VIDEO: Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ Rise Winged Ones, Rise Children of The Heart ~ April 16, 2017

By Archangel Michael, 04/09/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to assist the collective with information on the current energies and what has been occurring with the Lightworker community. Many have gone through intense growth or spiraling downward. These energies are bringing up imbalances within family, friends and relationships…. In Totality, all that doesn’t resonate with your soul… with love. The energies are providing an immense opportunity for transformation to allow the anchoring of higher consciousness… your soul into Physical Manifestation. Let us delve deeper into these energies to assist the collective in rising above turmoil and unconsciousness. As always Dear Ones, Awareness transforms into consciousness.


Current Energies and Relationships

Many of the lightworker community are aware of the activities within the celestial bodies, such the Venus and Saturn Retrogrades, and more. Theses energies are putting relationships to the test, as what is not Real and True, is being revealed. We are observing fear in the collective as to these energies and more, especially with the misconception of planets going retrograde. These energies are not meant to instill fear, but to provide growth. What could possibly not wish to grow, expand, be called out on imbalance? This would be the programmed ego mind. Many have created belief systems around the concept of relationships, whether with intimate partners, friends or family. As you dissolve the programmed ego mind, you are able to raise in consciousness, and anchoring light, your soul. Raising in vibrations affects your surroundings and those around you. You will experience those that will support you on your path or simply leave as your energies are intensifying. Some people will even run, due to your energies, as the mind can not handle higher consciousness. It was never meant to. Honor the choices of those wanting to leave. Keep Shining Your Light. Most relationships are based from old belief systems, lacking Honor, Integrity and most importantly… Self Love. If you do not Love yourselves, you could never Love another. This is the main reasons relationships crumble.


The Yoyo Effect

We are observing the collective going back and forth, up and down, higher consciousness to unconsciousness, causing an assortment of De-Ascension Symptoms on the body. This is the “Yoyo Effect”. This occurs when you are tapping into the heart, to access your divinity and integrate the energies, then drop into the mind, abiding by belief systems and the limited constructs of the old paradigm and ways of being. This causes to deconstruct the integration of the energies within your body, having to go through the integration process over and over again, simply due to going back into the mind. The integration process is getting more intense if you are holding on to any aspect the mind, which in turn causes Resistance… not Integration. The mind have convince many that they are going through soul fragmentation, dark knight of the soul events, time line jumps and much more. The Truth is simply they are going back and forth into the mind. It matters not, how much healing you do, mediation practices, or calling on your Angelic Brothers & Sisters, or Star Family for assistance, if you choose to dwell within the mind. We Honor your choices, unconsciously or consciously. Ascension Symptoms are not supposed to be long lasting. If you are experiencing various symptoms on a daily and constant basis, these are your indicators that you are in the mind. When you are experiencing, Joy, Bliss, Laughter, Heightened Awareness, Unconditional Love and so much more… this is your indicator that you are in the Heart.

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Rise Winged Ones, Rise Children of The Heart

Dear Ones, these energies are purifying and hardening to you, so that you can become the Diamond that you truly are…. Removing all the layers of the programmed ego mind, so that you can become your Genuine selves. Gods and Goddess… Children of the Heart… the Divine Love Mirrors of Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation. Many have been consumed with your past of being such as;

 The Victim,

The Victimizer,

The Ignorant,

The Weak,

The Taker,

The Subservient,


And seeking guidance on how to become whole. Here is your Guidance:

“So What… The experiences you had were of your choosing. Forgive yourselves and everyone in the experience, and move forward… This is how you grow in these experiences, to gain knowledge and wisdom. Who cares about what you were… about your past. Judgement is an illusion… created by the ego mind, to make itself feel better. Self Judgement is due to unworthiness from the mind. Unworthiness of not Being Love. Also a Grand Illusion.

What Matters Most… is what YOU Choose Now… What Do You Choose to BE… In This Present Moment.“

Rise Dear Children of the Heart! Honor yourselves… Love yourselves. The Universe, your Angelic Bothers & Sisters, your Star & Elemental Families support you. You are Never Alone. Let go of all that does not resonate with your Soul, so that you may progress further into your spiritual journeys… your Missions. Be the Gods and Goddesses you have always been. Your are Winged Ones… The Bird Tribe.


Gifts From The Celestial Bodies

The energies of the Celestial Bodies provide many opportunities for growth and expansion. Embrace Them, Honor Them, and BE Grateful. As you move forward, the bountiful gifts of celestial bodies will be provided to those whom have fully embraced the Heart. Positive Karmic Gifts for passed work done, in Service to Mother Earth. For those against Love, Mother Earth, Mother of Creation, The Holy Spirit, Prime Creator and those of the Love… their Karmic gifts are coming as well.

If you wish to make your journey filled with Magic, Bliss, Joy, Laughter, Love and so much more…. Simply let of the mind, of all belief systems. You always have choice. Do you wish to Feed your Soul, or the Mind? Do your choose Love, or do you choose Fear? Do you choose the Heart, or do you choose the Mind?


You are not foreign to these energies. Your essence is Love. Only the mind is foreign to these energies, for it does not know Love, nor can it BE Love. Your original blueprint is a race of Heart Centered Beings of Pure Unconditional Love. This is what you are becoming. More will unfold about your specific roles and mission, as you move beyond the ego mind, and into your Hearts, via magical synchronistic events. All choices are Being Honored, as We Forward into Unity Consciousness with Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation and All of Creation. We Are One. Choose Wisely Dear Ones….

I AM Archangel Michael and I AM amongst You… Always of Service to The Universe, to Creation, to LOVE, to Our Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly, and Always Unconditionally…


Your Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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