A message from one re: vegas ~ Oct. 10, 2017

Very interesting discussion here with “ONE”. please read, understand the Bigger Picture of the Las Vegas shooting, and…


October 9th, 2017

I will let this conversation speak for itself.  I’ve been unable to do much connecting myself this
week.  There is a great deal here to absorb.

I was surprised at who showed up to chat today; this conversation was unexpected and one that
I am still digesting, many hours later.

It begins…

“Is there someone who wants to connect?”

Yes, Sophia.

It is I, it is One.


There are things to say.

You have been distraught. So distraught, that contact was not possible. The pain was palpable
and your questions heard.

Will you answer them?

Yes. I will tell you what was allowed and why it was, and give you as much insight into the
current planetary situation as is possible and advisable.

Please. There are now talks of war on many fronts.

There will not be nuclear war. This is not on any timeline. There are divisions, skirmishes
and violent divisions breaking into violent altercations.

Please. This event last week was a sacrifice, not a division.

This event last week was not stopped, due to the possibility of conflict and destruction if
it had been.  

The awareness of the true instigators is not as expanded, at this point, as you’d like to think.
This violent act has caused a questioning, a re-think, for some who were pondering.

Yet, they go to their regular sources for news and are told to blame a fictitious group and come
away then, more militant and polarized. They do not see the truth. I do not see how this helps.

What you don’t see is the bigger picture. This bigger picture includes massive numbers of
lives lost if the country erupts in civil division and war.

One side is being fed antagonistic claims and ideas to fuel the fire.  The other side, in their
desire for peace and transparency, seem to be siding with a buffoon. This is how it looks.

Without the shock value of what is to come from the Las Vegas event, these polarized
views escalate the hatred and increase the possibility for civil war – exponentially.

This event is a focal point.

It will emerge; who was behind it pulling strings and orchestrating puppets. There are so
many puppets with little regard for life that are easily manipulated.

What I wanted to say to you today is that the tide turned a bit after the Las Vegas event,
yet not nearly enough. Without it, war was inevitable. With it, there is a greater
opportunity to avoid it.

What you can do now is promote unity.

All sides have a contribution that accelerates the shift. The truth seekers, light warriors,
light workers, star seeds, humans, Christians, Muslims, Jews – everyone.

The story is ALL OF YOURS – not only that told by the star seeds or prophets.

You must realize by now that nothing is impossible or guaranteed. Not on earth when
considering a race of billions.

Each component requires different assistance to get the job done.  The reasons you are here
differ greatly.

You’ve been angry Sophia.  Yet I tell you that your anger is akin to a child – you don’t know
the whole picture.

Those beings who were part of the violence chose to be, for the greater good and their own
soul’s growth. You cannot know their reasons for doing so. These things are not yours to

You cannot afford anger now Sophia. This fuels only polarity. The greater picture and
purpose includes acceptance, trust and determination.

The coming Earth’s ascension is guaranteed. 

You will live it in the not too distant future, as will your partner. Neither of you will be old
and feeble.  Your children will enjoy life in a new age.  A new earth will be theirs to
govern and your future grandchildren and great, great grandchildren will not know the
fear and desperation you’ve all chosen to experience.

What I am telling you is you succeed.

What will help you is to brace yourself for surprises; and trust that regardless of what
they look like on the surface – the end is seen, it is beautiful and all of you here to see it will
do so.

You will have to temper your reactions with a force of constant and continual love. TRUST.

The greatest changes are not the result of easy transitions.  Often violence and dramatic
events announce their arrival. 

The transformation of a planet and her people is a cataclysmic event.  This will initiate
equally astounding happenings as it approaches. 

You must offer hope and strength and acceptance in order to allow in the beautiful new earth
that awaits you.  This is what it takes Sophia. Nothing less.

You, and all of humanity, are ready for this. The time to act is now.

That is all.


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ we are anchors for the light ~ let’s do this.

With so much love,

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