Archangel Michael & OWS ~ The Gloves are Off, We are Moving Now in Full Force ~ Nov. 19, 2017

Good to hear this message from the Prepare for Change group in Phoenix, Az! Looks like things are indeed happening out there folks, buckle up and hang on as human consciousness begins to shift and change in a positive way for ALL of humanity! Please read, consider where your heart is these days, and…


Channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on November 12, 2017


I AM Archangel Michael.

It is I who comes here to you to be with you at this time just as Ashtar was here the last. For Ashtar began a process at that moment at that time that he met with you and with others across the planet. For many groups are now coming together and many groups are sharing this understanding, this knowing, this sense of oneness that is passing across the planet now.

At that time he spoke to you that all was in readiness, all was in preparation. Those of the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation of Light, all of the different councils that are working in this ascension process for not only this planet but for the entire solar system and even the galaxy itself is going through this great momentous change of consciousness. And he spoke of this. And I come now to speak to you further of these changes that are coming very fast and that all that you have been waiting for, expecting is close at your door now you might say. Barely a whisper away are we as we wait for that final signal which is coming.

Just as Ashtar has said I Am also saying all is in readiness. And you have heard the terminology now the gloves are off and that is true. You have heard the term enough is enough and that is also true. But we have waited for some time now to provide the opportunity for those who would not seize this opportunity for some time now, that would not turn to the light. We gave them the opportunity to be able to do so but they have thwarted our efforts at every turn. Even to the point of manifesting to them directly, being in their presence, showing ourselves, and yet they turn away. They turn away to what they have always known … at least in these lifetimes. They have forgotten where they came from. They have forgotten that they came from the light and that all must return to the light.

We have given them this opportunity. They have turned away from it. We have given it to them again and again but they continue to turn away. Now we are not going to continue to offer it until they are ready to make the move themselves. If they are ready to turn to the light we will accept that but we are moving now full steam ahead with what must come now, what must be, which Prime Creator has declared has decreed that enough is enough and all systems are go at this point.

It does not necessarily mean that you will experience The Event tomorrow or the next week or even the next month but you will experience it. It is coming it cannot be stopped. Ascension cannot be stopped any longer. No matter what those in the darkness still do they cannot hold it off.

But know this, as you continue to move through your daily lives — continue to live your lives — but know as you live each and every moment of your life that all is in flux, all is in motion and your lives are about to take a major turn as these vibrations continue to accumulate across the planet and you continue to do those jobs those missions that you came here for.

We are all watching now, all watching as you continue the processes that you have been learning. Continue to find yourselves moving into the higher vibrations more and more each day; feeling it, knowing it, believing it. And as you know the more you believe it the more you will see it.

I AM Archangel Michael. I will be with you at this coming Advance  (He is speaking of our December Advance – formerly called retreats) very much so, as things turn out at that moment in those moments. You will understand much.

All of my love and peace be with all of you. Take up my Sword of Truth and have everything be revealed. All of the truth will be revealed and the darkness washed away with the light.


Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to continue this process that we started some time ago here with all of you. It has been a process too. We have been working with you; you have been working with us. We have been working through you; you have been working through us as well. And all of this is continuing and is going to increase greatly. Not so much this idea of channeling and all of this. This is going to dissipate over a period of time here it is going to become less and less. You will be hearing less and less from those various sources that have been bringing this through because it will no longer be needed.

You will be able to communicate directly with your Higher God Self with your Source Within You. All of this is coming. This is why you are being prompted to surrender to Source, to find the Source within you and begin to establish that understanding and that communication. The more and more that you continue to allow this process and believe it, it will continue for you. Okay?

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q:  This is a question that I’ve had for many years and I have not been able to solve or even get a glimpse of reality connected to it and that is the fact that we are more than one body. I’ve heard that we have different bodies at the same time. We have one member here that she saw herself as being pregnant in another lifetime now. And things like that just really confuse me. I don’t understand how many contracts we’ve given out. I’m just thoroughly confused about this issue.

