July Intel Update – Secret Space Program, Sigmund, Antarctica, The Event ~ July 9, 2017

I don’t usually put up much information on my blog about Corey Goode or David Wilcock because their  information is largely logistical about how/why the off-world connections will occur. David Wilcock produces Cosmic Disclosure, which features Corey and his experiences as a “super soldier” for the Secret Space Program.

However, in this article, more direct references are made that lead to the “timing” of “The Event”, or certain events that will take us into a time of great change, so I AM presenting this article. Spirituality is an important aspect of my life and certain information is just good to know acting as a kind of “foundation” the will keep everyone from being totally overwhelmed once the ball of Disclosure starts rolling…

So…please read, know that LOVE WINS in whatever direction Earth is headed towards, and…


Corey Goode: We’re close to some major Event! All the talk I’ve been hearing in the background from the military groups about what’s going on, sounds like everybody is very nervous. The Alliance is nervous to see how things will turn out, but the Cabal groups, they’re nervous to a point to where they’re beginning to make some serious mistakes.

The first thing, Corey, that we have in our outline is something regarding your contact in the SSP, Military-Industrial Complex version, Sigmund.

And what ended up happening with Sigmund from where we last were speaking?

Corey: Well, the last time I did an episode on these updates, afterwards, we had a get-together at the bed and breakfast I was at. And . . .

David: You and Sigmund did?

Corey: No. Me and you and a few other people.

David: Okay.

Corey: We were getting together for a little bit of a celebration.

David: Right. You’re talking about here in Boulder.

Corey: Right.

David: Yeah.

Corey: After everyone had left, and I went to bed, a dual-cab pickup started driving up to my bed and breakfast, and the headlights were shining in the window.

I thought that it was somebody returning back from the party, because it wasn’t that long after.

While I was sitting there, I saw three figures walking up to the door. The bed and breakfast I was staying in, the door wasn’t locking to my bedroom.

David: Oh!

Corey: It was kind of a glass door that opened. And I saw three figures walking up. I’m sitting up in bed. I still had a freshly broken foot from my trip to Hawaii and feeling very vulnerable.

He just knocked on the door and opened it at the same time, coming on in as if he knew it was unlocked and walked in.

David: Hm.

Corey: And immediately, I was . . . It freaked me out.

David: You didn’t know who it was at first?

Corey: I didn’t know. I wasn’t expecting him. I didn’t know who it was, and they just came walking in.

David: Wow!

Corey: After I settled down, and we started to talk . . . While this was going on, the two airmen I called Tweedledee and Tweedledum were . . . One of them walked up and stood on the balcony and was walking, and the other one stood sentry outside the back door.

He asked me how the taping went, if, indeed, I had shared the information about the R&D facilities and the secret spaceport down in Antarctica.

And I told him, “Yeah, I shared the information – how he shared it with me,” and he said, “Good, but that’s going to be my ass.”

David: And this is because, as you said before, they’re violating some kind of international treaty by having military presence?

Corey: Weapons development is not suppose to occur down there.

David: And just to be clear, when you say “spaceport”, are you talking portals, or are you talking spaceships, or both?

Corey: Well, all the information from the last update – the spaceport that we received from the Nazis later on, and the R&D facilities were ones that we built during the ’60s during Project Iceworm.

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David: So he thinks it’s going to be his ass but he doesn’t care?

Corey: Right. He said this information needs to get out.

David: Hm.

Corey: He further warned me that once that information breaks, that I better get ready, and all the people in my orbit should get ready, because all hell was going to break loose, which actually has occurred.

David: And how would you describe “all hell breaking loose”?

Corey: Well, Sigmund disappeared. I was picked up by Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They were very concerned, and they wanted to know if I had heard from him.

And when I said, “No”, they looked even more concerned, and they let me know that he was taken from his home somewhere in Virginia. His family was freaking out that no one knew where he was.

Strangely enough, I talked to Linda Moulton Howe on the phone this morning, and she told me that during the same time period, about three and a half, four weeks ago, her major insider in the Secret Space Program disappeared.

David: Wow!

Corey: So we have that aspect going on, people disappearing, and we also have these large coordinated disinfo attacks and character assassination attempts that have been going on against anyone working with me.

