Update on Toxic Nuclear Clouds, Orbs, Sonic Booms, Energetic Pulses from Antarctica and More [videos] ~ Nov. 23, 2107

And the battle continues…except that most of humanity doean’t know about the battle! Please read this post from Starship earth which accurately describes what’s been goin’ on under our very noses..

According to sources, we are now in the “end game” for control of Earth, so please enjoy this holiday with your friends and family as Earthers will NOT see another Thanksgiving with the present set of circumstances. Our next should be much better and holds so very much promise for our world!

Please read this log which offers much good info for those “new” to the hidden scene we all live under, consider the validity of your rejections (MSM…really?), and…


We may not have a traditional WWIII, but the drums of war are most certainly beating with a lively staccato on this American Thanksgiving Day.

Whether we consider the leak in Russia a nuclear accident or sabotage, it’s something to watch. David Seaman reported yesterday on many orbs seen over Russia and I’m wondering if those orbs were cleaning up that toxic cloud as we’ve seen other orbs or UFOs cleaning up chemtrails. David Wilcock told Seaman they are “spherical energy structures”. Sounds like off-planet tech.

As for the sonic booms across the planet and also explosions, such as reported in New Jersey… it certainly seems like the game is unfolding in earnest now—particularly if the US military bases are really in lock-down as we heard this week.

The general consensus seems to be that the rogue CIA control North Korea and it is for that reason that they are a force to be reckoned with at this point.

Cobra’s most recent update moved the alert for the Resistance Movement back up to Black from Red around 4:00 pm yesterday. See my separate post for his most recent update entitled, “Battle for Antarctica”, soon to be published here.

The current situation brings to mind a comment Q-anon made on 4Chan about waiting to address the serious issue on our planet and the question, would it be any easier to delay it until later years? Obviously, we’re in this mess because no one did anything about it decades ago and it got so far out of hand that a mass extinction event is in the offing if procrastination is allowed to continue. It has to be done now, or never. We were warned there would be casualties.

How much of what we’re seeing is part of the strategy? We don’t know, but it would be irresponsible of us to ignore it.

Putin has ordered Russian companies to be prepared to go into war mode on a moment’s notice.

More unseen and unreported events from lamestream media are these repeated mysterious pulses of energy, usually emanating from Antarctica, but we saw some from the mid-Pacific ocean, as well. Dahboo77 reports on the most recent one a few days ago. They are often related to extreme weather events and geo-engineered storms.

I feel guided to write more for the newer arrivals on the alternative media/truth media platform these days, so the old hands may want to skip the rest.

Folks who are just now learning about “something” going on might wonder why no one in an official capacity is telling us anything. I would say there are two answers.

1. The general public has no context for what is truly unfolding on our planet. They have chosen to ignore the warning signs and the nudges from those who saw the approaching danger and believed it was “conspiracy theory”. They believe that any danger to them will be handled effectively by their government and military, and they have literally been “programmed” by their televisions and media talking heads.

2. The mainstream media networks, the corporate media, are nearly all owned by the controllers who have had free reign over our planet for millennia. They will never tell you what is really going on because they report to the shadow government, the cabal, as they’re known. As soon as we mention “Illuminati” many people dismiss it as fable. What the American public gets as “news” is almost pure propaganda. They tell the People what to think—and what to do…

Such as… impeach the only President who is working for the American public. What?  People need to understand that “politics” is also a weapon. Sometimes, however, that weapon backfires as it did last November. Nothing could have been worse for the entire world than to have Hillary Clinton in the White House. That would have been the death knell for Humanity and those who understood that took action to prevent that “clear and present danger”.

Many have died over the years trying to bring the truth to the general public and this war to remove the psychopathic parasites that control the world just kicked into high gear. Like it or not, that’s the situation and all we patriots have to communicate is the Internet—as crazy as that sounds. The President of the United States communicating with the world via Twitter? I marvel about that every day.