OWS:  Very good. We will attempt to clear up the confusion here. You are correct in the knowing that there are many bodies you might say of yourself, many personalities that have been put down by your higher self, and this is a continuing process that has been happening for a very long time. But as you know there is no time and really except within this three-dimensional illusion so past present and future are all one. So as you are having a lifetime here there are many aspects of you that are also having a lifetime in other dimensions, other systems, and all of this. You see?

As Prime Creator began to multiply itself into many many more than itself and be able to experience something outside of itself so it would experience creation, the creation that it would make itself, and be able to experience that creation through all of its creations. And then all of its creations become creators themselves, and they created from themselves as well, and so on and so on and so on. And then you have billions and trillions of souls that continue this process. And you have many personalities that have been dropped down by your Source … http://interference

As we are saying here there is a continuing process of this creation. And that is what it is. It is creation. You are creator. And you have been created and you are creator as well. And you continue to go through this creation process.

Now those of you that are here in this three-dimensional illusion many have forgotten that they are creators. They have only seen themselves as created and that is a misnomer here and something that is going to be reestablished you might say as you move into the higher vibrations and higher dimension and begin to remember truly who you are. And at that point you will begin to remember many of your multidimensional selves and it will be as if you are all coming home together. Okay?

Did that clear up confusion or did it make more confusion? Some are probably saying what was he talking about?  

[inaudible] It was meant to be.

Q:  [inaudible] … Golly, when am I going to see all my beings that I’ve created? Will that be like in the spirit planes or …

OWS:  But see you are thinking of this in the three-dimensional illusion again. You are thinking of yourself as separate. You are not separate. You are one and the same with all. All is Source. You are Source and Source is you. You see?

Q:  So it’s like I have tentacles kind of? Only they are identities that are created of myself?

OWS:  If you want to think of yourself as an octopus yes. You can look at it that way but we would say it is something that will clear up for you very much so as you continue to move through this transition process that you are in and when the event happens it will begin to very much more bring about those memories coming back to you. Not all instantaneous. You would not be able to handle that. Many would not be able to handle that. But it will come as a process for you as you continue to move through the ascension. Yes.

Q:  How can I turn an in-harmonious Mars pattern with both Uranus and Jupiter into a positive influence? My Mars influence is creating tension in my auric field which is attracting stress and tension to me instead of peace and harmony. This Mars influence is creating anger and resentment towards myself and my higher self because I feel like I have set myself up to fail instead of succeed. What was I thinking?

OWS:  One thing you are doing that many are doing who study this astrology and all of this is they have come to understand based on the programming that they have that Mars is a planet of war and Mars is the planet of anger and brings all of this to you. And it is not that way at all. This is been the programming that has come from the cabal. They have created this entire process for you to think about and ruminate about and if you are an aspect coming from Mars that you are going to be more warlike or you are going to have more tendency to have these difficulties and things of this nature as you continue on. But this is not the case at all and again when you have gone through the ascension process you will have come to understand exactly how this entire astrology tends to work with those of you at the higher vibrations and works at the level that you are at that time. But you are still somewhat mired, your mind anyway, is still mired here in the muck of the three-dimensional illusion. And as you continue to stay in that muck and that mud and all of that then you will continue to operate as the cabal has planned here long, long time ago. Back to the times of Atlantis we find.

Q:  Well I’ve been in Atlantis but it’s not that I want to stay there it’s just I think the energies are probably bringing up many, many lifetimes of anger.

OWS:  That is something that is a pattern that you look at here and you can alleviate that, because all past lives are, are memories. They are nothing more than this. They are not something that has a hold on you unless you would believe it to have a hold on you. This is what this group and all of these lessons and trainings and techniques and everything that has been given here over a period of time is attempting to work with you, to bring you through this illusion. To take you out of this illusion and help you to realize again as Lady Nada said not too long ago, “there is no veil.” That veil is really not there even though you have been told many times you are held back from seeing because of the veil. If you begin to believe that the veil is no longer there then it will no longer be there. You see?