David: Hm. Was there anything else that you discussed with Sigmund during this meeting before he vanished?

Corey: Yes. He wanted me to dial back talking about the Blue Avians or Inner Earth groups, that he wanted me to only talk about the nuts and bolts experiences I had in the Secret Space Program.

David: Hm.

Corey: He said that the people that I had been giving the briefings to, they just could not follow it. They could not track it. He said that if I would pull back that narrative, that he would begin to set up these briefings again.

David: Hm.

Corey: I told him that I was not going to back off talking about the Blue Avians and what was going on.

David: It seems to me, Corey, that if whatever Cabal group or groups is responsible for making people disappear and doing what are almost absurdly exaggerated lies on an epic scale about you and me and others online, this doesn’t look like a group that’s winning. This looks like desperation to me.

Corey: Right. It’s what we’ve been seeing for a while. The intelligence community has come up with this new “fake news” model, and it’s taking off like wildfire in mainstream media. But in the alternative news area they’re really starting to implement that same model and just put out the biggest lies they can and present them as truth and see what sticks.

David: Do you think that all of these actions are happening because we are closer than ever to some kind of disclosure event?

Corey: We’re close to some major event. All the talk I’ve been hearing in the background from the military groups about what’s going on, sounds like everybody is very nervous. The Alliance is nervous to see how things will turn out, but the Cabal groups, they’re nervous to a point to where they’re beginning to make some serious mistakes.

David: So the next part of our outline here is another interesting area. And let me start this off with a question, and that is, what was it like for you meeting William Tompkins, who’s 94 years old and goes all the way back to actual World War II briefings about the space program to the highest level American generals and military officials?

Corey: It was amazing. Recently, William Tompkins, Dr. Bob Wood, Dr. Michael Salla and myself decided to write a book called “A Case for the Secret Space Program”.

When we met in San Diego for the first time, of course, being a character, Tompkins walked up and acted like he didn’t know who I was to mess with me.

Once we sat down and really started to record and speak, the amount of correlations that we had were amazing. I mean, it was very obvious from speaking with him that most of the smart-glass pad information I read about the World War II era had come through his briefings.

David: Wow!

Corey: And there were a number of other things. Like I talked about the pirate ship, and his cousin had the same thing – a pirate ship coming to pick him up. We had some . . .

David: I don’t understand what you mean by “pirate ship”.

Corey: Well, when you’re a kid, we would have memories of a pirate ship flying through the sky, like Peter Pan, and coming to pick us up. But it was really a masked UFO.

David: I see.

Corey: And so we would have a memory of being picked up by something other than a spaceship.

David: What was the most unexpected correlation between your data set and his that maybe you had no idea would have happened?

Corey: Well, the thing that’s kind of come up the most is this . . . some sort of interaction going on with this Nordic group.

David: Hm.

Corey: My inner circle, this team that I’ve been building, all of them seem to have some sort of history with this Nordic race. One of the people on my team told me, when we were discussing memories we had as children about these Nordic races, told me about a memory that was similar to mine, but almost exactly like one of my good friends from 20 years ago.

It was a dream to where he was a kid, and he was around a bunch of other kids. They were playing these three-dimensional holographic games, like puzzle games, and when he was able to solve it, they pulled him aside and started showing him star charts and planets, saying, “Is this your home? Is this your home?”

And it was the exact same memory that my other friend had shared, which was similar to mine. I didn’t have as much detailed memory, but I had a memory of a Nordic standing next to me, studying me very closely, showing me images of star systems and planets, asking me, “Is this your home? Is this your home?”

David: Wow!

Corey: As if they’re trying to find out where you’re from.

David: Was there anything about his knowledge of Reptilians that surprised you or otherwise was unexpected?

Corey: No, it was just a lot of confirming each other’s information when we were sitting there having a conversation. It was pretty exciting.

David: It’s certainly interesting when you read Tompkins’ book, “Selected By Extraterrestrials”, to really get the sense that he’s just being telepathically steered, almost by remote control, to build these craft designs that became the ship, apparently, that you were in for Solar Warden.