Q-Anon’s posts on 4Chan are an example of this, and those of us who have been following the situation for years feel it is from a legitimate source. WikiLeaks is another legitimate source of hidden information. Edward Snowden probably didn’t act alone and it may be his team members within the NSA who are posting updates on 4Chan to guide us and prepare us and communicate with their counterparts. That’s just my theory. We all interpret information in our own unique ways and when you put it all together, we get a fairly accurate and very colourful tapestry of what is unfolding.

Trying to explain all that has transpired to the uninitiated would be—well, we may as well read them a fantasy movie script. They wouldn’t believe it’s real. This is deep, it’s complex, and a lot of research on blogs, websites and YouTube is required to piece it all together from scratch. Anyone having to do that at this point would then be lacking the discernment required to filter the information from the disinformation, so it wouldn’t be expedient to do that. This disinformation is THICK, because it’s an information war. The Internet is both a tool and a weapon.

Folks are just going to have to take the word of the people we trust here in the truth media to bring us reasonable interpretations of what is happening and decide for themselves what the reality is. I can tell you the reality is beyond anything you probably ever suspected, because we’re talking ETs, planetary invasions that have happened multiple times over the millennia, predatory behaviour in every gradient of the spectrum, and pure evil.The government isn’t really your government and they’re completely out of order. It’s easy to be distracted by the scandals.

We also have various factions of those controllers fighting amongst themselves; literally killing each other. Some of this activity is in the news but without context, one doesn’t recognize it for what it is, and the cabal likes it that way.

The ones who are losing control and being removed by President Trump, the US positive military and various world leaders, are psychopaths who have been scheming to eliminate 90 per cent of us from the planet in nasty ways. They mean business. They have their own armies, off-world tech, and they are now backed into a corner where they might do almost anything.

Fortunately for us, a lot of white hats in the military, military intelligence, good guys in the NSA, and other agencies including Britain’s intelligence and other countries are working together but it’s a delicate operation when the lives of billions of people with no idea what is transpiring lie in the balance.

We also have been protected to a great degree in unofficial / unacknowledged ways by our galactic brothers and sisters who have been fighting a literal space war on our behalf and for the benefit of all Creation for a very long time to eradicate these satanic entities from existence. Progress has been positive for the allies overall, but we’re down to the wire and what has been almost invisible to the masses, is creeping into the visible world and can’t be contained or covered up much longer.

On a positive note, the benevolent Galactic Light Forces have purged all the other infected planets and Earth/Terra is the last—because the infestation here is the worst. They have brilliant strategists and far better technology than the “bad guys” and through experience, know what they’re doing. I guess we just have to trust them, since we’re still here.

The rules of engagement? For the cabal, there are none. Carte blanche.

Objective: take as many Humans with you as possible when you go down.

For the Light forces: engage the enemy as covertly as possible so as not to frighten the civilians.

How does one explain the situation to a blind public? They will panic or ignore it because it’s just too far outside their realm of understanding.

That’s enough background for now. I feel like a broken record; like I’m living Groundhog Day, caught in a time warp. Everyone on the planet needs to prepare for a possible interruption in electrical power, communications, the food and water supply, gasoline and other fuels, medical supplies, pet food… all the daily appurtenances we take for granted in many areas of the world.

Banks may have to close for a few days so you need cash on hand; all of this for a minimum of two weeks. If we do this now we can rest in the knowledge we did what we could to look after ourselves so as not to be a burden if this war interferes with our daily lives. We’re either an asset or a liability.

The frequent references to Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, the White Rabbit, etc. are the perfect analogy for the world we live in. Everything has been turned upside down, inside out and back to front. Everything is the opposite and that is one way they were able to control us for so long.

For now we just watch, prepare, remain calm, and support those executing this take-down when called upon to do so, as best we can. Look after each other and envision a better world.

Thanks is due on this day set aside for just that; gratitude that we’re still here to fight this battle in the war to end all wars.

Victory of the Light!  ~ BP



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