Q:  Any time we start the meditation now I see myself holding hands with the group and every time we go all the way up in space giving light to the Earth, to Mother Gaia. We’ve done that a few times. And a few weeks after, some beings like Angels were sending us light and we were sending it down to Earth. We did that about three weeks. And then those beings joined our group holding hands with us and between us we had one being or fairy there holding hands with us. We were all now doing it together, sending the light to Earth.

For me now I’m stuck in that area. Every time we do a meditation and it’s been a month since we did that but any time we start holding hands with a group going on our way up I’m stuck in that area. Even when we channel I don’t hear anything. That’s all I’m doing is with the beings and the group. I’m stuck in the one place with the group and the beings giving light to Earth. I’m stuck and I don’t know why. I have to listen to the recording now to see if we do anything else.

OWS:  In other words you are finding yourself stuck in an area of working with the light as is being done within this meditation and you are not able to find yourself flying away to other experiences. Is this what you’re saying?  [Caller continues to explain situation.]

You are unable then to experience the rest of the meditation there being on the Earth and seeing the light move through the various beings and all of this that has been spoken of. Is this it?

What you are saying here is being stuck, others would maybe say ‘Wow! We wish we could be stuck like that!’ In other words many here, there are some in the group that they are not even able to have this visual experience. They do not even find themselves going out and experiencing these things that we are sharing to see.

But there are those that can see, there are those that can hear, there are those that can feel, there are those that can experience only the energies they cannot get the pictures you might say but they experience energies they feel the energy. You see there are many different levels of beings, people here that are able to do different things with this because of where they have come from before. Where they have come from, the past lives that they have had, because they have the experiences in these things. And some are able to very easily see, visualize you might say that whatever it is that’s being shared and then much much more beyond that. But this is also a practice. This is something that if you practice at it you will get better at it.

But then like we say here there are those that come from other systems that have not had this experience before in the physical bodies such as this and it is difficult for them to have the experience then outside of the physical body.

And we understand you are saying you are stuck, but the more that you say you are stuck the more stuck you will be. You see? And also understand as we say that there are many out there that wish they could be as stuck as you. Okay? Not maybe what you wanted to hear. You wanted to hear how to become unstuck but we cannot give you that. That is something you must work through here on your own. But we would suggest to you it is not something to be concerned about. Do not become worried about it certainly never become feel guilty about it and just let it be what it is. And whatever it is going to be is what it is. Okay?


Q:  I just want to say how much we all love you and thank you so much for just being here and being with us. We love you and thank you so much. It’s like you say, rocky times ahead but you know just to hear your words. I cannot say … we love you so much. Thank you just for being here coming through the James and delivering your amazing words of love and wisdom to the group. Because we really do need it in these times. Bless you and we love you very much. All of you.

OWS:  Good. We appreciate that and this is our mission. Just as you have your missions, we have our mission. And our mission is to work with you and to help you to work with others. That is our mission and then that becomes your mission as well, if you accept it. It is like the “Mission Impossible”… If you [choose to] accept it.

Q:  I’m curious, if it’s not too elementary, based on what you were saying previously about the misconceptions about Mars and its influences, if you could possibly clear some of those of the grossest of them in our programmed astrological system as it is now.

OWS:  As we are saying here this has been a program that has developed over it time that Mars is the planet of war. It is not. It has become that because those of the cabal wanted to spread fear as much as they could and create warlike people and separation and all of this. And Mars is not that at all. Just as Venus is the planet of love but it has also been given different connotations as well.

So those of you that know about the book the “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” that is also a sense of programming. Not of the one that wrote this knew this understanding, he simply went with what he was experienced, what he was finding in his research. But he became a part of this programming as well. Men are not from Mars. Women are not from Venus. It has simply been a part of the programming that has developed here. See? Men can be and are as loving as women are and women can be as aggressive as men are at times.You see?

