Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Hurricanes, Storms, Fires… The Higher Perspective ~ Sept. 15, 2012

By cosmicgypsy, 09/15/2017

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time to offer you a higher perspective on the dramatic shifts that are currently occurring upon Mother Earth at this time. Beloveds you will notice that after the eclipse in August this was the time that the huge shifts really went up a gear, and here we are referring to within your own personal lives and very much within the collective consciousness.

Firstly we would like to address the current energetics that are very much affecting your own personal evolutionary trajectory. Dear ones as we have stated from the beginning of these written transmissions, the vibratory frequency of Mother Earth is exponentially increasing on a daily basis and this fluctuation and transformation can also be explained in the terms that Gaia is transitioning from Third density to fifth density.

This process has been designed to insure that all beliefs and ideas that are not in vibratory alignment with the higher dimensional frequencies must now be met, faced, embraced, transmuted, and ultimately alchemised back into the light of your highest christed self.

This current gateway is activating an intense confrontation of these old stubborn limited beliefs, but without the appropriate guidance and support it is very challenging to successfully navigate your way over to the other side of integration, and alchemization of one’s shadow aspect, This is one of the reasons it is so important to come together in your soul/ascension groups now, as the energy is building up towards the equinox gateway.  Please know dear ones that this gateway is forcing so many of you to finally heal some of your most stubborn 3D programs which your soul has chosen to take on in this lifetime.

It is imperative at this conjecture that we offer you some clarity and angelic guidance that will support you on a deep level to move through this layer of old conditioning/programming, that you may align with your original divine self. It is so important, as these old programs and aspects of your consciousness are being triggered, that you view these parts of the wounded child self from the perspective of the adult parental higher self. You must approach your wounded self as you would your own daughter or son who were to come to you with this exact issue. Please know that when you do this, you activate a powerful frequency of unconditional love towards your inner child which enables them to feel safe, that they may become receptive to transformation, and ultimately alchemization.

When you view yourself in this manner you also create a spaciousness with the aspect of your consciousness that has been heavily trained to identify with the wounded aspect. Every time you identify with your wounded child you simply forget who you truly are, that your divine eternal presence is the space in which all phenomena be it light or shadow is allowed to rise and fall. Dearest ones, your presence is untouchable, your presence is a vast, silent, empty, and serene, just like the sky, and is able to hold space for all temporary phenomena positive and negative. Beloveds if you can truly grasp what we are saying here, you will receive the Holy key to free yourself from samsara’s perpetual wheel, and in your own liberation you will liberate all who come into contact with you.

You are not your thoughts, you are not your programs. These can be likened to temporary clouds that come and go in the sky but never ever leave a trace. Your true eternal self is the blue sky, vast, empty, Open, accepting, spacious, and eternal. When you identify with your thoughts this is like the sky waking up one day and believing itself to no longer be the sky, and instead believing itself to be a temporary cloud. This is a preposterous notion beloveds, but this is the habit that 99% of humanity is addicted to. Please awaken now and open your heart and open your palms to receive this sacred truth and commit to claiming this as your own.

You are an eternal, majestic divine being, son and daughter of the most high Mother Father God. It is time now for the wayshowers to commit to full self realisation and remembrance. The collective consciousness of humanity needs you now to be In alignment with the truth of who you truly are.

With regards to the storms, hurricanes, and raging fires that are occurring right now dearest ones, please know that all that is being destroyed will be we rebuilt, but this time the foundations will be stronger and built upon the solid bedrock of unity unconditional love and deep caring. These disasters are very swiftly demonstrating the impeccability of the human spirit, which wishes to be in service to all. What you are not seeing in your news reports is the overwhelming kindness and generosity of so many human beings who are going out of their way to serve and protect their fellow brethren and animals

The weather systems are a direct reflection of humanity’s consciousness, and the current weather is highlighting deep unconscious rage and sadness. Dear ones we urge you to address these issues within yourself and work with the magenta ray, which St Germain is sending forth now at this time. This will rapidly diffuse these distorted energies in your energetic systems.

To all whom are reading these words, we urge you to work with this ray on a personal level and visualise this colour in all the places that are being consumed by these extreme weather conditions for you are all more powerful than you could possibly comprehend and working with the magenta Ray in these times will exponentially Accelerate the restoration of calmness and tranquillity on your earth.

Thank you all so much for your support in sharing these messages far and wide and thank you so much for all of the many beloveds who have signed up for the equinox transmission already. During this transmission we will collectively be working with the magenta ray to activate a deep transformation in the path of these Hurricanes and storms and we will also be activating a powerful upgrade in the manifestational capabilities of all who come forward to be part of this extremely important Ceremony Tranmission.  

We will also be activating a completion of the kundalini circuit within your energetic system which is a fundamental prerequisite for activating the master codes for manifestation. May we remind you dearest ones that the equinox is an extremely auspicious time for light workers to gather. Please be aware that the elite also known as the cabal will be more than likely Asserting their own agenda on this date, and this is why it is imperative that as many light workers as possible come forward to anchor profound levels of pristine light on their grid points at this time.

This is crucial work for Gaia dearest brothers and sisters and please know that all of you who sign up to be part of this transmission will be aligning with an extremely powerful personal blessing for you and your own twin flame Journey and evolutional pathway.

Dear ones please know also that as soon as you commit to showing up for this level of personal and planetary service, your higher self will begin the process of preparing your Field for this level of transformation.

We very much look forward to welcoming you into the core group.

In love and light

Matahari and the white wolf tribe



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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