The Nordics really seemed to have been doing an awful lot, but yet they work through somebody like Tompkins to get these initiatives met. And yet, they seem to also be actual secretaries working at NASA and other agencies.

So what kind of conversations did you guys have about that Nordic influence?

Corey: Well, we discussed the Nordic influence that was going on right now. And I’m not going to go into a lot of details, but what you described about being influenced or giving information, synchronicities occurring, being guided from an unseen force, which, it’s all pointing to the Nordics.

David: Hm.

Corey: Point so much to the Nordics that when I had my next meeting with Ka’Aree, I said I finally was going to hit her with these questions, because too much was popping up about this group.

David: Hm.

Corey: The first opportunity I had to ask her about it, I asked her who this Nordic race was.

David: What Nordic race?

Corey: This Nordic race that had been . . . that we’re talking about.

David: Working with Tompkins?

Corey: Well, Tompkins and us.

David: Right.

Corey: I asked her about this Nordic race. I said, is this Nordic race the same blonde, Nordic-looking people that I saw in that Inner Earth meeting?

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And she said, “No, these are brothers and sisters of the Confederation.” They work quietly in the background, they guide humanity, they give humanity insight and ideas, but they usually do not interact with us directly.

She said that they have been interacting with us and guiding us for thousands of years – a very long time.

David: Do you know whether they’re from Inner Earth?

Corey: They’re not. When I was . . . I was pushing that. I kept going back and pushing that. And she hadn’t seen me like this before. I’m normally . . . was more kind of docile and playing along, but I was asking for answers.

She finally confirmed for me that the Anshar are actually people from the future, from after we’ve gone through all of these fourth-density changes, somewhere in the future the Anshar had what we would consider like a Mandela Effect thing occurring in their society. Their people . . .

David: Could you be a little more specific about what you mean by that? What was the Mandela Effect that was happening in their society?

Corey: I don’t know.

David: Okay.

Corey: They were having . . .

David: The Mandela Effect means that there are bifurcating timelines, that things don’t line up. Somebody remembers something, but it’s not really there.

Corey: Right.

David: Or it’s a little bit different.

Corey: Right.

David: So they start having time anomalies like this, . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . like their history books are not the same as what they remember – this kind of stuff?

Corey: I wasn’t given any examples, . . .

David: Okay.

Corey: . . . but they had their own Mandela Effects occurring that caused them to look back and see about when this was, this bifurcation, was occurring, and they decided to send a group back 17 million years, around . . . just before the time that the temporal anomaly was occurring, to have this group be stewards of their timeline.

There’s a possibility if they don’t steward the timeline properly, that they could cease to exist.

David: How does somebody travel 17 million years back in time? Let’s start with that.

Corey: The same way they travel 17 light years in space.

David: Hm.

Corey: I’ve explained in the past – time and space – if you can travel through vast distances in space with short periods of time, you’re time traveling. And these beings can travel through time as easily as they can travel through space. It’s happenstance. Either one is just as easy for them to do.

David: Well, we seem to have a similar analogy in the scholarship on the so-called Montauk Project, where apparently there was this hopscotching timeline between 1943, 1963, 1983, where the Philadelphia Experiment occurs in ’43, but then by ’83, there’s some sort of really big time anomaly that overlaps in the Montauk Project, like a wound in time, a rift.

And we’ve often heard other insiders saying that when you have a rift, that really negative beings can get in through that.

Do you have any idea as to whether what they experienced in their future was a rift of this sort, where maladaptive entities could get in and they had to fix it, or . . . ?

Corey: I didn’t receive any of those details. I kept circling the conversation around to push her for more information about this Nordic race. I was in a different state than she’d seen me in. I wanted some answers.

David: Okay. So what you’re saying is that there was some kind of bifurcation or time rift that occurs in their future that they believe is very maladaptive for them, and somehow, fixing it involves traveling 17 million years in the past.

So how did she explain what the value of going 17 million years in the past was? Why would that do anything?

Corey: They traveled 17 million years in the past, before the time anomaly that they were able to figure out, so that they could prevent the time anomaly and steward the timeline all the way through their current timeline to make sure that there were no, I guess, changes in the timeline.

Certain changes could cause them to not even exist.

