Ashtar & OWS ~ The Old Paradigm You Have Come to Know is Coming Apart ~ Dec. 1, 2017

“The Paradigm That You Have Come To Understand In This 3-D Illusionary World Is Coming Apart … Is Coming Down”.

Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on November 26, 2017

COMMANDER ASHTAR I AM Ashtar. These times that we can be together are very fulfilling times, not only for us but for those of you that are awaiting these many changes that are coming, that some that are already here. But as always, we always caution you to not look only to the future but to be in the present moment now. For that is all you have. You only have the now. The past will soon be forgotten in many respects. The future has not yet been written. But each and every moment of your life you are preparing that story that is yet to come. And know this: as everything around you begins to crumble, everything that you’ve known begins to fall apart in many respects — it is not to spread fear, certainly, for we would never do that — but it is to let you know that the paradigm that you have come to understand in this 3-D illusionary world is coming apart … is coming down.

Each and every day it comes down just a little bit more until one of these mornings you will awaken and a paradigm that you have known for so long will begin to fall into your rear view mirror and more and more will be forgotten because you will have moved through this transition, through this ascension process. You will have come into those higher vibrations that have been spoken of for so many, for so long now and you will know that you have finally arrived at what Sananda has called the finish line; what others call the new beginning, the New Age of Gaia, the New Nova Earth. All of these things are yet the same. But you yourselves are not going to be the same, not the same as you have always known yourselves. For those of you that are the light workers, and many are now becoming the warriors, the light warriors, the ones that are ready to take action, the ones that are ready to move forward.

We share the Sword of Light and Truth which you will all be holding. It is not only Archangel Michael that carries the Sword. He has entrusted the Sword to all of you now as well. You will all be carrying this forth. All of those up here on our ships are in preparatory mode to move at a moment’s notice as soon as that signal is given. We are expecting a great deal to occur in the very near future. Much is about to shift and change. You are receiving much information now. Many truths are coming forward and those truths shall indeed set you free. In order for those truths to come forward takes more of you, more of you the light warriors, ones who are sharing the light now. It takes much of you to bring this about, to bring these truths to come forward. Because you are the audience.

You are the ones these truths are meant for now. You are the ones that are in the awakening stages. You are also the ones that will assist others in awakening. You have heard many times without you we would not be able to do what we are doing. And without us, you would not be able to do what you need to do going forward. Expect now in the next days and weeks a great many things to come forward, many truths to be revealed. Some from unexpected places; unexpected ones to come forward. You have already heard of a few. More are coming forward. More are going to bring information, information that has long been in the shadows is now coming into the light just as all of you are. I AM Ashtar. I will be with you very much so in this coming Advance. If not more physically in person, certainly as a consciousness to be with you. All of my peace and love be with all of you.


Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here to continue in this process, to continue to bring you along in these many ways that we are doing. And to prepare you for much that is coming, not so much just this coming weekend in your Advance, but in many things that are coming forward, many things that are going to happen. But as you know that, it is not that you do not focus on the things that are now, in the moment now, in the moments that you are in, to find that joy in every moment now. Because this is what you have now. This is your life. And every moment of your life you are creating that which is going to be the future of your life.

So continue to move in the direction of spreading the light wherever you can because that is your mission people! That is what you came here to do. Each and every one of you that are on the phone or here in person, each and every one of you came here to do this, to spread the light. This is why you are here. This is why you are still attending this group and being a part of this because you are the ones that are being trained in many respects to be the ones that are the emissaries, the way showers, the ones to go forward and share the light with all that you come into contact with. And yes, the James is correct, you are going to be receiving this from Sananda this coming weekend when he is going to be sharing much more about the Twelve Tables and your relationship to these Twelve Tables, these Councils that are going to be formed in the coming times here. So we would say be ready for that. We would say be ready for a great deal more than that. Many experiences, many happenings, many fun things that are going to be shared, and even a show or two is going to be there for you to keep you amused, to keep you awake, and to keep things rolling along. We are going to have different types of experiences that are going to be had for this.

You have questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A Q: About the Final Transmission by Commander Ashtar,

I’ve been a little concerned about the end of that when it said that he was “going to tear them apart.” Were those his exact words or did I misunderstand that? That doesn’t sound like him. I’m wondering if that was true and if that YouTube was really from my brother and my better half.

