Key Headlines for December 20 [videos] ~ Dec. 20, 2017

Thanks to Starship Earth for this post full of important thought! Read this post, watch the videos, think about how your heart feels about this, and…


I’m extra busy today with company coming and trying to buy a house so please visit the links/watch the videos that landed in my email first thing this morning.

Roy looks great in purple, doesn’t he?

AND… The Unknown Light Warrior will do an update on the results of our meditations on the Ground Crew Command radio show tomorrow, and there will be a group meditation at that time, as well. Get the details at the link. Thanks, S.


Roger stone shared several bits of info in this video I found interesting and I didn’t have to listen to Alex at all.  ;0)

Just an FYI, Steve Motley on YouTube felt the Amtrak derailment was retaliation for the false flag we believe was thwarted at the Atlanta airport, and I saw another bit saying the train was “blown” off the track but I can’t find it now. That sound more like it, doesn’t it? It’s just like “them” to want to ruin Christmas for as many people as possible. Wow—just now my left ear started “singing” very loudly.  Gotta go.  ~ BP


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