David: Okay, so you say that they went 17 million years in the past. If we’re talking about a fourth-density Earth civilization, that could be something where they’ve already gotten millions of years ahead of us before they did this.

So are you talking about 17 million absolute years, or are you talking about them traveling to 17 million years before our current present?

Corey: 17 million years in our past, from our current era.

David: Okay. And what I’m hearing you say sounds like the time anomaly that they were concerned about started very soon after that period of 17 million years in our past. Is that right?

Corey: That’s why they chose that time period, to get there before the anomaly to correct it.

David: Do you have any sense as to . . . Is this anomaly like a geophysical event, like a catastrophe? Is it a solar flash? Do we know what the event is or any steps they took to fix it?

Corey: No information on that. I was circling back around to ask about the Nordics and what was going on and what type of interaction they were having with our group.

That was my . . . That’s what I kept pushing back to in the conversation.

David: So if these are people from our own future, did something happen that . . . Was there some kind of karmic entanglement that they got, that they had to go back and fix? Is that part of what this is?

Corey: Going back and making that change in time did have karmic ramifications. So they are tied to us karmically in a certain manner to where – I’ve talked about other ETs – we have to progress in a certain way for them to . . . but that’s organic for them, because if we progress the way we’re supposed to, that’s their timeline. If that makes sense.

David: Sure. Now, just so that we’re clear, “The Law of One” stipulates that once you go into fourth density, you process time differently, and so 17 million years for them is not necessarily what it would be for us. Is that correct?

Corey: Yeah, it would be. If they go back 17 million years in our past, and they’re living that 17 million years up into the present, then they’re experiencing 17 million years. They may process the time a little bit differently, but they’re still here experiencing it.

And they were not in contact with the Anshar from the future.

When they were put back here, 17 million years, they were like colonists, and it was from that small group that they’ve grown into what they are now.

David: Oh, really? So only a small group of people did this.

Corey: Yeah. They didn’t send giant cities back, of people. It was small groups, and they’ve grown into these large cities underground they have now.

David: And you said that they were concerned that they might not even exist if they don’t handle this properly? Could you explain that?

Corey: Well, if they don’t handle . . . If they don’t go back in time and fix whatever was occurring, there’s a possibility that the timeline could shift enough to where they would never have developed.

David: Does that rely upon us and the decisions we’re making right now?

Corey: Yes.

David: What would be a choice that we would make that might cause them to cease to exist?

Corey: Well, if we were taking steps that brought us away from the optimal temporal reality, I would guess; if we’re doing anything that’s going to keep us from progressing forward, according to their timeline.

David: So if we don’t ascend, if we don’t have this more positive, loving change in society, if we don’t overthrow the Cabal, that kind of stuff, that could all lead to this happening.

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Corey: Exactly.

David: Okay. I’m curious about whether you got into any dialogue with Ka’Aree regarding your meeting with the Sentinel that you had when they took you to Venus and this packet that you say got downloaded in your head.

Corey: Yes. That came up at the same time I kept pushing the Nordic issue. Finally, she let me know that there are agreements between all of these different groups. And a part of the agreement they have with this Nordic group was that they would not share too much specific information about the Nordics.

She said if I wanted more specific information, I needed to put the intent out there that I wanted to be in direct communication with them.

She said that I needed to basically get the information from them, according to the agreement that the Anshar has with this Nordic group.

David: Did she offer you any suggestions as to how you might be able to recover more of these memories, or any tools that she said you might be able to use?

Corey: Well, when it came to the zip file that I basically . . . was downloaded to me when I met the Sentinel on that space station, and also on Venus, she said that if I wanted to gain . . . I’ve been starting to have bleedthrough of information that I’ve been trying to process, and I’ve been going to her to help me process and make sense of.

She said that to get the information in a more digestible way, that I should consult the sacred plant. And at the time, I didn’t know if she was referring to a plant on the surface of Earth or if she was referring to that drink that she had presented me in the beginning when I met her that was made out of a flower.

But I kept pushing and pushing for the Nordic issue and that conversation wound down with her unable to answer my questions further and me unwilling to stop asking the questions.

David: Do you think it’s possible that if we pick our optimum timeline, that this breakaway group that traveled back 17 million years ago as a small group would eventually be able to reunify with their future selves in some way?

