower consciousness… mind, ego consciousness. Whether one chooses good or evil, they are still feeding the old controllers with energy. This is the old controller’s food source, and continuing to be part of the old paradigm… the cycle of dysfunction, is to continue giving your power away. The illusionary ego mind matrix is the realm of the mind, and the old controller’s means of survival.

To Enter the Kingdome of Heaven, is to enter into Higher Consciousness… Unity Consciousness, which is Heart Consciousness. It is through the dissolvement of the mind, one is able to anchor in higher light, becoming more aware, intuitive and eventually pure light in physical form… Pure Unconditional Love in Physicality, which is the Destiny of this planet. All part of Universal Law.

The current energetics on the planet is putting extreme strain on the programmed ego mind, as it cannot function within these energies. The mind… the ego, is part of the illusion, and cannot exist in the Higher Realms. Only what is Truth, Authentic and Real can exist. These are No Masks… No Belief Systems, No Pain, No Lies, No Fear, No Taking, No Dysfunction, No EGO, No Mind. Those whom continue in the cycle of the mind… the ego, will continue the karmic lessons, as per Universal Law.


The 12~12 Portal, December Solstice & the Divine Feminine

The energies of the 12~12 portal marked the initiation of those whom have fully embraced the Heart, into the Solstice. This energy was ignited by the Divine Feminine, to bring forth what is to come in 2018. Currently, the energies are quite fiery. However, the energies of 2018 will be that of Reconstruction. It will be a harmony of water and earth energies…. A very grounded and foundational energy to reconstruct the New Earth with the Children of the Heart, Mother & Father of All Creation and All of Creation. The experience of the energies will vary with every Being which may include;

Intense Bravery,

Childlike State of Being,

Ancient Knowledge through the Heart: Divine Intelligence,

Deep Feeling of Authenticity: I AM becomes WE ARE

Deep Feeling of Honor,

Deep Feeling of Integrity,

Feeling Oneness with All,

Unconditional Love of Oneself and All,

Clear State of No Thoughts,


And other experiences of the Heart. All of which the mind can never Be, let alone understand, as it can never Be Authentic… BE LOVE. These are the energies you All worked diligently to fully embrace. It is through the dissolvement of the programmed ego mind, anchoring of higher light, Choosing Love & Being Love every moment, which one can embrace these energies.


We, your Brother & Sisters of the Angelic, Elemental, Inner Earth and Star families are Truly Honored in choosing the Heart, Choosing Love, Being of Service, and Honoring Mother Earth. Mother Earth is Now fully prepared to move to the next octave in higher dimensional frequencies, and closing this chapter of 2017. She is leading the way into the Ascension of Heaven on Earth=Heart. We await in anticipation of what is to come into fruition through the harmony of the Unknown and Love energies. These are the moments of Grand Celebrations. Follow your Hearts Dear Ones, as it will never lead you astray. We Are One, in Unity Consciousness with our beloved Mother & Father of All Creation, and All of Creation.

I AM Archangel Michael and I AM amongst You… Always of Service to The Universe, to Creation, to LOVE, to Our Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly, and Always Unconditionally…

Your Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


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