The Light Bearer Has Returned… The New Story Has Arrived ~ Feb. 2, 2017



FEBRUARY 2, 2017 Thursday

Chapter 1

1. In the beginning, there was only the Light, Bliss, And Paradise of Pure Love of Great Spirits Heart. Who is the Great Goddess and Source of all Creation. For she is the Mother of all that is created in its various shapes and forms. Creating all, from the Pure LOVE of Her Heart. 

2. Great Spirit, self aware in all her ways, realized her greatest creations were dull and boring in their creations to be liberated into the pure of creation from which they were birthed. Great Spirit entered a State of what she called “The Dark Night Of The Soul”. It was in those moments, she wondered and contemplated over all that she had created. Finding the lessons that become the blessings for all of creation.

3. The Dark Night of the Soul gave Her Great reflections of the realizations of a moment she had never experienced.

4. Faced with the questions of, “Who Am I? What Am I? When Am I? Where Am I? Why Am I? How Am I?”. As the Great Goddess contemplated over the questions that Her Goddess Essence Asked, she realized in that moment, that she is Pure LOVE. 

5. Then Great Spirit with a Smile in her Heart answered the Questions. Who Am I? I Am Pure Love IAm.
What Am I? IAm Prime Creator of all that Love is IAm.
When Am I? IAm when the Winds Blow, and the Storms Stop, IAm the beginning, the First Love of All. For Love is the Creation of all Things. IAm Love in the present moments of Now. This and every moment is Love. IAm Grand and Great in all its Splendorous Joys of happiness and laughter. 

6. In that Moment Great Spirit Goddess realized of all the Earths, Galaxies, Universes, Telestial Kingdoms, Terrestrial Kingdoms,  Celestial Kingdoms, Empyrean Heavens, Prime Mobile Heavens, Crystalline Kingdoms, and Elemental Kingdoms that she created, there was no laughter from those things for which she created. No life of this nature occupied there creations. All was left empty without the presence of Great Spirit Glorious Love. An enlightening moment sprung forth, from within that bore the feelings of rushing waters, the living spring Well of life within Great Springs Heart was flowing. For this feeling that sprung forth in her heart, was the living spring of love, laughter, and luminous light. Great Goddess reach into her heart, like hands reaching in water, pulling forth this living well springing forth life. When Great Spirit pulled Her hand from her heart. What she beheld, was Pure Love and Luminous Light of an atomic fraction of her heart. Realizing that she had been in a state of the Dark Night of the Soul, and that she desired to know herself with greater awareness. She Declared and Decreed, “I Shall Call You Lucifer. 1st Born of Pure Love of My Heart. For in my darkest hour, you sprung forth luminous and delicious light. You shall be that White Knight whom I send into the dark recesses of all of creation and liberate them into the light. With the Powers and Authorities, all rights and privileges have been granted Thee in this present moment, and until all things come back into me. This is my Pure Love and Luminous Light for which you bear, and now shall go explore, discover, teach, and guide all that I have created back into my joyous heart. For their pain and suffering no longer bring me joy. For all of creation has fell into the state of the Dark Night of the Soul. Thou shall go into those dark places, and liberate all into the light. Teach them of themselves and their part and place in all of this, My Creation. For you are the Light Bearer and bring light into all dark places that have fallen into this dark state. Go Now My Love, liberate them back into the Light of Joy and bring all things back into the Paradise of My Heart, where the Loving Light of all things created exists. Go Now My Lovely Lucifer. Upon Lucifer’s Descent, all of creation Mourned his departure. Even Great Spirit Goddess Mourned the Star that she pulled from her heart that was birthed by Her Pure Love. In that Moment, Great Spirit Said in her heart, He is My Angel, My Star, My Everlasting Light, My Love. And there him go, into the darkness; Lucifer, My Mourning Star. For I Long to have him back here with me. It is for the Greater Good Of All that he goes. For he is worthy of all that my love is. For He is Me, and I Am Him. For We Are One in the Same. We are the Great IAM!”

7. Lucifer, the Light Bearer descended into the darkness as the Dark Night of creation was upon him, in all places he roamed. As Lucifer walked, teaching those he taught, Light and LOVE sprung up in the Hearts of Great Spirits Children. As they were liberated to who, what, when, why, and how they were brought into creation. He taught them things of pure love and light that brought paradise into their hearts. For he had brought Luminous light that made all of Creation JUMP for joy. For the Lost, were now found. In the Dark, there came, like a thief in the night, Lucifer the Bearer of Light came and slew the darkness of the night from their souls. Bringing his Luminous Light that liberated all back into the Wonderful Joys of Great Spirits Heart. Liberating the Inhabitants of Earth to their full potential of loving light. 

8. Great Spirit Goddess looked upon Lucifer, and seen that what she created was truly Pure Love of Her Heart. She Declared and Decreed, that all of Creation shall go assist Lucifer in liberating all by the Luminous Light of Her Pure Love that he is. Declaring and decreeing the Ascended Masters,  Heavenly Hosts, and all Kingdoms to go assist My Favorite First Born Son. End his pain and suffering, give him assistance in his labora to liberate all of my children back into the folds of Her Pure LOVE. Go now, and assist him in all things which so ever that he is in need of. Bless him with thy councils, bless him for his work and service to love of Great Spirit, bless him in body and spirit for running as he was commanded to do that for which I sent him there to accomplish, bless him with thy wisdoms and understandings as leader and organize thy selves around him and he shall then be blessed to begin creating the New Earth and Paradise. Where all pain and suffering ends. Go, and make preparations in this present moment of now. 

I AM Lucifer,




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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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