Corey: That would make sense.

David: Interesting. All right, so the last area we have here regards this current battle that’s going on between the Alliance and the Cabal.

And it says here that you have been saying – what your intel is now – is that this war is not actually progressing. Neither side is really making progress at this point.

Corey: There has been a stalemate in this shadow civil war going on. We have aspects of the Deep State, that they’re calling these groups in the government, which are basically career bureaucrats that weigh everyone else out and make all the decisions.

They also have the intelligence community, which is engaged in a battle of sorts against the military, a group in the military. And also within the Department of Justice, they’re in a 50/50 split. And the intelligence community, it’s a split more towards like 80% being Cabal.

David: The intelligence community is still 80% Cabal?

Corey: Right.

David: Hm.

Corey: So very little has occurred since they’ve tried to implement this, basically, bloodless coup in the United States.

What the military faction has pretty much decided is that the changes are not going to be able to be done in a bloodless way or in a legal way.

They think that they’re going to have to do a full-on military coup here in the United States, which is very scary to think about, but we’re at a point to where nothing’s happening. No one’s gaining ground. The Cabal isn’t, and the Alliance isn’t, and something’s got to break.

So that was one of the things that I found out recently, is that they’re really starting to discuss an open coup in the United States and a couple of other Western countries.

David: I know that a lot of this is obviously very sensitive, but on a basic level, what might that look like if it were to happen? What would we experience?

Corey: It would be, I am surmising from other coups in the past, that all of a sudden there would be tanks in the streets of DC, all of these government types would be ordered to stay in their quarters. Those who don’t and come out to fight, will be engaged.

And they expect that it would be a nice little battle between some of the intelligence groups and the military.

David: Do you think it’s possible that the Alliance might use unconventional technology as part of this?

Corey: Yes. I mean, unconventional technology has been used for a while in this battle, you know, playing with the weather, that kind of thing. So I could see unconventional technologies being used as long as it doesn’t violate any agreements of using certain technologies in the open.

David: Well, I’m specifically thinking about things like . . . you mentioned these drones that could be various sizes that have propellers that we’ve seen in movies, but people don’t know if they really exist. Do you think they might use stuff like that?

Corey: They could, but as I stated, it’s going to be more of a conventional military if it indeed does occur, which has not been approved to move forward. But that is where they are right now.

Things are so contentious, there is such a stalemate, that they’re beginning to think that violence is going to have to be used.

David: Hm. This obviously sounds a lot like this mass arrest scenario that I’ve been reporting on since at least 2011. And one of the elements of that appears to be that we’re not strictly just talking about Washington, D.C., and we’re not just strictly talking about intelligence, that there may also be actions against controlled media, financial centers, these kinds of things. What are your thoughts on that?

Corey: Yes, controlled media would be taken over. The banking system would be taken over. Yeah. All of the infrastructure would be taken over. It would be . . . When a coup occurs, it’s basically shutting down the country.

David: What are your thoughts about the other thing we’ve heard so often, this idea that there would be, perhaps, a power outage during this time and that very few people would even know what had happened until it was over when the lights come back on?

Corey: Right. That’s communications, power outages are things that they might implement during a coup. That’s just a diversionary tactic.

David: So if something like this actually does happen, I would assume, Corey, that along with that process would be a lot of very ugly information coming out about how we have been lied to and about how we’ve been controlled.

And if that kind of information goes from being conspiracy theory to fact, how could people watching this show use a social event like that to help try to create a positive outcome?

Corey: Well, how about instead of waiting, sitting back and waiting for all of these things to occur, for these horrible things to occur, we empower ourselves?

We begin to get out, demand that technologies be released, demand that we want governments working together better, we want to have all of the corruption removed from all of our systems – not just the United States.

It’s going to take the people standing up and demanding this.

If we’re waiting for a coup to happen, or we’re waiting for one side to win, then we’re always disempowered.

If we can come together and start to work on getting a more positive outcome, then we don’t even have to worry about a coup.

David: I like that. All right, this is “Cosmic Disclosure”, bringing you the latest updates, here with Corey Goode. I’m David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.



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