Believe in Yourself, and Follow The Path of Your Truth ~ June 14, 2017

By Sophie Gregoire, 06/14/2017

“People can walk the way with you, but nobody can walk the way for you”. Rumi

You have reached a space where you have clarity and awareness about what is TRUE FOR YOU and what isn’t. 

You keep listening to others, sometimes. You keep thinking that they KNOW more than you do, or that there are other souls out there that are more advanced, more evolved, that have been on the path for a longer while but it’s not really about that now.

You now feel drawn to activities, people, places or to a sense of soul identity, of remembrance, of belonging and if it feels right, then it just feels right and those that don’t agree don’t have to agree with you or to give you permission to be who you are.

This is a time when, again, you’ll feel that we all are different. That’s ok.

What YOU now feel drawn to explore is what you should follow through.

There are other ways of seeing things, as always. There are other people and they find joy, meaning and belonging in other things. The path of a given man doesn’t have to be yours. We all play different games in this world and those have with different rules, playgrounds, players, justifications or reasons, and that’s alright.

We are drawn to different types of stories, of explanations about life, of things that make sense of not, of healing methods — nobody is right or wrong, people are just different.

Remember that the right “healers” are those who bring you back to yourself, rather than telling you HOW to become. 


We encourage you now to keep following YOUR OWN WAY.

Rather than trying to fit in the boxes or teachings of other souls (even if those are “spiritual”, or came up in your life recently as you were already “awakened”) we encourage you to keep walking your way and find those people who see things like you do. 

Because if you try to ADAPT, you may lose part of your truth and personal power to belong — while TRUE BELONGING doesn’t want you to change, doesn’t see you as smaller or as a “less evolved”.

True belonging sees you for who you are, takes you how youa re, with your qualities and flaws but doesn’t want to establish hierarchies between you and them — true belonging is a team of EQUALS GROWING IN SHARED VALUES. 

What’s meant for you doesn’t want you to change, to abandon parts of you, to reshape your beliefs, to make you unbecome.

True belonging walks with you, either they let you be in your own rules or they simply share the same.



Growth just happens, just is. Growth is when you feel from WITHIN the call to do this or that, the desire to explore this or that connection, learning, activity. Growth is a pull FROM WITHIN to reach OUT. Growth is when you decide, out of the blue, to follow the flow from within you and take action towards this or that, even if it is the unknown and feels “scary” or uncomfortable.

Growth is when you follow yourself even if this takes you to newness, GROWTH IS WHEN YOU EXPLORE THOSE THINGS THAT YOUR SOUL IS LEADING YOU TO.

Growth means unsettled often times YES, but not unsettled like pulled, dragged here or there because someone called or because the sense of self, of ability to lead one’s way is dying… No, growth is unsettled if and in the manners that your soul, your heart, your flow is leading you to.



What’s next is found in the depth, in the mysterious places of the inner connection… and from there the right ideas are born. 

The path forward is found by dropping within oneself to feel what’s right, what sounds like “fulfilling” and true and from there the right “action” just comes to one’s mind when the time is right.

Dear ones, we encourage you not to lose your sense of self, worth and values through these unsettling times. 

Yes the path is TRANSFORMATION, but it doesn’t have to hurt or to see you change in a way that doesn’t feel right or TRUE to yourself.


Dear ones, believe in yourself. Your abilities, knowing of the self and understanding of the world are ENOUGH to lead you forward. 

Your TEAM is found in those places where you feel at peace, empowered, tall because free to be your authentic self, to play the rules of your sacred game and to speak your own beliefs, values and words.

Your team is found where you can be your truest, most empowered, beautiful self. 

Much love, 


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