The Mature Masculine and The Mature Feminine ~ June 8, 2017

By Sophie Gregoire, 06/08/2017

The mature Masculine and the mature Feminine.

Before maturity often times comes immaturity.

The immature Feminine is a match to the immature Masculine.

As long as the Masculine closes their heart, can’t share about their feelings, desires, fears, expectations or goals in a bond — the Feminine develops fears herself because she doesn’t understand, and therefore can’t flow freely, open, vulnerable and uncovered in the relationship because it doesn’t feel safe. 

Likewise if the Feminine goes to the Masculine because she needs him to be supported or to know what to do, the masculine feels he can’t truly be vulnerable, or he is there for support rather than love, so this means being committed and contractual rather than happily, freely flowing for exploration, love and sensuality.


When one of the partner comes to the bond with anxiety of not deserving it, of being unworthy of love generally, when they come in the connection with a fear of abandonment, of loss or of being hurt… Meaning when they enter the field of the relationship from an inner place of INCOMPLETENESS, they also call as a mirror the incomplete/wounded frequencies of their partner.

In that case the fear that’s contained in one of both make them show outwardly and behave from a needy place — because they can’t trust that the relationship could develop in a flowing, healthy, happy way.

OR they decide to withdraw because it’s scary to dive in such a vulnerable thing without being SURE this will “work out”.

Thus, both needy behaviours and unhealthy, fast, unexplained withdrawals come from a place of fear of being hurt, or of love not working — and both unfold as mirrors, the Feminine often embodying the needy and the Masculine the withdrawal (emotional or physical). 

The needy behaviour of one, triggers the withdrawal of the other because it feels suffocating and shows a less mature, full aspect of their lover
— as well as the withdrawal of one causes the neediness in the other, who tries to catch, keep, chase the other at all cost to understand and name things.

In relationships, fear calls fears — and the wounded frequencies of one manifest the wounded frequencies of their partner.

While partners enter a relationship from a place of not feeling complete, happy, safe, loved, cared for ON THEIR OWN — they will expect more from the bonding than just love : support, being saved, feeling in their power, knowing what to do, feeling stronger because this person is “a good catch etc.” so the relationship will less flow, give and receive love freely without need or expectation of restitution, but on the opposite develop from a place of love blended with self-needs, self-care of self-indulgment.


On the opposite the more Mature Masculine draws in a more version of the Feminine. Both have a mature sense of self and power and know how to rely on themselves to be.

They therefore enter a bonding from a place of interest, joy, exploration, desires, draw, smiles, shared adventures or sensuality RATHER THAN from a place of self-help or melting as one in order to thrive more.

The latest is the New Paradigm.

Much love ️

Sophia and find me on FB! 



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