This has become a very large misnomer here that has developed here but it will be shifted and rectified here as you move through this, continue to move through this transition.

Q:  This is regarding the Universal Laws. I’ve been hearing more of from numbers 12 to 20. My curiosity is of all the different Universal Laws and how we are incorporating them more and more into our lives and our awareness. Could you give us some awareness of how we are to bring those back into our manifestations and transmutations, invocations, prayers, etc., so that we can be more in harmony with the Universal Laws. I kind of want to know the count … if that’s really necessarily to know the number. I’m curious if you could shed some light on that subject.

OWS:  Yes the count as you are saying is certainly not necessary. The only thing that is necessary to understand as you are moving through this transition that you will become more and more involved or knowing, you might say, of these Universal Laws. Certainly the Prime Directive: never interfering with one’s free will is a major Universal Law. We all follow this. Also Love. The Golden Rule: love thyself. You know this one. This is a major Universal Law. The Law of Abundance is a major Universal Law. Etc. etc. You will come to understand and know this and certainly in the times ahead when education is changed in a way that it must become changed, those that are attending the schooling and all of this will learn these laws early on. They will learn these laws by the time they’re five and six years old, you see. It is important because everything will shift. Consciousness was shift and these laws as you are saying are a part of this consciousness shift here. Okay?

Q:  May I ask a personal question please?

OWS:  We can take personal questions if they are related to the group as a whole as well, to the collective consciousness here. So we will determine then if you have this.

Q:  My question is: earlier this week I was visited by a brilliant white light in my living room which blanked out everything in the living room so it completely looked empty. Unfortunately I was I guess afraid because all I could say was, “I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid.” So whatever the message was being delivered or whatever I was to feel I didn’t feel it because I was just trying to psych myself into not being afraid. So I’m just wondering what that was or who it was that had visited me at that time.

OWS:  That is why you did not feel it because you warded it away. You warded it away such as something fearful but if it was white light as it was … that is what you said correct?

Q:  That’s right. I realized that’s why I had no reason to be afraid.

OWS:  No reason whatsoever to be afraid if it is white light. If it is something dark, something menacing, something that feels wrong to you deep within yourself, then that it is a different understanding. But we can tell you that you as light workers and warriors, sharers and all of this, those of you that came here with your missions, those of you that are part of the 144,000 and all of this, those of you are ones that are very much protected from those forces of darkness, the denizens of the darkness you might say. You are protected from them. Unless you invite them in. There are ways that they can be invited in and people have done that over the past in your what you call possessions and these things. They are real they have been real but you are very much protected. And if it is a white light, as you are saying, it was something miraculous that was coming to you.

And this we can now share with all of you out there as well. This is not simply just a personal question for this one, this is for all of you. You are all going to experience not so much this exact thing but you are going to experience many more of these types of things whether it’s in your dreams in your waking state in your visions during your meditations whatever it might be the idea of white light is going to become more and more prominent to you in your manifestations. Okay?

Q:  Will he come back?

OWS:  If you invite back, but you have scared it off!

Q:  But I’m not afraid anymore.

OWS:  Then you need to convince those ones that came to you. And we say of ‘those ones’. It was not just one. It was a collective you might say. They are aware of you and if you would allow it you can become aware of them as well. This is an example here of when you are visited by a craft of some type when this occurs in the times ahead for many of you, maybe not all but many of you, will be able to experience this. But they will only come as you are ready for it. As you are prepared as you are inviting them if there is even a smidgen of fear they will not show themselves to you. Okay?

We are going to need to release channel here now.

In these times ahead, working up toward that time when you are at this mountain Advance which has been prepared for some time as we have said, and we are gearing up, you might say, for a grand show in many ways, and you will find that out. But it is going to be a very experiential time as well. Experiential in terms of learning techniques, receiving other tools that you might use to continue to work through your daily life as you need to, but to know that you are moving into a level or a balance you might say of abundance in your life.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”



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