OWS: We find as you are asking this question you already know the answer to that. You already know that it did not resonate with you. So that is your answer. If it does not feel right it is not right, you see. If it does not resonate within you then it would be best to move along and consider it to be somewhat disinformation. Not that it is not entirely accurate. Now we are speaking of much other information not only this one. Some it can be very accurate and others can be what you might call figments of one’s imagination that they have thrown in. This can be there. It can also be purposeful misinformation that is brought out in these ways. So all channeling, all of these types of communications are never 100% correct. Even when the point is or when the one is in a complete trance state such as the Edgar Casey and others that have been in these types of trance state. Even those are not always 100% correct. So you always have to understand that the one that these messages are coming through is being filtered through their particular personality and all of this. So you always have to understand this as this comes through. Even this one we are speaking through now, it is being filtered through his personality. This is why we are able to do some things through this one that we cannot do through others and would not even attempt to such as the one who has come and sang and things of this nature to you and told jokes and all of these types of things. You see? So more directly to your answer that answer must come from within yourself here and you already have that answer. Okay?

Q: I was just resonating with what Rita just said 100% that the ending of the transmission was a little bit off. I didn’t resonate with it either so I totally understand how Rita feels. Yes, you have to go within to discern that but I wasn’t sure on that either. I want to ask, when we feel your presence around us and we feel your consciousness around this is you, this is Sananda, this is Ashtar, this is Quan Yin, this Athena, this is everyone, I can feel you around me but I still can’t 100% see it. I can slightly see out of the corner of my eye in my peripheral vision. So at the moment we can only feel your consciousness and see maybe a small outline but I’m wondering about people who are autistic. I have two friends who are mildly autistic yet they can really ‘see’. Now they must see from a different spectrum. Is that why we can’t see but they can see more than I can see?

OWS: They can see more than you can see in this respect because they are more open to it. They are not held in the programing, you might say, that you have come under in contact with over the many, not over this lifetime but many lifetimes. Lifetime after lifetime you have been in the programming here by the cabal that which has created this illusion that is here. And, as you continue to be ensconced within that then you continue to not be able to see through the veil. But as you are beginning to understand, we hope here more and more, that there really is no veil there and never really has been. It is only the illusion that has been pulled over your eyes here. But as soon as you realize that you can then remove that illusion, remove the veil, and it will no longer be there to obstruct you from seeing those things, yes, that you are saying these autistic ones are able to be aware of. They are not in that programming such as you are. You see?

Q: I’ve been doing my surrendering protocols and every time I meditate I surrender any limitation, any programming or conditioning. I’m really, really, doing my best with my mastery but I can feel and I can just about make out a night blind but I still can’t see a conscious being.

OWS: It will come. It is coming. It is coming for all of you. As you continue to move through this transition. You will be amazed at the things that will open up to you. As to seeing through into other dimensions will be there for you as continue along. And we told you previously to be ready for that because it will be shocking in many respects for you as this happens. Think in terms of as you spoke earlier in your group discussion when one is seeing something out of through the corner of their eye and they turn and it is no longer there. And it happens again and they turn and it is not there. And they begin to wonder, am I just imagining that or is there really something there? Well one of these times you will turn and there will be something there. And to determine at that point what your reaction is will determine whether it will continue to open up for you. You see? If you show fear it will go away and it will not come back too quickly after that. So it is the same thing when you come in contact with those from above in terms of the Galactics that are there waiting to be reintroduced back into your lives here. It is the same thing with them. As they appear to you in whatever way it is, if you show fear they will move away and you will not be approached any time again soon after that.

Q: I hope this is not a silly or redundant question but some people are saying that the Earth is flat and we’re in a matrix. Could you just shed some light on the flat Earth situation, please.

OWS: We would ask you to go within yourself here and think about that question and how would that be possible for the Earth herself to be flat. Think about that. And think in terms of what has come before this. True you have not yourself been out in space and can be able to look down and see the Earth as a sphere. So that is correct, you have not been able to do that yet. But many have been able to and do they report it back as something that is flat? How could that even be possible?

