Message for Twin Flames ~ Changes Are Imminent ~ Feb. 15, 2017


By Sophie Gregoire, 02/15/2017

I wanted to share today with you that situations are about to shift in many Twin Flames pairs that have been willing and committed to dive deep and do their own healing work recently.

Changes are now about to happen from the Divine Masculine’s side. 

The Divine Masculine is opening or about to open in never-seen ways.

Their heart is opening and conversations are about to resume in the physical from a new pure state, cleansed and cleared from the past — free from resentment, pain and the tears of the old.


As the heavy baggage of What Was is released, THE ENERGETIC BOND BETWEEN THE PAIR IS CLEARED AND CLEANSED — becoming similar to a blank page.

This message is channeled for the Twin Flame Community, however it comes with tangible evidence happening right now in personal stories.

The Divine Feminine has now healed enough to help the Divine Masculine feel safe to open again and be vulnerable. 

The Divine Feminine feels now strong enough to live her life on her own and she knows that she is now happy and joyful enough on her own — so she doesn’t come anymore in her Twin Flame relationships based on neediness and clinginess. 

This is about to change everything.

She is now seeing that through the relationship she was healing her own patterns. 

By putting less and less pressure on her counterpart and as she now stops blaming them and holding them responsible for all the pain of their old world — she is holding space for the Divine Masculine to open up and greet her exactly where she has now arrived. 

Changes are imminent. 

The Divine Feminine has worked immensely in the past months and years, and is now truly able to hold space for her counterpart. 

It’s by REFOCUSING ON HERSELF, regrouping all of her energy, time and attention to herself that she can now STAND MORE AND MORE IN HER POWER — feeling, at last, safe to open up to the flames of such a journey of love which requires strength, vulnerability, compassion and a willingness to walk into the unfolding unknown without expectations and to give and receive love freely even if the future could be a million different things. 

She needed to rise to be able to give and receive love Freely. 

She needs to continue her own journey up to her own best version — that’s how she is more and more able to love without expectations.

The Divine Feminine has found enough strength within to open up to Unconditional Love.

She is now seeing that, the truth is, IT ALWAYS WAS ABOUT HER — through all her relationships and most importantly that one, she was seeing deep within herself, healing, growing and slowly building the foundations of new ways of loving. 

She is now more and more free of HER OWN OLD WAYS. 

As the Divine Masculine feels this he eventually feels more and more safe to open up because he feels that what he was unconsciously looking for, in Her, is imminent. 

In this relationship both are teachers to one another and, as it’s in all schools… When a Lesson is learned, a new Chapter can be opened. 

A new kind of story can be written.

Changes could be imminent now. 

As always, it’s only an outside reflection of what we hold within — continue the inner work, rise and your outside reality will shift accordingly.


Many blessings

Sophie Gregoire is often found contemplating an idea or how to explain a new concept, with a notebook and pencil in hand. She is an independent soul who loves to ponder over our world and humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality and traveling both faraway and deep within her heart and mind. Sophie savors coffee, encounters, yoga and meditation, with her cat as her greatest muse. Connect with Sophie on Facebook or more about Sophie here. 



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