Q: So it’s a cabal-originated thing correct?

OWS: No, it is not a cabal-originated. It is originated by those who want to find some acclaim, some type of fame in their lives, you might say, and are attempting to prove something that they believe within themselves. And certainly as they attempt to prove this it will be shown that it is unproven to be that way. You understand what we say here? There is much in terms of mysteries that are going to be revealed as you move through this process. Much, much that is going to be revealed. And there is so many things that are going to be sometimes very shocking that are going to be, such as what you talked about earlier with your religious movements and all of this. Much of this is going to shock the world in many respects. But that is why you — those of you the light workers, warriors, bearers, sharers — that is why you are here to be able to lessen the shock, you might say, for many. Okay?

Q: Am I allowed to talk about the visitation we had last time? OWS: We did not understand your question: the visitation you had in the last meeting. Q: I’m just asking if I’m allowed to talk about the visitation you might say being on previous meeting because you have said some of us are already been visited. I want to say something and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it.

OWS: There is nothing that can stop you from sharing if it is something that you feel that is important to share. We would certainly never do that. It is not our place to interfere with those of the group process here except when specifically we are asked directly and sometimes then we can share an answer for this. But for the most part you are on your own here to share what you would be important to share to others here. If it is important to others to hear. If it is not, then we would suggest to not share it. But that is up to you and to the group as well here. Is the group alright for her to share she is speaking of? We are hearing some smattering of yeses and sure’s.

Q: Early this year I have been visited with a lot of angels, including Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and a lot of other angels who came to me and were talking to me. But at that time I really didn’t know, as a Muslim we are very limited to know the angels. Throughout my life I didn’t know them much other than Archangel Michael and Gabriel and two others. So at that time I didn’t know them. They tell me their names. They introduced themselves to me but I didn’t know them other than Archangel Rafael because he gave me a message and he said his name at the end of the message so I kept that name. And Archangel Michael who I already know and connect with him for long time. But the other angels I really didn’t know their name and I have to go back and research after that who they are, what they do. Basically that’s what happened they did visited me and I really didn’t kept the other names which is a lot who came one time and talked to me giving me some messages. That’s what I wanted to share.

OWS: Wonderful! And we appreciate your sharing that because there are many out there that are most likely saying, “Well that’s wonderful that she was visited. When are we going to get visited? When are we going to have angels appear to us and all of this?” And we would say to you many of you have already had angels appear to you. You have just not remembered it because it may have been in your dream state, it may have been in your meditation state and it was not fully recalled after. So many of you have had these visitations and will have more so of these as well. And some of you are going to begin to have more of a direct visitation or manifestation you might say and it will be beyond question as to whether it is real or not or part of that (quote) “imagination” of yours. So again, be ready for this because these things are coming. They are definitely coming and you are all going to be experiencing many different versions of all of this that we have been speaking of. We are not making these things up and doing this to entertain you. We are not in that business … well, most of us are not. There is one you know that is kind of in the entertainment business but we are here to do a job you might say. To be upon our missions. And our mission is to bring you along on your missions. Okay?

We are going to release channel. And as we do release channel here know that as you continue through these processes that you have been involved in for a long time – not only this lifetime but many, many lifetimes and many systems that you have come from before this. And as you have heard many times that you are the system busters, many of you are — not all — but many of you are. And this is a time that you are coming forward to that you will definitely be busting this system wide open. So that when you move on from this, you will be able to again move on to another system and bust that one wide open as well. And when we say ‘bust wide open,’ we are talking about ending the old paradigm and bringing on the new. Ending the old age and bringing on the new. It is not meant to in terms of hurting another or anything of this nature.

We are never in that process as well as you are not either. It is all about bringing the old system to a halt and bringing on the new Golden Age of this Earth as well as what you have had in the past and what you are going to continue to have in the future if you choose to volunteer again. And as we have said, many of you will be there to jump back in again and volunteer for the next mission that will be given you. But that is a time ahead. First there will be much change and shift here in consciousness here. And then when the time is right and you have moved through this ascension process, you will certainly be ready for some R&R, will you not?! [Yes!] Then we release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. “Believing is seeing!”



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